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Male Goblin Cleric of Cayden Cailean

About Seedy Wormsburrow

Captured by a Chelaxian slave caravan passing through the Chitterwood, Seedy found himself bound alongside a handful of fearful halflings. Squirm though he might, his chains held fast and panic began to set in. His wriggling and thrashing brought fearful pleas from the halflings, then a savage beating from the guards. As he lay, unconscious, he dreamed of broken chains and loosened ropes. Waking, he found his real chains unlocked and the door of the carriage ajar! He was halfway through the doorway when he glanced back to see the terrified faces of his fellow captives. With a nervous glance over his shoulder, he decided it would be terrible luck to just leave them after his own magical dream set him free. One by one the freed captives slipped out of the slavers' camp and into the forest, heading southeast toward Andoran, then down the coast to Augustana before finding passage to Absalom.

Six years later, an eternity in goblin years, most of those same halflings can be found drinking nightly in The Loosened Chain, a cozy pub in Absalom’s halfling district. There, too, Seedy stands behind the bar, slinging ale and wine to his fellow freedmen and proclaiming the good news of Cayden Cailean, to whom he credits their freedom.