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I'm a bit confused on how I can actually watch this. I get that it's on Twitch, but being on the wrong side of the world those times are not conducive to watch live. Are these "replays" like a rebroadcast, or will there be on-demand viewing to catch up?

Oooooohhhhh! And so the introductions and updates begin!

Torg Smith wrote:
Sleep is done. One hour to go. I am ready. WOOTERS!!!!!

I should be in bed - it releases at 10:30pm local time.

Instead, I'm impatiently browsing the forums and will likely get... shall we say... little sleep tonight.

Absolutely Sharaya - I only received and contacted them yesterday, so I'll wait and see what they have to say over the next few days.


Hey Guys.

Seems this thread has been dead for a while, which in general is great news! Doesn't seem to have helped me though.

My Core Rulebook is missing pages 129-160, and instead repeats pages 97-128. I've raised a case with the eBay store I purchased from, but they are currently showing zero stock and I haven't heard back yet.

If this falls through, or they in fact don't have any stock, are you able to help me?