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Vesk Vanguard - 4

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 10
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

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    Level 8 Playtest Stats:
    Race: Vesk
    Theme: Mercenary
    Archetype: Steward Officer
    Primary Aspect: Inevitable
    Secondary Aspect: Momentum


    • Throw starknife to draw hate
    • Full attack w/ unarmed strikes when possible
    • Nonlethal potential captives
    • Trip or Entropic Strike if only 1 attack
    • Move 20' before Bull Rush to gain +2 to-hit

    [DICE=Unarmed Strike vs KAC]1d20+13[/DICE]
    [DICE=Bludgeoning Damage]2d6+17[/DICE]

    ....or full attack....

    [DICE=Unarmed Strike vs KAC]1d20+13-4[/DICE]
    [DICE=Bludgeoning Damage]2d6+17[/DICE]

    [DICE=Unarmed Strike vs KAC]1d20+13-4[/DICE]
    [DICE=Bludgeoning Damage]2d6+17[/DICE]

    ....or Entropic Strike...

    [DICE=Entropic Strike vs EAC]1d20+13[/DICE]
    [DICE=Magic, Acid, Force, Penetrating]2d8+14[/DICE]

    ....or ranged....

    [DICE=Starknife vs KAC]1d20+13[/DICE]
    [DICE=Piercing Damage]4d4+13[/DICE]

    ....or Bull Rush....

    [DICE=Bull Rush vs EAC+8]1d20+17[/DICE]

    ....or Trip...

    [DICE=Trip vs EAC+8]1d20+17[/DICE]

    STR 20, DEX 14, CON 22, INT 08, WIS 12, CHA 10

    SKILLS (ACP –1 included):

    • +8 when Climbing (Climb Speed)
    • +9 when Swimming (Swim Speed, Athletic Clothing)
    • DC lowered by 5 for Mercenary related topics
    • Can be used to ID humanoids/monstrous humanoids as per Life Science
    • Can be used to Demoralize as per Intimidate

    Common, Akitonian, Aquan, Draconic, Brethedan, Castrovelian, Eoxian, Kasatha, Triaxian, Vercite, Vesk, Ysoki


    1st - Toughness, Aspect Insight (Improved Bull Rush)
    2nd - Diplomatic Training
    3rd - Spellbane
    4th - Military Training (Improved Unarmed Strike)
    5th - Swimming Master
    6th - Military Training (Improved Trip), Vanguard Discipline (Powerful Attunement)
    7th - Climbing Master
    8th - Aspect Insight (Enhanced Resistance–Kinetic), Vanguard Discipline (Intervene)

    8th Level Weapon: Starknife, Sintered
    7th Level Armor: Dendron Armor, Yew

    18,000 credits:

    (6500) Augmentation (Personal Upgrade, Mk2–Con)
    (3025) Augmentation (Dermal Plating, Mk1)
    (2500) Tactical Shield, Field (Level 5; AC +1/+2; Bulk 1)
    (1900) Augmentation (Speed Suspension–Minimal)
    (1400) Augmentation (Personal Upgrade, Mk1–Str)
    (1200) Armor Upgrade (Juggernaut Boosters)
    (755) Augmentation (Dragon Gland–Wyrmling))
    (250) Library Chip (Culture)
    (131) Clothing, Reconfigurable (Athletic, Everyday, Zero-G, Travel, Professional)
    (120) Weapon Fusion (Called)
    (120) Weapon Fusion (Trailblazer)
    (25) Industrial Backpack
    (25) Spotlight
    (7) Comm Unit
    (5) Waterproof Wristwatch
    ...and 37 credits remaining...