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Favorite Evergreen So Far


I've found my new favorite scenario to run for my local PFS group.

The amount of variation that this scenario offers is excellent, and I look forward to running this many times again in the future. My players also agreed and actually wanted to grab a second set of characters last night after we finished and play another round.

Everything is laid out for the gm, which is great. While it's definitely not a "pick up for the first time and run in an hour" kind of scenario, it does allow for the potential to have several different "scenarios" prepped after running a few times.

Also, the complaint that it's too deadly is kind of off. Yes, the monsters are tough, but that's nice. It finally gives a bit of a challenge, and because of the variety of monsters, you can almost tune it to the group.

In all, definitely a 5 star product aND a must get for any pfs gm to have in their "always available" group.