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This is a little off topic but how has he survived to level 8 in a mythic game with less than 20 hit points?

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One thing to say:


Seriously though what Wildebob said. Careful you do not ruin other folks fun.

Probably confusing it with TWF.

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A table rule that my friend plays with is that magic is transferable from like items. So a +1 keen dagger can have the keen property transferred to my +1 cold iron falchion at 20% of the cost of the enchant.

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I think urban barbarian is a must for the skills. Also as a Barbie barbarian you should never need more protection than a chain-mail bikini would provide (I believe it falls into the light armor category).


don't forget to make certain you have hands so you can cast spells with somatic components.

1. Nothing in the spell description indicates there is a memory gap so any gap would be by GM fiat.

2. Dominate specifically gives a second save if you are commanded to do something you would not normally do. So I believe it is reasonable to assume that you know what is going on you are simply a prisoner in your own head.

So if Bob is a wizard and casts a ranged touch spell at the ogre does the ogre get his dex and dodge bonuses to his flatfooted?

ElMustacho, they are all enhancement bonuses and none of them stack with the other. You simply take the highest modifier.

Shapeshifting Mastery only works with spells and extracts not class abilities or mythic abilities.

If this is a home game then you only need to ask your gm. If it is play following the rules of the game using this spell will change your alignment over time and since Sarenrae is a good aligned deity you will eventually be unable to call on her for spells and abilities.

My 2cp

The rules state that a that turning 90 degrees is a dc 15 using 5 feet of movement and that this dc and movement penalty increase by 5 for adding another 90 degrees to the turn. So if you are flying through a maize at full speed (or chasing Harry at Hogwarts) I would take the total turns made during the movement and add them up.

Lets say you want to make 270 degrees of turns during your turn but end up facing the same way you started. I would give this a dc25 fly check costing 15 feet of movement. Then if you are trading in your standard action for another move action a seperate dc would be created for the new movement.

I believe this to be RAI.

Majuba, I like the analogy it is a great way to think of where each character gets is power.

My 2cp is never cut someone off from shopping. My favorite thing about a RPG is sitting around a table being a geek with friends. My second favorite is getting new stuff be it levels or lewt. Talk to your players and see if there is a better way to go about it but remember shopping may be someones favorite part of the game.

Rear claws are normally refereed to as a rake attack. It gives you two attacks on a charge but only counts as one for your total number of natural attacks limit.

I would suggest buying some stone full plate and the legendary item path ability making your armor your legendary item with the upgradeable ability (allowing very cheap upgrading) and you should be able to get it to have the wild enhancement very early on. If you are in wild shape there is not even a need for heavy armor proficiency.

Unsanctioned knowledge is nice but I would have a hard time adding 3 intelligence. Thanks for the ideas. If anyone else has other suggestions I would love to hear them.

If your CHA is high enough you could take the eldrich heritage feats using the arcane bloodline and eventually pick haste as an extra spell. i doubt this would come on line fast enough for you though.

I like the upgradeable ability. Lets your weapon grow with you.

Yep, I skinned my knee when I fell last time.

I am playing a paladin in Rise of the Rune lords. We just leveled to 9 and we have a ridiculous point buy:

Str: 16 (+2 racial,+2 levels, +4 item) 24
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 12 (-2 racial) 10
Cha: 16 (+2 racial)

Demon spawn Tiefling

Fey Foundling
Power attack
Combat reflexes
Step up

I am swinging a +1 Keen Falchion and have a +1 Composite long bow (+6). My favored class bonus has gone entirely into extra healing on LOH.

The party consists of a casting cleric, gunslinger, fighter swinging an ax, a TWF rogue, and a synthesis summoner.

Some thoughts I had were extra lay on hands, Greater Mercy, acrobatic step, or following step.

Your input is greatly appriciated.

I see a couple problems with this build. First, Dekalinder is correct on the damage the attack should do and this can be verified all over the forums with a few searches and just a smidgen of common sense. Second, it looks like your player has three mythic feats at 3rd tier (Mythic power attack, mythic vital strike, and extra path ability mythic). If this character had taken legendary item as a path ability at teir 1 or 2 then this would be doable.

Also there is no need to be tier 4 to have a foe-biting weapon:

Legendary Item (Ex): You gain a legendary item. This item grants a number of abilities equal to your tier (maximum 3). At 3rd tier, you can select this ability again, increasing the maximum to six abilities and causing the item to become a lesser artifact. At 6th tier, you can select this ability again, increasing the maximum to 10 abilities; the item then becomes a greater artifact.

Foe-Biting: When this item deals damage, its user can use mythic power to double the total amount of damage it deals. If the attack is a normal attack, the bearer can expend one use of legendary power to double the total amount of damage. If the attack is a confirmed critical hit, the bearer must instead expend two uses of legendary power to double the total damage. Damage from weapon special abilities (such as flaming) and precision-based damage are also doubled.

This ability can be applied only to weapons. An item must be a minor or major artifact to have this ability.

Sorry, I was thinking bound.

If you have him pinned and still have a full round action why not coup de grace him?

A mithral BP is normally a medium piece of armor as you likely know. The important part of the rule you quoted is that medium armor is treated as if it where light armor for the purposes of movement and other limitations. Since we know that light armor does not change a creatures speed then with a mithral BP your speed would be unchanged from the armor but could still be reduced based on encumbrance.

Allow the TPK. Then have a session zero to work together to create characters that will work together to support each other.

If the other players have the system mastery and are choosing to play less effective characters that is one thing. If they are newer and lack the system knowledge then take a few hours with your GM and create something that will be fun for everyone.

So you are going to be stuck with level 2 spells until you are level 11?

Yes you could bluff you way to making a hit with your charisma but why would it hit harder? Same question with Dex. I would guess that it is possible with supremely awesome training such as a feat represents (or magic for that matter).

You cannot expect much if you have not practiced. As a track coach for Jr High students I see improvements of up to a foot in a students first year doing high jump.

Unfortunately, the teifling tail trait will be a little value for most teiflings as they are outsiders and invalid targets for the enlarge person spell. It only targets humanoid not creatures or outsiders.

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My reading of this ability agrees with Gabriel. This is a case of a specific rule (mythic power) over ruling a general rule (Recent Casting Limit).

Ranger with the archery path riding a camel (for the spit attack) taking boon companion so the camel can survive.

As a personal opinion. I like the duel cursed archtype if for nothing else than for the misfortune ability. I find the ability to negate almost every critical that the GM ever rolls to be helpful in healing.

Also a monk does not have an off hand. It is part of the flurry ability.

Stick with the buff protection spells. A good deal of the fights that you will face are going to include spell resistance. I would however, suggest alignment channel evil to help bypass the SR and take down potential swarms. When you get to tier 1 you will have an option to spend a single mythic power to cast any spell on your list.

Eldritch Breach is something you should leave to players that are focused as casters, especially if your thinking of dipping in different classes.

I am preparing to run Wrath of the Riotous and was wondering if there were maps available. I am curious to know if they are available for other APs also.

I did a little searching and was only able to find the generic maps from Paizo.

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Don't forget the summoner with the pet built as a rogue and use summons for combat.

The faq entry posted by Roberta clearly states that if a character is tripped even against his will that vicious stop provides an attack of opportunity. Then later in life if he gets combat reflexes and greater trip not only will he get the one attack of opportunity but he will get a second.

However, it appears that this is your game and your player came to you with a question. He wants to use this combo which according to the rules as written and the rules as intended is 100% legit. As the GM this is your world and it can work in any way you choose for it to work. My suggestion would be to advise him that if he focuses on tripping he will be very strong in the beginning but this tactic becomes obsolete very quickly when you start facing lager foes.

Oops, it was on the front page.

Katataban you have fallen victim to one of the classic blunders. The most well known is never get involved in a land war in Asia. Only slightly less well known is do not try to apply real world physics to a table top game Ahahahahahahahahaha . . .

edit: I suck at speling

If you are using Toothy as a half orc your bite attack is a primary attack. This means you do not need multi attack as the only purpose it serves is to improve your attack roll with secondary attacks.

It sounds like there are a lot of people making good suggestions on what can help this party survive. The way I learned to survive a campaign was to build what I wanted against the suggestion of others, then my GM killed me horribly. I then made another character disregarding suggestions others gave me which also died horribly. Finally, I realized that if you want your character to survive a game you have two choices 1. Have a GM that will never kill you or 2. Make intelligent decisions when building my characters.

Do not have a link but SKR say you do not get 1.5 dex with an agile amulet as it would be more powerful than the feat intended. Also applying the common sense rule you only get 1.5 str damage and if you take the next feat in the line you get 1.5 str damage on all attacks and never get 2x str. This horse has been beaten to death time after time. Do a quick search and you will find this same answer in several places.

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Personally, if in the northern hemisphere I would have it facing south and in the southern hemisphere I would have it facing north. That way when it snows your draw bridge de-ices faster and less of that pesky snow to shovel.

Has anyone thought of the swashbuckler for this yet? Extra damage to your attack after level 3 and early access to improved crit.

Everyone keeps talking about rest. In game terms is it possible to rest without sleeping? I know I often rest when I come home from work by watching a TV show.

All of the answers your looking for are in Ultimate Campaign. The book is designed around this type of game.

Edit: This may help some but not all the material is present.

So can a swashbuckler take weapon specialization?

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