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One of the Best


This book couldn't have been better aimed at my group if the devs knew us personally. It is a cornucopia of social class options and systems as well as one of the best value for money books in the Pathfinder line.

I can't wait to put this all to use when Crimson Throne gets its big hardcover later this year.

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A disappointing book that tries to do too much. You get some good fluff and an occasional gem amidst a lot of chaff and a few real head-scratchers. Admittedly, Half-Elves are my favourite core race and I was hoping for better quality content than what I found here.

Positives: Good fluff all round. Half-Orc Subraces are well done. Great cover and I have to single out the Half-Orc pic on page 10 for making me consider playing my least favourite race.

Negatives: Most of the new options are forgettable. Far too many races with their own dedicated Players Companions are represented. Background and Distant Heritage options are things you could work out for yourself with little actual mechanics.

I have to call out some specifics now as examples; some of this stuff perplexes me. The Shoreborn give up Low-light Vision and Keen Senses for Swim and Sailing buffs; the buffs are understandable but you’d think Aquatic blood would make for better vision rather than worse. Spireborn are a little too good, they trade Adaptability for Spell-Like abilities. The rest generally trade Elven Immunities for terrain-specific skill buffs which are of questionable utility aside from very specific campaign settings.

The Unusual Origins feat is actually four feats, depending on which of the applicable races you are. Why isn’t it four separate feats? I don’t know, I can’t think of a single reason why. This one feat takes up an entire double page spread too with some seriously ugly artwork. I hate saying that but that particular piece of artwork rubs me in every wrong way possible.

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The Best Revisited Book I've Read


I didn't think this book could top Fey Revisited. I was wrong.

Within you will find delicious details on the Abyssal ecology, wrap your brain around the ineffable evil of beings who enjoy the infliction of suffering and chew on some wonderful crunch.

The Half-Fiend templates will add some wonderful variety to the creatures you'll be able sic on PCs and there's some nice Easter eggs for what (I hope) may possibly be future APs. In short, this book was everything I wanted since it was announced, my only complaint is that it's too short!

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Excellent with a few Problems


Blood of the Night is a great book on vampires and well worth the price for vampire fans. The art is stellar and the content is excellent, the rules for Hunger are invaluable and I love the different Dhampir heritages and traits. There's also plenty of good stuff for vampires and hunters alike.

I knocked a star off, however, for the two main issues of the book. First, the book is trying to do three things at once: Vampires, Dhampirs and Vampire Hunters. As such, each subject comes off a bit watered down, the section on Vampires as PCs doesn't really offer solutions to the issues with playing such characters and the Dhampir section is not as in depth as the material in either Blood of Fiends or Blood of Angels. While what is there is excellent, it does feel a bit unsatisfying. A whole book could have been devoted to all three topics (and I would have bought all three too but then I'm a long time vampire fan).

Second, this book isn't like the other two 'Blood of' books. While any Dhampir player will appreciate the background sections on their vampiric parents, a bit of this material feels more useful to DMs than players.

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Hard to Review


I have a slight dissatisfaction with this module. It's a nice look at the Moonscar and what's going on there as well as a goldmine for NPCs and villains for my own campaigns, so I don't regret buying it for a moment. But it just falls a little flat when you consider the possibilities of the subject matter.

To be clear, I'm not into the organized play style of gaming that you get with Pathfinder Society but I realize that these modules are released with an eye for that and make allowances. A skilled DM will also be able to embellish and enhance the material, which provides a good foundation.

At the core, my disatisfaction comes with the villains. For who they are and what they're capable off, the adventure's a bit too strightforward, a bit too clean and a bit too much of a dungeon crawl when it could have been so much more.

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The New Old School


Reminicent of Castle Maure and Sins of the Saviors, this adventure harkens back to what made strapping on a backpack and jumping into dangerous ruins fun in the first place. Wierd magic, check. Strange and powerful oppenents, check. Loot, check. It's just crazy enough for most people without going too far, even if I personally wish there was more.

As a bonus, info on the Grey Maidens and the aftermath of the Crimson Throne adventure path. I really enjoyed these sections as well, I'd consider them a must have for running the old adventure paths to flesh out one of the major opponents of the campaign.

On top of that, this book has some fantastic art.

The only criticism I can think of is that there's not enough of it, a great product all round.