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Agree with Mauril on all points. It's much easier to keep a campaign coherent with low-magic than with zero-grav cube world, and a lot of players would like a more gritty, low-magic setting as a lot of fantasy fiction falls in that category.

That's not to say that crazy re-builds aren't fun, it's just understandable that people don't usually want to go that far.

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Anlerran wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Hey Anlerran, how about you go write a couple of award-winning adventures and then lecture the T-rex on how to do his job?

Because I assumed we were having a civil discussion brought up by the fact that a previous poster said they disliked S&S.

I didn't realise any critique or disagreement would be met by Paizo's equivalent of loudmouth '4Evengers', shouting down any dissenting voices.

Gorb was no less "civil" than you. You called a dev lazy, and Gorb said, "Fine, then let's see you do better." Don't try so hard to sound victimized. I'm having a hard time seeing what you perceive as "loudmouths" trying to silence your dissenting voice.

For what it's worth, I think JJ is right. If you don't get the characters together one way or another, you don't have much of a campaign. That's not lazy, it's just reality. The game doesn't work well with 4 parallel adventures going at the same table. I think most people would agree.

Also, I have few complaints about S&S. I think it's a high-quality AP and my group is having a ton of fun playing it. To each his own, I say.

Edit: Also noticed you removed Gorb's smiley when you quoted him. He wasn't trying to put you down, you know.

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My party painted the ship red, and named it the "Sanguine Scream". They attached some screaming bolts to the masts, so that the ship howls vaguely as long as it's moving forward.