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With Silverhex, Phantom Phenomena, and Honor's Echo out. The standard for 1 Quest seems to be 1 xp, 1 pp, 100 gold. Has there been any talk about moving Fane of Fangs in that direction? Doing the game scheduling for a store, I'm cautious about putting this in rotation due to it's boon only reward.

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The only improvement I'd like to see is: "Stop marshalling under the banners." Having to walk into the middle of the room and look up is a pain. The cardboard standups at eye level or on milk crates/chairs would be a lot better. Walking into tables with your neck cricked at a 90 degree angle sucks. Yes the marshalling area is limited but I think it would help with crowd control by people finding their marshalling spot quicker. Great GENCON, I write this as a possible improvement, I believe Paizo get an A overall for a great job.

So 7 years later. Why doesn't the ancient Gebbite Battle Cleric have negative channels?

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We need an aquatic Tengu! These fowl miscreants of the deep would be perfect for Golarian. Mackerel thieving, ship raiding, Sahuagin fighters who are as untrustworthy as their flightless land brethren. A swim speed / aquatic template with amphibious special qualities / PFS legal (hint hint).