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All of Xanos' minions are listed here.

3 Bloody Skeleton Archers
3 Bloody Burning Boggard Skeleton Archers
1 Flaming Swarming Beheaded (the chief)

Also 4 more crawling claws that haven't been added to the alias yet.

If I pull some cash from the party fund I could animate the Treant or the Minotaur

Standing orders to my undead.

"Kill things which attack your creator unless ordered not to."

"Obey your creator's allies each ally pointed out directly and named when this order is given as though they were your creator, unless their orders contradict your creator's orders."

"If you see people carrying any of these symbols show them Mitra's holy symbol, and other good-aligned gods , spread out so there is at least 30 feet between each of you."

"If your creator or his allies say "Stealth Mission," attempt to remain unseen by anyone other than your creator and his allies. Retreat and do not engage if you are spotted."

for the burning ones As much as possible, do not allow your flames to burn objects or allies.

I will spoiler these orders in my Minion alias, and add to them as we progress.

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The boggard chieftain stood out from the rest of Xanos' creations. It's severed head floated above it's shoulders as a blackened cloud of airborne cinders in a roughly frog-skull shape. Flames flickered in it's eyes. Pale ash swirled through the bones below forming the rough shape of what it's body looked like in life, brawney, wide and powerful.

As the body walked forward with an unnatural fluid grace the head seemed to take an extra moment to move with it. The cinder skull bobbed and floated to catch up. Occasionally it completely discorporated into a cloud of scorching cinders that flared to burning life, swept up the grey ash into a conflagration and churned around the animated body before snapping back into the shape of a skull again moments later.

This thing is technically two creatures. A Flaming Swarm Beheaded floating above a Bloody Burning Skeleton. It's a CR 2 creature and a CR 3 creature. It's also kind of a glass cannon. Super nasty in melee, but will probably go down to the very first blast of AoE we run across.

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Ok, minions all done. Headless the Chief is a surprisingly tough customer.

All the minion stats are listed in this alias if anyone's curious or wants to audit my rules math.