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I this issue of Dragon, there is a list of other Linnorms. We've already got the Sea Linnorm, and I'd like to see the rest. Any ideas?

What I was wondering while reading this was if these are the Lawful dragons, what about the Chaotic ones? I realize that was a change you made, but... We've got Good Dragons (Metallic), Neutral Dragons (Gem), Evil Dragons (Chromatic), and now Lawful Dragons (Ferrous).

Vic Wertz wrote:
We're only doing month-to-month subscriptions, which require a credit card.

Well, crap. As I don't have a credit card, I can't get this. IMHO, this move is counter-intuitive. To try and get back as much of your readership as possible, you should allow money orders or something. Ah well; no more paizo-awesomeness for me...

Can I pay for a subscription to Pathfinder in a lump sum, via check or money-order? I don't have a credit card, but am highly interested in Pathfinder, and being able to do that would increase the viability of subscribing.

in the city-stats sidebar, it keeps mentioning chaos-touched. What's that? A template? And in the sidebar about spellcasters, it says Thaumaturges are different from sorcerers, but never explains how. Any help on these?

Other than those two gripes, great articles. I have to read these stories.


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Balabanto wrote:

Well, this officially rivals Magic of Incarnum for "Worst 3.5 supplement ever printed."

Personally, I liked Magic of Incarnum. The rules seemed balanced (and I have yet to hear any complaints about brokenness), The flavor was cool, and the layoout well-thought through. I actually LOVE this book.

In the same vein, I have yet to find a single D&D book that is a complete disaster. I mean, I'd even be able to use FR books, despite the fact that I don't either like or play FR.

I'm sure MMIV will be worth it to buy, even if you were unsatisfied.


Well, I'm trying to find the issue 100 WE, so if you could direct me to it... ;-)

Thanks All, cleared up much confusion!

I have scoured the map of the statuary for a stairway that leads up to the chamber of antiquities, but cannot seem to find one. Any help?

Also, would someone eplain the whole thing about the Chambers being a level lower, but up? I find it a little hard to grasp...