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I am here to do the judging, but none of you are worth judging.

<waits for someone worthy>

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I weigh this class and find it lacking.


I have just discovered pseudocode, and it looks just like real code to me. So I have to ask is it real code or just a way to let you know what you need to do while writing the real code. My instructor is not good at explaining things.

If they are different then a comparison of a simple code in C or Linden that adds two numbers would be helpful.

Charlie Bell wrote:
Not overpowered. Your search-fu has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

That is my line.

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OamuTheMonk wrote:
Slaunyeh wrote:
...stuff I agree with...
This movie pissed me off badly enough to write a 5000 word deconstruction of it on my G+. It's here ( if anybody feels there's enough meat left on the corpse to take another couple bites.

You sir have been weighed and found more than deserving. This is the most accurate review of this film yet, and had I not seen the movie I would have thought you were exaggerating, but to the chagrin of my wasted dollars, you were not.

Serious answer? We don't accept those things in these parts. <kicks Kelsey out of thread>
Now that I have your attention I vote for......., well myself.
Domains:Balance, Logic, and Good Taste

I don't have the book so I have to ask, is this a Vow of Poverty that actually works. I saw the other one in practice and it was lacking.

Tequila Sunrise wrote:

It’s not because Magic Marts polish the authentic patina of medieval rust off of our lovingly crafted campaigns. Think about it; we accept all kinds of other anti-medieval trappings in our campagins: anyone of any relavance seems to know how to read and write -- even druids and simpletons. D&D women are only expected to fill medieval gender roles if they’re unwilling to wear or unattractive in a chainmail bikini. And let’s not forget that just about everyone -- even moronic orcs -- are bilingual. Even pegasi understand the common tongue, for Io’s sake!

So don’t kid yourself that Magic Marts ruin the medieval theme. No, the real reason we DMs don’t like Magic Marts is that they create a point buy subsystem. And all patriotic and red-blooded DMs instinctively know that point buy systems are Evil. Search your heart; you know this to be true.

If you still don’t see the light, I’ll explain. What happens in a Magic Mart campaign? Your players go into a dungeon, steal or loot as much junk as they can stuff into their bags of holding, and then they head back to ye olde towne Magic Mart. They sell all the treasure you gave them in the dungeon, in exchange for points [coins], and then they buy better bonuses and powers [items] with those points [coins].

And like all point buy systems, Magic Marts increase the potential for both under- and over-powered PCs in your game. One player might decide to dump all of his points into offense [a magic weapon] while ignoring defense [AC items]. And because AC is 90% dependent on items, that PC becomes a glass cannon. Which in turn results in very short encounters, frequent resurrections, and probably massive annoyance.

See what I mean? Magic Marts are just a front for point buying, and point buying is the enemy of D&D. It’s everything that mustache-twirling villains stand for, and they’re using Magic Marts to subvert innocent D&Ders into point buyers. So be vigilant, and don’t let the other-skins win!

This message is brought to you by your friendly...

This message is full of falsehoods and opinions stated as facts. In other words the OP and his message have been weighed and found lacking.

You get a vote from me

You are the first to get a go from me. I feel bad about not going into detail like I did with the first day of voting, but I hope my vote makes up for my laziness.

I like this guy. I would like more info on his motivations, and only the 2nd plot hook might work, but neither works if this guy is smart enough to skip town.
Looking at his wisdom score he might be arrogant enough stay in town.

This one is in the probably folder.

This guys seems more like a secondary villain than a main villain, but I could see him as someone the PC's have to track down in order to get information to further the campaign kind of like a certain villain in a certain AP -->

Council of Theives

This one makes the probable folder

I need a lot more information on how she was killed, and how she got her powers.

I am not voting for this one since I don't see how I can use it in any of my games.

The idea of someone trying to build their own path to being a deity is cool, but the way this character does it is not. There are less risky ways of getting prisoners and workers than breaking into homes.

For now I am not going for this one.

Why does he hate barbarians, and why does he want to rule? If he just wants revenge he it makes more sense to just use the genies to crush the people who threw him out than to be in charge.

right now I am not feeling this one.

The story starts off well, but I see a few plot holes such as what happened to his father exactly. The guy is a villain, but I would side with him to get rid of undead, and what are his motivations after that? Actually he seems more like an anti-hero than a real villain to me.

Right now I am not feeling this one enough to advance it

I like the fluff a lot except for the daughter part. I also think a spellcaster type that tried to turn the dolls into a living person or trying to pull the soul from the victim into a doll somehow would work better.

I will keep this one in the probable folder for now.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Just as a warning, I have seen far too many weapon debate threads burst into flames. This thread is on thin ice.

I should note the crowd here that we will be striving for a balanced weapon, even if that means it is not 100% historically accurate. I know that a true, well forged katana is an amazing weapon, but in a world with dragons and magic, we have to keep things balanced and in perspective.

Not to say that historical context does not have value here, but we have some broader concerns.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

Katanas are so powerful they summon lead designers before the flames start. That is why there are no katanas in my games. Next think you know they will be summoning Demi-liches covered in fire. They have been weighed in the balance and deemed broken.

Stand outside in the cold for 800 bucks or stay home and be warm for free or at least a lot less than 800 bucks.
Jerry Jones has been judged and found lacking.