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Full Name

Samduc Dawnbringer


Appears as small human youth


Rogue 4(burglar)/Init: +10--Perception: +10(+11 traps)/F +2; R+7; W+2 CMD 15


male--hp =12/28--AC19/touch 15/ff14

About Samduc Dawnbringer

Samduc Dawnbringer
Hobbit Rogue (burglar) 4
CG Small
Move = 20' (x4)


10 STR; 19 DEX; 12 CON; 12 INT; 12 WIS; 14 CHA;
Init: +10, Perception: +10 (+10 vs traps and surprise)
Languages: Common, Halfling, Dwarven
Favoured Class: Rogue
Favoured Class Bonus
1st/2nd/3rd/4th - HP;
Hp rolls 8,5,2,5


hp = 28/28
AC18/touch 15/ff14
F +1; R+7; W+1 CMD 14


It has knotted and twisted bark and branches and its leaves are a deep sickly green. It appears to be afflicted with some type of wood rot.
Knotty CR 3
XP 800
Young Twisted Tree
NE Medium plant
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +9
AC 21, touch 12, flat-footed 19 (+2 Dex, +9 natural)
hp 38 (6d8+6)
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +5
DR 5/slashing; Immune mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, polymorph, sleep, stunning
Weakness vulnerability to fire
Speed 20'
Melee 2 slams +8 (1d4+3)
Str 17, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 13
Base Atk +4; CMB +7 (+9 sunder); CMD 19 (21 vs. sunder)
Feats Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (slam)
Skills Bluff +5, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Perception +9, Sense Motive +5, Stealth +6 (+22 in forests); Racial Modifiers +16 Stealth in forests
Languages Treant, broken common
Special Abilities
Damage Reduction (5/slashing) You have Damage Reduction against all except Slashing attacks.
Improved Sunder You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when sundering.
Vulnerability to Fire You are vulnerable (+50% damage) to Fire damage.


AC 19 (+3 armor, +4 Dex, +1 size, +1 dusty rose prism ion stone), Touch 15, Flat-footed 15, CMD 13
HP 28
Fort: +2, Ref: +7, Will: +2
Small Crossbow +8, 1d6
Small Dagger +9, 1d3+4 (+1 dagger = +1/+1, dual daggers = -2)
Base Atk: +3, CMB: +2

Improved Initiative, Two Weapon fighting, Shadow Strike (Benefit: You can deal precision damage, such as sneak attack damage, against targets with concealment [but not total concealment]), weapon focus-dagger (talent lvl 2),


Lvl 2 = weapon focus dagger
Lvl 4 = bleeding attack


9/level (8class+1Int)
Acrobatics +10 (4 ranks, +4 Dex, +3CS) [-1ACP]
Appraise +5 (1 rank, +1 Int, +3class)
Bluff +8 (3 ranks, +2 CHA, +3class)
Climb +9 (1 rank, +0 Str, +3 class, +5 ring)
Diplomacy +6 (1 rank, +2CHA, +3 class)
Disable Device +12 (4 ranks, +3 Class, +4 Dex, +2mwork) [-1ACP]
Disguise +6 (+1 Ranks, +3 class, +2 CHA)
Handle Animal +8 (+1 ranks, +3 class, +2 CHA, +2 trait)
Heal +1 (+1 Wis)
Knowledge (Religion) +6 (1 Ranks, +3 Class, +1 Int, +1 trait)
Knowledge (Local) +5 (1 Ranks, +3 Class, +1 Int)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +1 (0 Ranks, +3 Class, +1 Int)
Linguistics N (+1 Int)
Perception +10 (4 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 class, +2 trait)
Perception vs traps +12 (4 ranks, +1 Wis, +3 class, +2 trait, +2 tf)
Ride +10 (1 ranks, +3 Class, +4 Dex, +2 trait) [-1ACP]
Sense Motive +5 (1 rank, +1wis, +3 Class)
Sleight of hand +7 (1 rank, +4 Dex, +3 Class) [-1ACP]
Stealth +19 (4 ranks, +4 Dex, +3Class, +4 Size) [-1ACP]
Spellcraft N
Swim 0
UMD +9 (4 ranks, +2 CHA, +3Class)

racial/traits/class feats:


•Ability Score Racial Traits: Halflings are nimble and strong-willed, but their small stature makes them weaker than other races. They gain +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, and –2 Strength.
•Size: Halflings are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.
•Base Speed (Slow Speed): Halflings have a base speed of 20 feet.
•Languages: Halflings begin play speaking Common and Halfling. Halflings with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, and Goblin. See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

Defense Racial Traits
•Fearless: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by halfling luck.
•Adaptable Luck: Some halflings have greater control over their innate luck. This ability gives them more options for how they can apply their good fortune from day to day, but also narrows its scope. Three times per day, a halfling can gain a +2 luck bonus on an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. If halflings choose to use the ability before they make the roll or check, they gain the full +2 bonus; if they choose to do so afterward, they only gain a +1 bonus. Using adaptive luck in this way is not an action. This racial trait replaces halfling luck.

Offense Racial Traits
•Weapon Familiarity: Halflings are proficient with slings and treat any weapon with the word “halfling” in its name as a martial weapon.

Senses Racial Traits
•Keen Senses: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

•Outrider Some halflings specialize in mounted combat. Halflings with this racial trait gain a +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks. This racial trait replaces sure-footed.


Reactionary (+2 init)
Child of the temple (+1 religion/nobility and kn religion is class skill)

The following are class features of the rogue.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Rogues are proficient with all simple weapons, plus the hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, and short sword. They are proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Sneak Attack
Precision damage (such as that dealt by a rogue's sneak attack ability) applies to more creatures than it did in previous editions of the game.

Some may balk at this but it can easily be imagined or explained as the rogue having found a weak point in the undead's "body" (such as a zombie's head) or even finding a crack or flaw in a construct's "body."

There is some degree of confusion as to what should separate a "critical hit" from a "precision-based attack" but in any event, in some cases they are treated differently.

Critical Hits
The following creature types (or subtypes) have immunity to critical hits (that is, they do not take any additional damage from critical hits):
•Aeon (subtype): "Immunity to cold, poison, and critical hits."
•Elemental (subtype): Elementals are "not subject to critical hits or flanking. Does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks, such as sneak attack."
•Incorporeal (subtype): "An incorporeal creature is immune to critical hits (unless the attacks are made using a weapon with the ghost touch special weapon quality.)"
•Ooze (Type): <Oozes are...> "not subject to critical hits or flanking. Does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks (such as sneak attack.)"
•Protean (subtype): (50% chance to ignore, see below*)
•Swarm (Type): "A swarm has no clear front or back and no discernible anatomy, so it is not subject to critical hits."

Precision-Based Damage (like Sneak Attack)
The following creature types (or subtypes) do not take additional damage from precision-based attacks (such as sneak attack):
•Elemental (subtype): "<An elemental...> does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks (such as sneak attack.)"
•Incorporeal (subtype): "An incorporeal creature is immune to precision-based damage (such as sneak attack damage) unless the attacks are made using a weapon with the ghost touch special weapon quality."
•Ooze (Type): "<An ooze is...> does not take additional damage from precision-based attacks (such as sneak attack.)"
•Protean (subtype): (50% chance to ignore, see below*)

Creatures Immune to Flanking
Opponents do not gain any special flanking bonuses against the following creature types (or subtypes):
•Ooze (Type): "<An ooze is...> not subject to ... flanking."
•Swarm (Type): "A swarm has no clear front or back and no discernible anatomy, so it is not subject to flanking."
•Elemental (subtype): "<Elementals are...> not subject to flanking."

*Special: Proteans have a special ability called "Amorphous Anatomy" which might protect them: "<Amorphous Anatomy> grants <a protean> a 50% chance to ignore additional damage caused by critical hits and sneak attacks,"

If a rogue can catch an opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from her attack, she can strike a vital spot for extra damage.

The rogue's attack deals extra damage anytime her target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the rogue flanks her target. This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and increases by 1d6 every two rogue levels thereafter. Should the rogue score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra damage is not multiplied. Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet.

With a weapon that deals nonlethal damage (like a sap, whip, or an unarmed strike), a rogue can make a sneak attack that deals nonlethal damage instead of lethal damage. She cannot use a weapon that deals lethal damage to deal nonlethal damage in a sneak attack, not even with the usual –4 penalty.

The rogue must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot and must be able to reach such a spot. A rogue cannot sneak attack while striking a creature with concealment.

Finesse Training (Ex)

At 1st level, a rogue gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat. In addition, starting at 3rd level, she can select any one type of weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse (such as rapiers or daggers) Dagger chosen. Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed. Whenever she makes a successful melee attack with the selected weapon, she adds her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier to the damage roll. If any effect would prevent the rogue from adding her Strength modifier to the damage roll, she does not add her Dexterity modifier. The rogue can select a second weapon at 11th level and a third at 19th level.

A rogue adds 1/2 her level to Perception skill checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device skill checks (minimum +1). A rogue can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.

Rogue Talents:
Level 2
Bleeding Attack* (Ex)
Benefit: A rogue with this ability can cause living opponents to bleed by hitting them with a sneak attack. This attack causes the target to take 1 additional point of damage each round for each die of the rogue's sneak attack (e.g., 4d6 equals 4 points of bleed). Bleeding creatures take that amount of damage every round at the start of each of their turns. The bleeding can be stopped by a successful DC 15 Heal check or the application of any effect that heals hit point damage. Bleed damage from this ability does not stack with itself. Bleed damage bypasses any damage reduction the creature might possess.

Danger Sense (Ex)

At 3rd level, a rogue gains a +1 bonus on Reflex saves to avoid traps and a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks made by traps. In addition, she gains a +1 bonus on Perception checks to avoid being surprised by a foe. These bonuses increase by 1 every 3 rogue levels thereafter (to a maximum of +6 at 18th level). This ability counts as trap sense for the purpose of any feat or class prerequisite, and can be replaced by any archetype class feature that replaces trap sense. The bonuses gained from this ability stack with those gained from trap sense (from another class).

Debilitating Injury (Ex)

At 4th level, whenever a rogue deals sneak attack damage to a foe, she can also debilitate the target of her attack, causing it to take a penalty for 1 round (this is in addition to any penalty caused by a rogue talent or other special ability). The rogue can choose to apply any one of the following penalties when the damage is dealt.

Bewildered: The target becomes bewildered, taking a –2 penalty to AC. The target takes an additional –2 penalty to AC against all attacks made by the rogue. At 10th level and 16th level, the penalty to AC against attacks made by the rogue increases by –2 (to a total maximum of –8).

Disoriented: The target takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls. In addition, the target takes an additional –2 penalty on all attack rolls it makes against the rogue. At 10th level and 16th level, the penalty on attack rolls made against the rogue increases by –2 (to a total maximum of –8).

Hampered: All of the target's speeds are reduced by half (to a minimum of 5 feet). In addition, the target cannot take a 5-foot step.

These penalties do not stack with themselves, but additional attacks that deal sneak attack damage extend the duration by 1 round. A creature cannot suffer from more than one penalty from this ability at a time. If a new penalty is applied, the old penalty immediately ends. Any form of healing applied to a target suffering from one of these penalties also removes the penalty.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex)

At 4th level, a rogue can react to danger before her senses would normally allow her to do so. She cannot be caught flat-footed, nor does she lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if the attacker is invisible. She still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A rogue with this ability can still lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action against her.

If a rogue already has uncanny dodge from a different class, she automatically gains improved uncanny dodge (see below) instead.


The young boy is smiling nervously, obviously the weight of the world appears to be on his shoulders. He is dressed in acolyte's robes, and given his obvious youth, he appears to be novice priest.
In civilized society he wears an ornate cloak with a high starched collar and gold thread and lace make a prominent display of the symbol of his patron.


Samduc likes to keep his shady past to himself. Born into poverty, he spent his youth hanging out at the local temples because they often gave alms to the poor. Although not a believer, he quickly realized the power of belief is quite an amazing thing. He wanted to turn it to his own advantage.
After listening to sermons and preaching across the lands, Samduc decided to join all religions. He believed a little in each of them, it wasn't fair to pick just one. He has wooden holy symbols and multiple reversible cloaks so he can convert from good to evil in a few seconds unobserved. His youthful face made him decide that posing as a human child just starting his devotions is the best 'cover'.
Samduc is also interested in traps of all kinds. He improvises the basics of noise-making traps by carrying around pots and pans and twine for fishing. He is an expert at rigging them into an impromptu noise alarm.
Living on his wits, the quick and cunning hobbit has shown himself to be a cynical survivor. It is well hidden among a bright eyed optimist beginning his devotions.


light=50# or less med=50.1-100
dusty rose prism ioun stone +1 AC
2 smoke sticks (40gp/1#)
1 flask of acid (10gp/1#)
1 tar bombs (20gp/2#)
Studded leather armor (small) (25gp/10#)
Ten amulets of different sizes, many similar to THE AMULET
THE AMULET (set inside a hollow whittled, crude, unfinished large amulet of a demon)
Mwork thieves tools (100/2)
Small light crossbow with cord for slinging over shoulder (35gp/2#)
small holy water sprinkler (1d4B and splashes holy water for 5 rnds) (5gp/2#)
Quiver of 20 sm. bolts (2gp/1#)
Belt of Tumbling (+4 acrobatics to tumble through threatened squares)
+1 magic small dagger (2301/2#)
3 Daggers (small) (3gp/6#)
Backpack (2gp/2#)
Scholars outfit ( /4#)
3 small reversible cloaks (.6/1.5#)
1 liter waterskin (1gp/4#)
Belt with two pouches (2gp/1#)
Pipe with pouch of tobacco (2gp/2#)
flint and steel(1gp/-)
spare thieves tools (30gp/2#)
5 sheets of parchment(.1gp/-)
.5 oz vial of ink (4gp/-)
2 torches (.02gp/2#)
1 dagger small (1gp/2#)
2 days of trail rations (2gp/1#)
2 smoke sticks
2 flasks of acid
1 tar bombs (20/2)
10 holy symbols various gods (10gp)
5 homemade evil holy symbols--snakes, frogs, demons, dragons whittled from wood found along the road and rubbed with dirt to get the smell just right
Without pack=21# (light load 24.75# or less)
With pack about 40#
Wealth 135.18