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I've been bouncing around the idea of trying to run Kingmaker as a 5e game (just can't find PF players in the area, sadly). I'm not much of a head for numbers, sadly, so converting the stats and skill checks required is going to be daunting, so I was wondering if anyone else had had a similar idea?

So, my area got hit with some really bad flash flooding this weekend, and a lot of businesses most affected tragically did not have flood insurance. Sadly, this includes a neat little store by the name of Goblin Games.

As they have lost everything, they have launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist in finding a new, hopefully drier, location. I'm sure that anything anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated!

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So, my kiddos have once again asked for an after-school campaign. The initial plan was for some good ol' piracy with Skull and Shackles, and one of them offered to run the first couple of chapters over the summer. The end result is so far off the rails to be effectively beyond repair, so we're building a country instead! A fitting send-off for the seniors amongst them.

Our would-be Founders of a Great Land(TM):
Elum Orlovsky, ifrit sorcerer with the elemental bloodline. His family is hiding this...interesting scion out in the boonies to avoid embarrassing questions. A successfully-secured colony just might make those questions easier to deal with.
Finley Cooper, Rostlander halfling cavalier of the Order of the Paw. Exploring the greenbelt for great justice with trusty canine steed, Cujo. I am aware that the rules say a cavalier must be 4th level before choosing a riding dog rather than a wolf. Given that it's a stupid rule, I have elected to handwave it. Viva la puppy mount.
Bo Ripley, grippli witch. None-too-pleased about these colonists moving into his turf, but if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
Richie Williams, human fighter. Elum's bodyguard sent to keep the inexperienced mage alive.
Rhodo Darkwhirl, halfling monkfarmhand. Chelish opportunist eagerly seeking land for family expansion due to housing numerous refugees and running out of room.
Ursa Lebeda, human cleric of Desna. Interested in helping get a colony started.

Had at least one, possibly two, not able to make it due to stuff, so introductions will continue next time! But surely nothing can go wrong.

I've been keeping a log of a campaign I've been running with my students, and I've been trying to preserve their anonymity. But I goofed up and accidentally used one of the players' names rather than their character's in my last log of it, which I sadly failed to notice until well past the edit window.

Is there any way to edit this post, specifically to change a dialogue exchange at the end from [redacted]?

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"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. " - Arthur C. Clarke
"Ooh, what does this button do?" - DeeDee, Dexter's Laboratory

In the Northlands of Wachara, there is played an eternal game of chess on the grandest scale, marshaled by the great wyrms of the region in defiance and disdain for the mortal countries forming under their very noses. In the domain of one such wyrm rests the mysterious Silver Mount and the wondrous devices within.

Be a shame if someone were to...study it.

Dramatis Personae
Cygnus, NG Android Shifter. A defect marked for destruction in search of the druid who sheltered him.
Orbit, N Human Dynamist. A young runaway with an older man's face, worn unconvincingly.
Salvatrix, LN Tiefling Warlord. An older traveler with a fascination for older technology come to study the local ruins.
Tessaro Zelda, LN Harpy Zealot. A devotee of Elegy, Avatar of Invention, come to Torch to study the curious light.
Zegal, NG Aasimar Cleric of Atargatis. A traveling medic who wanders in search of those in need.

"It is not by speeches and majority resolutions that the great questions of the time are decided...but by iron and blood." - Otto von Bismarck

The joys of an ever-evolving homebrew world in the throes of the Industrial Revolution. Centuries after our Kingmaker campaign carved a large portion out of the draconic-run Northlands, a pocket of civilization has managed to carve itself out in the shadow of an ancient catastrophe far from the domain of any mortal borders. The relative tech-level of the world is well past the traditional fantasy stasis and into the era of steam power, and this necessitates some changes.

Shehad Used Intimidate. It's Super Effective.
The Technic League is under the control of the blue dragon Shehadfrivinir. Due to the nature of this region in our world (a large-scale war games battlefield between the great wyrms in defiance of mortal civilization), this allows the settlements to survive as they are perceived as being under the aegis of a draconic protector.

It has its beginnings as written - founded by Sidrah and quickly corrupted by her allies. However, Mulrach-Zeer was a blue-blooded kobold in service to a local wyrm who wasted no time in betraying her to curry favor with his master. The League was somewhat shunned by the ancient beast due to its unorthodox technology and the Northlands' traditional aversion to mortal organization. His daughter Shehadfrivinir, however, has always feared the strange Silver Mount in her inherited territory and refuses to wait for an upstart to figure out its secrets to use against her. To keep up appearances with the other players of the Long Game, Shehad tends to turn a blind eye to the League's activities, handing it off to her progeny as a chance to prove their usefulness to her. With her talons-off approach to the day-to-day operations of the League, many of its members are not fully aware that they are, in fact, in service to a blue dragon.

Shehad may or may not make an appearance at some point. It will depend on how the group handles things (read: if they use any pretense of subtlety or make themselves quite obvious...so...probably).

Publish and Perish Anyway.
This region (and by extension, the Technic League) has also attracted suicidals seeking That Which Should Not Be Known intrepid scholars from the neighboring lands - the melting pot of the "Stolen" Countries of Iomrall, Weuland, and Shadrach, as well as the necromantic and humanocentric nation of Anhur and the Romanesque ael-varan (hawk-people) stronghold of Divus...and for good measure, the unaffiliated lizardfolk race called ti'larrin, a race with a natural proclivity toward anarchy and pushing the shiny red button labeled Do Not Press. For science. Racial/ideological conflict fueled by mad science never ends badly, right?

Most of the encounters in Scrapwall will be tweaked into these factions/races.

Scientific Progress Goes Bang, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Remember the Face of My Father.
Brigh may be a minor figure in the Golarion pantheon, but this is not the case in a constantly evolving world such as this. The Finiens analog for Brigh is Elegy, Avatar of Innovation...and an unwitting contributor of Shehadfrivinir's paranoia, having prior to her ascension been the founding queen of Iomrall as well as an accomplished inventor. Due to the strong presence of this faith in the nearby Stolen Countries, there is a powerful force behind the drive for ever greater magical and technological progress...and hybrids thereof. The Luddite wyrms may be right to be worried.

This also means an expanded availability of firearms technology as Elegy's favored weapon is a pistol. Because what could go wrong.

More to come as I continue reading through and organizing my thoughts...

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ITT, I attempt to teach six of my students, possessed of no prior experience with any tabletop gaming, to play Pathfinder.

The rogue's gallery:
Olivie Cyrille, CN elf ranger
Corbin Cyrille, CG elf magus
Marilwen, CN human rogue
Tolo Bunce, N dwarf cleric of Sarenrae
Echo, NE half-elf alchemist
Anaurok, CN human summoner and his eidolon Toothless, currently a large dog

Some background. Last year, about two weeks before summer break, Olivie's player was talking to me about this coming year (she was not in my class at the time and was asking about the sort of things we were going to do), and over the course of the conversation, I'd offhandedly mentioned I played Pathfinder/D&D, and she begged me to teach her. So I said...y'know what, sure. Find a group, and we'll talk come August. Fast forward to August. Final bell rings the first day of school, and I exit the faculty lounge to find a semi-circle of smiling teenagers staring down at me.

...Guess we're doing this.

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I'm in the beginning stages of planning a campaign that is, by-and-large, a mad science/magic prison break. The dungeon is heavily based on Heterodyne Castle of Girl Genius fame, which means I can justify the presence of a good number of magic items and such that the party would like/need to acquire. (Need a bag of holding? Oh yeah, the wizard in that lab over there made one...before the accident...)

What I cannot justify, however, is the logic of gold. In an environment where 95% of the people do not expect to see the outside world again, it simply doesn't make sense that money would hold the same value within its walls. But I don't want to completely screw over the party in terms of wealth per level.

I'd very much like to find a logical system of commodity-based trading that would fit much better in the setting so as to not replace the concept of gold entirely. But I have no idea how to start doing this. Any ideas or advice?

Lots of these bits under Hierophant mention a nice feature that applies to your domain spells, which is awesome. As a player of mostly oracles, though, I don't get domains. Is it assumed to swap the word "domain" for "mystery" and have the bonus apply to the spells gained there?

Apologies if the answer is blindingly obvious - I'm just wanting to be sure.

So...I may have a problem.

I am prepping CoT for my group, and they've started getting their characters back to me. We have a sorcerer, a rogue, and an alchemist. Player four is a tentative paladin but not sure if they will be able to manage staying in the game for the long run.

Excluding the potential paladin, the sorcerer has the highest constitution score of the group.

I have never run an AP before, and I've not done much GMing at all. I'm not sure how much I can tweak encounters without making the campaign an anticlimactic cakewalk, but I'm not wanting to outright stomp them, either. They're all quite attached to their concepts and not really willing to rebuild for better overall survivability.

Any advice on handling a party made of tissue paper?

Looking over the vehicles on the SRD, I noted there is nothing in between a glider and an airship. Still being pretty new to PF, I'm trying to figure out what I can do to devise a balloon that can carry a much more reasonable maximum of, say, 5-6 people as opposed to the ostensibly one-man glider (SRD didn't say how many passengers it could take) and the 100-man ship. What should I reasonably charge for this? How much should it weigh? I'm actually the DM in this case, but I just want to keep it in balance with the extant materials.

My players stay out!

So I'm running a campaign (with very heavy training wheels as this is my first spin as a DM) with several spellcaster antagonists lined up for later in the game. Looking over my players, only one of them has any shot at gaining SR, which means that they are very likely to get slammed if they run against these casters. I'd prefer not to kill them if it's at all possible to make the playing field a little fairer, but I don't know of any way of gaining any reasonable amount of SR (I remember seeing a feat that gives +5, and there's a high level spell not one of them can get).

What would be a good way of giving them the option to gain a little SR without breaking the system?

I've a bard NPC whose primary instrument is the violin, and I was hoping to actually have ambience links for my players. I've found a few nice examples, but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for what might work.

This is a homebrew setting, and the country they are currently in is heavily French-influenced with a hodgepodge of many other countries' influences bleeding in, so an Irish jig or even "Devil Went down to Georgia" wouldn't be out of line for the flavor.

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