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Full Name

Sir Siegschwert of Eissenhorn


Human(Northerner)Human || (HP 28/61) | AC:25 | T:12 | FF:23 | CMD 23 | Fort +8| Ref +6 | Will +8 | Init +6 | Perc: -1 | Speed 20ft) [ Armiger's Mark: 6/day, Extended Defense: 1/day


|| Warder(Zweihander Sentinel) 7








Twilight Order


Shining One


Common, Giant, Dwarven, Draconic, Aklo, SIgn Language


Master Smith, Knight, Librarian

Strength 18
Dexterity 15
Constitution 15
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 6

About Sir Siegschwert of Eissenhorn


In the cyclopean citadel of Eissenhorn reside the humans that descend from giants. Their devotion to knowledge and preservation of culture is only surpassed by their might and skill at arms. They are warrior phylosophers and marvelous smiths but they are humble and kind, for they understand the burden and embrace it.

Siegschwert was trained from a young age to become a Librarian Knight, a defender of written knowledge and sacred places from those that revere chaos. Bearing the Dark Sigil, he was considered to become one who would reforge the world in time.

During a revolt his face was burned by corrupted sorceries but his will never faltered and when the world ceased to be he remained on duty, protecting knowledge in every form: written, spoken and through the survivors of the cataclysm.

Twilight Order:

Long before the age of deep water, the Twilight Order was entrusted with the protection and expansion of the Grand Library, the center for all of humanity’s recorded knowledge was disbanded. When it was lost the surviving archivists and their sworn knights fled clutching precious armfuls, all that remained of humanity’s collective knowledge. Following that they opted to invest what remained in budding civilizations across the world and to rebuild their fraternity as a grand protector of all mankind. With the world now ended, and with it the Order shattered a second time, the knights have been forcibly scattered once again.
There is a growing schism amongst the Order, mostly stemming from its operatives being forced into working in isolated pairs. Some members, especially among knights, believe that their duty lies in protecting what little remains of humanity. Clad in dark bronze armor and robed in a deep hooded cloak. They stand on the edge of the deep, a life devoted to battling foul creatures and horrifying abominations to shield the weaker from such peril. Archivists, on the other hand, tend to focus on collecting scattered remnants of knowledge in the hopes of once again preserving it for future prosperity. They are often considered enigmatic by their kin, but their role is understood and respected nonetheless. Regardless of their specific aims, all members of the Order are expected to aid one another whenever advantageous.
How a man becomes a Twilight Knight is not well known, even within the order. The "initiation" alters the mind, locking it to protect the knight from the incomprehensible abominations that he must face with a steady sword. Their mind does not truly rest, preventing knights from absorbing the horrors that would cripple others. The process robs them of the quietude of dreams.
·Doing harm to any member of the order
·Allowing the forces of darkness to harm a member of the Order
·Destroying unique knowledge
·Refusing to help someone who genuinely needs it, when there’s no danger
·Not assisting a member of the Order when asked
·Allowing an innocent to become corrupted
·Refusing to gain knowledge when it is offered
·Refusing to help a stranger, even if there’s danger
·Telling another a secret that would harm them
·Not attempting to destroy a corrupted creature

Sir Siegschert of Eissenhorn
Human(Northerner) Warder(Zweihander Sentinel) 6
Demi-Gestalt: Brawler
Twilight Order, Male Medium humanoid
Devotion: 6
Init +3(+5 in ruins), Senses ; Perception +0
AC 25, touch 12, flat-footed 23 (+2 Dex,+2 Shield, +10 Armor, +1 Natural)
hp 75 (7d12+14+7)
Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +8 (+1 vs traps and natural Hazards)

Speed 30 ft. , 20 ft. while Armoured
+1 Huge Bastard Sword +13/+8 (3d8 + 7 / 19-20 , x2) or
+1 Huge Bastard Sword +13/+6 (3d8 + 13 / 19-20 , x2) using Power Attack or
Replica Sword +12/+7 (1d8 + 7 / 17-20 , x3) or
Replica Sword +12/+5 (1d8 + 13 / 17-20 , x3) using Power Attack or
Unarmed Strike +11/+6 (2d6 +4 / x2) or
Unarmed Strike +11/+4 (2d6 +8 / x2) using Power Attack
MWK Composite(+4) Large Longbow +10/+5(2d6 + 4 / x3)

Special Attacks Power Attack (-2, +6) , Combat Reflexes (3 extra AoO / round), Maneuvers, Stances, Defensive Focus(Recover as Full Round, threathen extra 5', +3 to CMD vs Acrobatics), Armiger's Mark(6/day up, -4 to attack, 13% ASF), Defensive Reach(Extra 5' of reach for AoOs and Counters), Martial Power(-4 attack, +12 Temp HP)

Maneuvers Prepared(5):
·Iron Shell
·Raging Hunter Pounce
·Golden Swipe
·Burnished Shell
·Encouraging Roar
Maneuvers Known(Level 1/2/3): 5/2/1
First Level
·Iron Shell(Iron Tortoise, Counter, Imm): Deflect an enemy melee or missile attack with shield with an opposed attack roll plus shield bonus to AC.
·Encouraging Roar(Golden Lion, Boost, Sw): For one round, all allies on 30' gain a +2 morale bonus to all attacks and damage.
·Blade of Breaking(Scarlet Throne, Strike, Std) Make a disarm or sunder attempt against an opponent's weapon without provoking attacks of opportunity.
·Shoulder Rush(Primal Fury, Strike, Std) Make a bull rush or overrun attempt with a +4 bonus; attempt does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
·Demoralizing Roar(Golden Lion, Boost, Sw) Any target struck by you in melee is shaken for 1 round.
Second Level
·Raging Hunter Pounce(Primal Fury, Strike, Full) Charge at a target and make a full attack on the target.
·Garnet Lance(Scarlet Throne, Strike, Std.) Melee attack inflicts an additional 2d6 points of damage and ignores damage reduction.
Third Level
·Burnished Shell(Iron Tortoise, Counter, Imm): Make an opposed attack roll plus shield bonus to AC vs an enemy spellcaster's CL to deny the effects of a spell targeted on you.
Fourth Level
·Golden Swipe(Golden Lion, Strike, Std.): Melee Attack that deals 6d6 additional damage and forces the target to move 10' in the direction of the initiator choosing.
Stances Known(Level 1/2/3): 2/0/1
First Level
·Circular Stance(Scarlet Throne): Flankers do not receive combat bonus against you when flanking.
·Stand of the Defending Shell(Iron Tortoise): Gain a bonus to shield AC based on initiator level (1 +1 AC/4 IL)
Third Level
·Iron Tortoise Stance(Iron Tortoise): Increase reach for attacks of opportunity while in this stance by 5 ft., make additional attacks of opportunity, act as one size larger for CMD.

Str 18, Dex 15, Con 13+2, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 6,
Base Atk +6; CMB +11; CMD 23 (+4 to CMD vs Bull Rush and Trip)
Feats Exotic Weapon Prof(Bastard Sword)(H), Power Attack(1), Combat Reflexes(1B), Iron Will(3), Weapon Focus(Bastard Sword)(3B), Furious Focus(5), Martial Power(7)
Traits: Armor Expert(-1 ACP), Spirits in the Stones(+2 Init while in ruins, +1 ST vs traps and natural hazards)

Campaign Trait:

I took the mantle of Lord of my own volition. I speak these words with pride. Though I may live a man, I will die a colossus.

You bear a second, more nefarious marking known as a Dark Sigil. It is a symbol of endings and is considered to be somehow connected to the ending of the world and subsequent rise of the age of deep waters, making those who hold it mistrusted almost universally. There are some though who see a world born of betrayal and chose to strive for something greater. The Dark Sigil draws out a writhing darkness that dwells within humanity to strengthen its bearer.

Whenever you make a save against hollowing the DC of subsequent saves only increases by 1 instead of 2 and you use your CON score rather than your CHA score for calculating hit points, fortitude saves, and special abilities that rely on a CON score while hollow. As long as you remain hollow you can increase the bonus offered by a single luck, alchemical, or inherent effect by 1. Should the effect end, you may immediately designate a different luck, alchemical, or inherent bonus that is currently affecting you to increase by 1.

Acrobatics +9 7 ranks, 3 class, 2 dex, -3 armor
Climb +11 7 ranks, 3 class, 4 str, -3 armor
Intimidate +8(+12) 7 ranks, 3 class, -2 int, +4 against targets smaller than him
Knowledge(Martial) +13 7 ranks, 3 class, 3 int
Ride +9 7 ranks, 3 class, 2 dex, -3 armor
Survival +10 7 ranks, 3 class, 0 wis
Swim +8 7 ranks, 3 class, 4 str, -6 armor
Background Skills(14 ranks)
Craft(Weapon) +9 3 ranks, 3 class, 3 int
Craft(Armors) +9 3 ranks, 3 class, 3 int
Knowledge(Engineering) +7 1 ranks, 3 class, 3 int
Knowledge(History) +9 3 ranks, 3 class, 3 int
Appraise +7 1 ranks, 3 class, 3 int
Linguistics +9 2 ranks, 3 class, 3 int
Languages Common, Giant, Dwarven, Draconic, Aklo, Sign Language
SQ Aegis(+2 to AC and Will saves, 10')
Combat Gear
+1 Huge Bastard Sword(With Effortless Lace): Despite its humongous size, this finely crafted broadsword seems lighter than it should. From the crossguard rises engravings depicting a giant who holds a pillar from which tomes of knowledge sprout
+1 Full Plate: A sturdy steel armor, complete with inner chainmail and horned helmet. Runes of prayer and protection are engraved on its chest, and it bears a Dark Sigil's depiction on its left shoulderplate.
Awakened Replica Sword:

An elegant arming sword belonging to the Flower Knight, guardian of the Abyssal Woods. Though it is a finely crafted weapon it still fails to embody his ideal.
The enigmatic flower knight was the source of many tales and the muse of many pieces of art. Hie ethereal beauty is hard to capture and its swordplay is unmatchable. In the end, however, he was simply a man that gave everything to another. That, too, would be his undoing.
The Replica Sword is treated as an unique +1 keen longsword with a x3 critical modifier instead of a x2.
The blade can cast once per day each of these spells: blade tutor's spirit, spiritual weapon, and spiritual squire with a caster level equal to the wielders' level.

Cloak of Resistance +1: This magical cloak protects its wearer from harm. The Librarian's Knights mark was embroidened on it: an open tome with a steel helmet over it, with a spear and sword crossed behind.
Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Belt of Giant's Constitution +2, MWK Composite(+4) Large Longbow, MWK Large Bastard Sword, 40 arrows, Gear Maintenance Kit(metal polish, a small file, a leather paring knife, conditioning oil for leather, two soft cloths, extra leather straps, a sewing needle, and a few buttons.), Fighter's Kit(backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, an iron pot, a mess kit, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin)
Other Gear 43 gp
Starting Gift:

Soul of a Forgotten Handmaiden
Soul of a forgotten handmaiden, long since laid to rest. This soul radiates gentle warmth when held. The handmaiden tended to her charge dutifully, though in the end history has forgotten what it was that she attended. One can sense that this soul yearns for purpose and the chance to be made whole once again.
Can be consumed to gain souls, or saved for greater purpose.

Ability Scores The Northerners are mighty, for they bear the blood of giants. They value knowledge and sapience, but their usual ever watchful solitude makes them aloof and hard to talk with.
Demi Gestalt: Brawler Siegmeister receives Improved Unarmed Strike and has the unarmed damage of a Brawler of his level -2
Extra Feat: Life in the far reaches of Eissenhorn is harsh. So harsh that every northerner have learned to specialise. They gain an extra feat at level 1
Powerful Build: The blood of giants run through each and every northerner veins, making deeds of strength that seem unsurpasable only common chores for them. They are treated as a creature of one size category larger every time that it's favourable for them -i.e. CMB, CMD, wielding weapons and so on-
Stability: As their titanic constructions and homes, Northerners are stable pilars of stone as hard to fell as mountains. They receive a +4 racial bonus to their CMD when resisting bull rush or trip attempts while standing on the ground.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency A Zweihander Sentinel is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium)
Zweihander Training:At 1st level, when wielding a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon in both hands, the warder gains a shield bonus to his armor class equal to his aegis class feature bonus.
Defensive Focus:

At 1st level, the defensive prowess of the warder is second to none, allowing her to focus her actions purely on defending himself and her allies in ways that cannot be replicated. The warder gains the Combat Reflexes feat as a bonus feat, using her Intelligence modifier in place of her Dexterity modifier to determine the number of additional attacks of opportunity she may make each round.

When recovering maneuvers as a full round action, the warder sets up a defensive perimeter around himself to defend her allies, increasing her threatened area by 5 ft. for every 5 initiator levels she possesses. Until the beginning of her next turn, she may make attacks of opportunity against any opponent in this threatened area that provokes attacks of opportunity. She may move as part of these attacks of opportunity, provided her total movement before her next turn does not exceed her speed (his movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal). Additionally, while using defensive focus, the warder adds her Intelligence modifier plus her class level to her CMD for the purposes of defending against enemies trying to use the Acrobatics skill to prevent her from getting attacks of opportunity against them.

At 10th level, her defensive focus improves further, causing the ground within her melee reach to be treated as if it were difficult terrain, hampering her foes' movement around him. If a foe tries to move through a space within her reach, the movement through those squares costs double (x2). Additionally, while using her defensive focus to make an attack of opportunity, her movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.


At 1st level, the warder's defensive prowess extends to those who choose to stay near to him. Allies who are within 10 ft. of the warder's position gain a +1 morale bonus to Armor Class and to Will saves under the warder's defensive aegis, her presence bolstering and shepherding the defenses of her allies. This bonus improves to +2 at 5th level (+3 at 9th level, +4 at 13th level, and +5 at 17th level). The warder does not receive this bonus, but may receive the benefits of this ability from another warder. If the ally cannot see or hear the warder, then the ally does not gain the benefits of this ability (such as if the warder is concealed or invisible).

Armament Shield:

When wielding a one-handed weapon in two hands or a two-handed weapon, the weapon is treated as a light shield for the purposes of performing a shield bash attack on an opponent. The warder smashes with the butt of a spear-haft, the pommel of a greatsword, or the broadside of her axe. All are essentially the same and are treated as light shields for the purposes of shield- bash attacks or martial maneuvers to be used with a weapon of this type (such as Iron Tortoise maneuvers that require a shield to function).

Armiger's Mark:

At 2nd level, a warder is trained in how best to control her enemies and how they behave in battle, urging them to throw their all against the warder's indomitable armor and unyielding shield. With a sharp blade, a clever taunt, or something that otherwise attracts her foe, the warder can direct the attention of enemies towards himself. Whenever the warder attacks a foe in combat and inflict at least 1 point of damage, as a free action she may mark them as her foe (he may even mark a foe during an attack of opportunity and may make the free action to do so, even though it is not her turn) and attempt to continue to force them to engage the warder only. The target is aware of being marked, and the mark remains for a number of rounds equal to the warder's Intelligence modifier (minimum of 1). Marked targets suffer a -4 penalty to attack rolls against foes that are not the warder, and arcane spellcasters suffer an increase in arcane spell failure of 10% + 1% per two warder levels until the mark expires. The warder may only maintain a number of marks equal to 3 + her Intelligence modifier at a time, and she may make a number of marks per day equal to 1/2 warder level + Intelligence modifier.

Bonus Feat:At 3rd level and every 5th level thereafter, a warder receives a bonus combat or teamwork feat. She must meet all prerequisites for these feats.
Tactical Acumen:At 4th level, the combat training that the warder has received hones her reflexes. Through her knowledge of tactics, training manuals, and lessons in the histories of war, her wits aid her when her agility may be impaired by her heavy armor. The warder may add her Intelligence modifier to her Reflex saves and to her initiative in place of her Dexterity modifier (using the higher of the two bonuses).
Clad in Steel:Having improved her skill with her armor, the warder is a more capable combatant in it when protecting her allies or cause. The warder may subtract her aegis bonus from her total armor check penalty and increase the maximum Dexterity bonus on her armor by 1 at 6th level
Extended Defense:

Upon reaching 5th level, the warder becomes ever more skilled at adapting to the flow of combat. Once per day, the warder may activate Extended Defense as an immediate action. When she does, the character chooses a counter she has readied; she may initiate that counter as a free action (even on another's turn) at will until the beginning of her next turn. At the beginning of her next turn, the chosen counter is expended. Every three levels beyond this (8th, 11th, 14th, and 17th levels), she may use this ability an additional time per day.

Defensive Reach:

At 6th level, the warder has supreme control over his environment and the use of his weapon to defend himself and his allies. When wielding a non-reach two-handed weapon, the warder increases his reach by five feet for use with attacks of opportunity and counters. When wielding a two-handed reach weapon the warder threatens adjacent enemies and may attack them as though he was not wielding a reach weapon.