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Full Name

Sigrun Barstad


Human (Ulfen) [ HP: 21/24 | AC: 17 (TAC: 11, FFAC: 16) | CMB: +6, CMD: 17 | Fort: +6, Ref: +2, Will: +3 | Init: +1 | Perception +0; Sense Motive +0 ]


Skirnir Magus 3 [ Speed 20 ft | Spells: 1st 3/3 | Arcane Bond: 1/1 | Arcane Pool: 4/4 | Heavy Shield Bash +6/1d4+6 B; Shortspear +3/1d6+4 P; Battleaxe +6/1d8+4 S | Active conditions: none ]












Common, Skald, Sylvan, Kelish

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Myth-weavers sheet (most updated)

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Sigrun Barstad


Creation Rules:
20 pt buy, 150 starting gp (PFS), background skills, ABP
Background and Description:
Sigrun Barstad was born in Kalsgard, the capital of the frozen Lands of the Linnorm Kings. After spending most of her childhood in the frigid north, the Barstad family moved across the continent to Taldor, where her father Heric, a renowned warrior in the north, served for several years in the prestigious Ulfen Guard. Her mother, Svana, made sure her children remained linked to the Ulfen homelands, and while her brothers were more drawn to Taldan history and culture, Sigrun was always enthralled by the stories of the great Linnorm Kings of the past - and of the skalds who sang them, including her mother. As she matured, Sigrun tried to emulate both her father's martial prowess and her mother's innate arcane talents, though for a long time she seemed to lack in magical ability.

After leaving the Ulfen Guard, Heric decided to stay in Taldor instead of returning to the north, retiring with the great wealth granted to veterans of the exclusive group. The family settled down back in Oppara, using their new fortune to give the children the best education and training they could get. With this support, Sigrun blossomed into a worthy fighter and...reasonable...magician in her own right, though still far from matching her parents in their skills. Instead, she combined as much as she could of their styles into her own unique martial art, while adding her own flair as well.

Recently, several of Heric's old colleagues in the Ulfen Guard have contacted him, asking him to take on an unofficial investigation for them. There have been reports of strange happenings in the south of the empire, and while the Taldan officials don't seem too worried, the Ulfen know all too well the dangers of the cold and the fey that they grew up around. While Heric and Svana have obligations in Oppara and can't just go on an extended trip away from the grand city, Sigrun seems to be ready to embark on her first real adventure. She sets off for the small village of Heldrin in high spirits, hoping to be the spark for another of her mother's grand tales.

Sigrun stands tall and bulky, with braided blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin - at least when it isn't tanned or, more often, burnt in the Taldan sun. She wields traditional Ulfen weapons and a well-maintained suit of armor, as well as an elaborately decorated shield and helm. When she's not in her gear, she tends to avoid Taldan high fashion; her clothing and jewelry typically bear a distinct Ulfen flavor. Her face is generally contorted into a scowl or at least a focused glare, but around family and friends, she occasionally relaxes into a genuine smile.

Having taken on the somewhat contradictory traits of her mother's bravado and her father's quiet intensity, Sigrun can be awkward to be around at times. She's fairly intelligent but generally prefers bashing things to talking things out - though she's also disciplined enough to not charge straight into fights without thinking it over first.

Statistics and Skills:
F Magus (Skirnir) 3
TN M Humanoid (human)

Languages Common (Taldane), Skald, Sylvan, Kelish

HP 24 Initiative +1 Speed walk 20 ft Senses perception +0

STR 18(+4) DEX 12(+1) CON 14(+2) INT 14(+2) WIS 10(+0) CHA 8(-1)

Climb +5 (+2 with ACP) Knowledge (Arcana) +8 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +8 Knowledge (History) +5(b) Knowledge (Planes) +8 Spellcraft +8 Swim +5 Use Magic Device 3 Lore (Ulfen mythology) +8(b)

BAB +2 Melee +6 Ranged +3 CMB +6

Heavy Shield Bash (+6, 20/x2, 1d4+4 B)
Shortspear (+6 (+3 thrown), 20/x2, 20/100 ft, 1d6+4 P)
Battleaxe (+6, 20/x3, 1d8+4 S)

AC 17 TAC 11 FFAC 16
Fort +6 Reflex +2 Will +3
Damage Resistance none
Energy Resistance cold 2
Spell Resistance none

Chain Shirt (+4 AC, -2 ACP, +4 max DEX)
Masterwork Heavy Shield (+2 AC, -1 ACP)

Special Abilities:
Bonus Feat

Weapon Proficiency (Simple/Martial)
Armor Proficiency (Light/no ASF)
Diminished Spellcasting
Arcane Bond (Su) [1/day]
Arcane Pool (Su) [1/2 CL + INT / day]
Sorcerous Shield (Ex)
Spellstrike (Su)
Magus Arcana

Magus Arcana
Arcane Accuracy

Favored Class Magus: +3/4 arcane pool (+0 total)

Bonus Spells/Day 1:1 2:1
Spells/Day 0:3 1:2
Spell DC 12 + spell level
Concentration +4
Dancing Lights
Read Magic

Chill Touch
Long Arm
Magic Missile
Mirror Strike
Returning Weapon
Stone Fist
Touch of Combustion (1) x
True Strike (1)

pp 0 gp 3 sp 3 cp 0

Weight 98 lbs (31 in backpack)
Carrying Capacity 100/200/300

Cold Weather Outfit
Chain Shirt
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield (Arcane Bond)
Shortspear x4
Spell Component Pouch
Common Backpack (31 lbs)
-Common Shovel
-Trail Rations x4

Botting Instructions:
Social Situations
Sigrun isn't exactly a social person. Her contributions in social situations, especially with strangers, will mostly consist of sulking and agreeing with others, but when old tales and histories come up, she quickly grows interested and starts participating - sometimes a bit too eagerly.

Out of Combat
Sigrun isn't too skilled at anything other than fighting, but years of schooling in magic and history have sunk into her brain. If the party needs an old story retold or a magical effect explained, Sigrun will eagerly try to the best of her ability. When exploring, she will use her Dancing Lights for illumination as needed and stay near the head of the party, unless she's needed to watch the back.

In Combat
Sigrun is a methodical, focused fighter who uses her shield on both offense and defense. Generally, she will try to identify the weaknesses of enemies first, then move in carefully wielding only her shield. To attack, she will try to shield bash with both hands [dice=attack (shield bash)]1d20+5[/dice] / [dice=damage (shield bash)]1d4+6[/dice] B, only switching to another weapon if it's ineffective or impossible. If the enemy is resistant to bludgeoning damage, she will draw her battleaxe first [dice=attack (battleaxe)]1d20+5[/dice] / [dice=damage (battleaxe)]1d8+4[/dice] S and then her shortspears if that is also ineffective [dice=attack (shortspear)]1d20+5[/dice] / [dice=damage (shortspear)]1d6+4[/dice] P; if none of that works, it's generally time for either magic or retreat. If the enemy moves out of melee range but still in a short range (probably within 2 spear increments/40 ft), then she'll try spear-throwing [dice=attack (shortspear, thrown, no other modifiers)]1d20+2[/dice] / [dice=damage (shortspear)]1d6+4[/dice] P. If it's long range, she'll assist her ranged allies as best she can. She won't use her magic that much, saving it for emergencies instead. To use spellstrike, she'll step out of threatened range and cast, then move in the next turn to attack.