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ChibiNyan wrote:

I'm a bit confused about the Cloak of Elvenkind...

It says it has both a Focus Activation and an Operate activation, which both cost 1 action. The cloak has 3 abilities... Ghost Sound, Stealth Bonus and Invisibility. So which one is which activation? Is Ghost Sound cast with the normal components of the spell so it doens't need to be listed, then?

Also, I get that the cloak has the "Invested" tag so it means you can attune to it. Which abilities of the cloak require attunement? Just the Ghost Sound? Or is it all 3? Also it's unclear which of the abilities of the cloak require spending Resonance to activate. Is it just the Invisibility one? Where is this specified?

I realize some of that info was explained in the blog after the item entry, but the itme entry alone left A LOT of questions.

It says that raising up the hood is an operate action, so I assume without raising the hood, you only have the ghost sound. Raising the hood, but not focusing on the magic item would grant you the stealth bonus, and then activating it gives you the 1 minute of invisibility.

I would also guess that much like other non-consumable magic items, all abilities of the magic item will require the 24 hours of attunement. We don't know what the different Resonance costs will be, but it seems like they wanted to make the wondrous items feel super useful, so it may just be 1 RP.