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I'm very interested in the potential of turning into ANY non-creature plant. It is any non-creature plant, isn't it?

The party needs to get to the top of a tower? Turn into a giant redwood tree for them to climb.

Need to hide? Become a teeny tiny blade of grass... or something even smaller. Apparently, the world's smallest flowering plant is a duckweed which is the size of a grain of rice. If I don't care about flowering plants, how about algae? Fresh water green algae is unicellular, making them less than 25 micrometers long.

Can I turn into an apple tree and feed my friends with apples (without taking damage)? I know, that's not a huge deal at level 18, but it's still a question. Can pieces of the plant be removed and used?

If I become a rose bush, what happens if a rose is plucked from the bush. Damage? Or not. Does the rose remain? Maybe all of that falls under the old "parts removed from a polymorphed character return to normal" but what would be normal?

If I become a flower, rooted in the ground, do I need to remain in the ground? What if someone plucks me out of the ground and carries me somewhere else, perhaps to give to his girlfriend?

Is there any sort of thing like a World Tree, a massive (but non-creature) plant?

How about becoming a hazard? Is a yellow mold a non-creature plant?

Some plants will change sex (presumably without using an action) under certain stimuli. Can a druid who becomes a plant make use of that ability? And if so, will the sex change remain after becoming their normal self again?

This ability just raises so many questions. Will there be a Non-Monster Manual for non-creature plants?