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I've been bouncing around the idea of trying to run Kingmaker as a 5e game (just can't find PF players in the area, sadly). I'm not much of a head for numbers, sadly, so converting the stats and skill checks required is going to be daunting, so I was wondering if anyone else had had a similar idea?

Interesting idea and one I could possibly help with, but Kingdom Builder is a rather expansive system so without doing the entire thing on the spot the only other option is to find out what are you having trouble with?

Stats are the same between PF and 5e, skills have changed drastically and 5e doesn't use ranks anymore, but it can be relatively simply substituted with the proficiency system.

Stability/Economy/Loyalty are their own thing, only somewhat affected by skills (much more affected by stats which again, are the same) so there is little need to change things there.

If you have specific things that you seem to have trouble with, let me know.

The Exchange

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Buy the 5th Ed kingmaker book? link

It is a bestiary but looks like it has tips, not sure if helpful though.

I was actually not aware that existed! The site looks like it's not accepting orders, sadly.

Looks like that's bestiary only... which is sort of useless if you're not doing the specific Kingmaker campaign. Monster stats are easy to come by.

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I know this is a bit late but was wondering if you made any progress - if so, I'd love to see what you have done


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