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Vidmaster7 wrote:
Cap'n Yesterdays Winter Madness wrote:

Yeah but February has everyone especially grumpy.

All gloom and no doom make people go something, something...

OMG I had hoped I had inspired that alias (with my jack Nicholson reference the other day) but it looks like you have had it for awhile.

In case you missed it the other day the winter blues usually comes from not getting enough sun which your body turns sunlight into Vitamin D. So not enough vitamin D makes you grumpy.

You don't say! I've never heard that before, living in a place with 6-7 months of winter nearly my entire life.

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Surely that wouldn't be a waste of time or memory.

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Definitely not being sarcastic wrote:
What you mean Captain Yesterday already has an alias for sarcasm? who would of guessed?

Alex Trebeck, probably.

I hardly think a leader of the US would use a false military operation to prop up his faltering administration.