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Drejk wrote:
Icyshadow wrote:
Yeah. Forgot if I mentioned it, but I found work as IT support.

Awww... Crap.

Wait for Vany to share with you stories of IT support he provides and prepare to weep over your future fate.

{whispers to unseen listeners:} Yes, yes, you all float down here... I get it. Shhhh, shhhh! SHHH! The FaWtLies are listening right now.

Ahem. So, uh, Icy (and Vany), is it I.T. support, or It support?

NO! Hide the balloons! That's a dead give away. Do you even understand how surprise is supposed to work?!

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{cues up "Neunundneunzig Rote Luftballons"}

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{grins from sewers that are Florida} Move down here. We have balloons. We have such sights to show you.