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Athnul, Monk of the Ki Fists wrote:

Hand: Quartermaster, Researcher, Blessing of the Gods 6, Turtle, Blessing of the Gods 2,

Deck: 10 Discard: 0 Buried: 0
Sideboard cards:

Skills and Powers:

Strength d6 [ ]+1 [ ]+2 [ ]+3
Melee: Strength +2
Dexterity d6 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Constitution d10 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Fortitude: Constitution +2
Intelligence d4 [ ] +1 [ ] +2
Wisdom d10 [ ] +1 [ ] +2 [ ] +3 [ ] +4
Perception: Wisdom +2
Charisma d6 [ ] +1 [ ] +2

Favored Card: [Scott's Comment: I don't think this field applies to Athnul]
Hand Size 5
Proficient with: [Scott's Comment: I don't think this field applies to Athnul]
For your melee combat check, you may recharge a card to add to your wisdom skill and the Bludgeoning trait. ([ ] and you may add the Magic trait; you may not play a weapon on this check.
You may reveal a blessing to evade your encounter. ( [ ] then you may exchange that blessing to explore your location)
<Power 3> [I think I only add the first two powers off the first character card for now, right?]
<Power 4>
<Power 5>

Athnul wakes up from her nap in the woods. "Ugh, goblins. I'll have to remember not to sleep here again."

[color="blue"]I don't know how to add a dice roll in this forum yet. Can I just watch the others on this first round and go last?[/color]

Hi! I am pretty new to PACG and a complete noob to PACG PbP. I have played some RPG's by PBF including DnD, Dresden Files, and a dabble into The One Ring that fell apart early.

I am excited to play Athnul, Monk of the Ki Fist (Monkey Fist!).

I am making my deck in my Deck Handler imminently. If anyone wants to look through my deck and let me know if I have made a mistake, I will fix it before we get going tomorrow. If you think I've chosen my deck poorly, I welcome advice on it, too.

For interest sake, I'm in Canada, about 90 minutes drive north from Toronto.