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I am sorry to say but when ever I see the name Chris A Field on a product I give it a pass. I say this because I have purchased his stuff before and have always been disappointed. Just my experience.

I have the same problem and I can't get the cover or back to print.

I am really enjoying your dressing line (dungeon, urban, and wilderness) and will continue to buy them.
In my opinion though you're kind of feeding the troll, which is your right to do. I know I generally look at the majority of reviews when looking to buy a product and their overall rating, before deciding instead of just one.
Just my 2 cents.

I do not wish to join any group that would have me as one of its members. Groucho Marx

What about:

Puppetmaster a class that has a contruct(s) that he can add new powers to every level.

An Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider type.

A Bandit/Robinhood type.

Any chance of getting your products at paizo's store?
I looked for them there and couldn't find them, of course I may have failed my perception roll:)

clff rice wrote:
correct me if i am wrong but doesn't witch seem a hair more appropriate for a pathfinderized warlock.

I couldn't say you where wrong, just a different take on the subject.

The warlock in 3.5 has an eldritch blast he could do every round plus invocations he can use at will (as a standard action), while the witch has arcane spells and hexes. So the mechanics are all different.

xorial wrote:
Look at this thread. Follow the houseruled sorcerer link for some ideas.

I really like his sorcerer alt. Thank you and thank you smiloDan for your imput.

I'm trying to do a simple warlock conversion and thought about doing it as a sorcerer archtype. I've seen alot of other versions, most very well done, but its not what I'm looking for.
This is what I have so far.

Eldritch Blast (Sp:): As a standard action the warlock can cast a 60-ft eldritch blast of energy, this is a range touch attack. At 1st level the eldritch blast does 1d6 points of damage, the blast damage increases by 1d6 every 2 levels after 1st. As a trade off the warlock loses his ability to cast his highest level spell (thus a 1st level warlock can cast cantrips, but not 1st level spells).

The only thing is I'm not sure if this works with most of the sorcerer's bloodline abilities. The other idea I had was to replace the sorcerer's bonus spell or feat with the ability to use a touch spell with the eldritch blast.

I think the strangest I ever played was back in 2nd edition, he was a gnome jester that was a complete pervert. He worshiped his own god named Merv who was the god of fire, perversion, and dinner theater.
Since he was Merv's only worshiper, he gave him a wand of wonder that had like 1,000 different results.
Some of his deeds:
1) Unionized Hell.
2) Accidentally burned down part of the city.
3) Bedded many woman (or at least told people he did).
4) Helped to rename one of the other PCs character's, since he could only come up with the first name of Otto, he started calling him Otto Von Rippenfarts (after all he wanted a German theme).
5)Invented the chickenmech, but sadly had to flee the city before it was done, due to charges of crimes against humanity.

Paul Worthen wrote:
Ow. Only 160 pages, including monsters and an adventure? Cards? Booster Packs of random cards? Well, maybe I won't pick this one up after all. I'm definitely not pre-ordering it.

Yeah, I'm not thrilled about the whole collectible (cha-ching) card idea, but since I own about every other gamma world ever produced and love the setting I will at least give it a try.

This is what someone posted on the Gamma World mailing list, gives a little more detail than the Amazon entry.

So, it was officially announced that Gamma World will be a 4e game. It was leaked by Amazon last night: http://www.amazon.com/Gamma-World-Roleplaying-Game-Setting/dp/0786955082 and that WoTC annocued it officially today. I missed most of the tweets as I was at work, but KJordan at the WoTC boards has summarized what was said:

*"Wizards of the Coast* has just announced (via Twitter <http://twitter.com/Wizards_DnD>) that a new edition of */Gamma World/* will be published in *October 2010*. Laughing The following details were released:

* The */Gamma World/* rule book will be 160 pages and include
everything you need to play, covering character creation through
GM advice.
* The rules will be strongly rooted in the 4e */Dungeons & Dragons/*
game mechanics.
* The rule book will include 30 different monsters, including
badders and yarns.
* The rule book will include an adventure with 10 encounters,
providing enough experience to raise character levels by 2.
* The game will incorporate a card component. 40 tech cards and 40
mutation cards will be included.
* Booster packs of random tech and mutation cards will be available
for purchase separately.
* The rule book will be supported with a boxed set release, /Famine
in Fargo/. This adventure will include 16 encounters, token
sheets, poster maps, and 10 additional GM cards. Oh, and mutant
chickens... can't forget the mutant chickens."

http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/22313325/Gamma_World_4E&a mp;post_num=33#388580757 is the post.

Now contrary to what everyone says the cards are (from the sounds of it) a straight rip off of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e. A description of why they use cards is here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=875
To summarize: Unlike a table you can add more stuff and just shuffle it into the deck, and when you play everything is right in front of you: less rulebook flipping. (I think, I only skimmed it to tell the truth, but it sounds right)

Man we just started playing it and are having a great time. Oh well its not like I can't find info on Star Wars from other sources.
This will also end my purchases with Wotc, although I'm interested in Gamma World 4e if and when it comes out.

Galnörag wrote:
Set wrote:


Material Component: A cardboard box, on which you have written the word 'Transmogrifier,' and made a dial.


Yeah, but does the dial go to 11?

You are never satisfied with enough, you must have more! You must consume three times the normal amount of food and water or suffer from starvation and thirst. You gain survival as a class skill (+2 to survival if it’s already a class skill) and create water as a bonus spell. At 5th level you gain the endurance feat. At 10th level you gain create food and water and fabricate as bonus spells. At 15th level you cannot be grappled.

Maeloke wrote:

As for the deadly sins... I'm a bit more skeptical. Afflictions make sense regardless of alignment, but I don't think the same thing goes for problems that are typically player choice.

That's not to say you have bad rule foundations, but I'd characterize the wrath curse as some sort of madness, sloth as a wasting affliction, etc. Curses are something that the cosmos just slams on oracles, not some vice they're especially obnoxious about.

My thinking on this is that whatever deity or deities gave the oracle power might have wanted them to be an example of one of these traits. Also, remember the player is free to choose the curse. So if they don't want to play that type of character they have the option not too.

Yours is a miserable lot as you want what others have and believe that it’s rightfully yours. Others can sense this about you making you difficult to trust, you suffer a -4 to diplomacy checks. Sleight of hand and stealth become class skills. At 5th level darkness and find traps become bonus spells. At 10th level scrying and true seeing become bonus spells. At 15th level you cannot be flat-footed.

Not sure about the last part, was thinking it might be due to the oracle being so shifty-eyed.

Velcro Zipper wrote:

Can I play too?

Here's one I came up with. I posted this somewhere else, but this looks like a good place to repost it for community examination/use.

Oracle Curse: Mute
You are incapable of vocal speech or sound. You cast all of your spells as if they were affected by the Silent Spell feat. This does not increase their level or casting time. At 5th level, you gain a level of empathy granting you +3 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks. This empathy works both ways and other creatures also gain this bonus when attempting to determine your motives. At 10th level, you can communicate telepathically with one creature within 100ft. of you. This communication is one way and language-dependent. At 15th level, you can communicate telepathically with all creatures within 10ft/level of you and you gain a +2 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks while communicating in this way. This communication works two way and is not language-dependent.

I like it and this playground is open for everyone:) and everyone is welcome.

What about?
You will not use any item that isn’t the finest of quality; the item must be at least masterwork quality or better (when possible) as nothing it too good for you, if the item is of lesser quality you suffer a -2 penalty when using it.

You can’t control your sexual urges and are always seeking to fulfill those urges, you always fail saves or skill checks based on getting some loving. You gain charm person and disguise self as bonus known spell.
At 5th level you gain eagle’s splendor and suggestion as bonus spells. At 10th level you become immune to disease. At 15th level you gain charm monster as a bonus spell.

What about, You will not use any item that isn’t the finest of quality; the item must be at least masterwork quality or better (when possible) as nothing it too good for you.

You have a good point about past 6th level. Although, I know in some campaigns this wouldn't be the case.

You are your own gift to yourself; you are constantly looking at your reflection and fishing for complements. You will not use any item that isn’t the finest of quality; the item must be at least masterwork quality or better as nothing it too good for you. You gain a +2 bonus to bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate skill checks as you exude an aura of superiority making people think that you are better than them. At 5th level you are immune to shaken effects. At 10th level gain the Leadership feat. At 15th level your charisma increases by +2.

The last part might be too powerful, but its the best I could come up with.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

These are some new curses I came up with based on the 7 deadly sins.

When injured you go into a rage and you must attack, although you do have a choice of the target, at the end of the round you can make a Will DC 10+ the total damage taken to come out of the rage. Also, you will never give quarters to an enemy. While in the rage you gain +2 morale bonuses to Strength and Constitution and lose -2 to AC. At 5th level any damage you inflict causes 1 point of bleed. At 10th level your Strength and Constitution bonus changes to +4. At 15th level you gain a +2 bonus to confirm crits.

With you everything has its price and you must be paid for every item and service, you are often found counting your coins for fun. You gain the floating disk spell as a bonus spell and have a +2 bonus to Appraise checks. At 5th level any pouches, pockets or bags you carry will hold double the normal amount, while on your person or for 5 rounds after being removed. At 10th level you know the exact value of any object. At 15th level you gain analyze dweomer as a bonus spell.

You are lazy to the bone and are constantly fatigued, you gain mount and unseen servant as bonus spell. At 5th level you gain a +2 bonus to Will saves that force you to do something. At 10th level you gain teleport as a bonus spell. At 15th level you become immune to exhaustion.

The other sins are pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.
I was also thinking of possible curses based on the seven vitues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patients, kindness, and humility.

I'm pretty sure that when they where actually answering questions, they stated that the warlock was limited to the number of times he could use the school powers just like a wizard, but for the life of me I can't find that thread now.
The arcane blast though doesn't state a number of uses, so I'm thinking that it's unlimited like the official warlock.

nighttree wrote:

How about allowing Warlocks access to Clerical domain abilities ?

You know I thought it might be interesting to create another class like the warlock, but he used domains and orisons.

Maybe call him a Channeler, and he could have a bolt of negative, positive energy instead, just a thought.

I asked these questions on another thread, but thought that this one might be more appropriate, so I'll repeat it here.

I have a some questions on the warlock Arcane Bolt ability.

1) The damage is listed as 1d6 points of damage, +1d6 for every two warlock levels. Does this mean he does 2d6 at second level or did you mean every two levels after first?

2) The warlock may choose whether the damage is acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Is that chosen when the power is taken or whenever the power is used?

3) As a ranged touch attack does the warlock get to use it more than once a round like a ranged attack or is it limited to once per round?

I have a some questions on the warlock Arcane Bolt ability.

1) The damage is listed as 1d6 points of damage, +1d6 for every two warlock levels. Does this mean he does 2d6 at second level or did you mean every two levels after first?

2) The warlock may choose whether the damage is acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Is that chosen when the power is taken or whenever the power is used?

3) As a ranged touch attack does the warlock get to use it more than once a round like a ranged attack or is it limited to once per round?

I think I'm going to house rule it in my game to allow the warlock to have this power as a freebee, to make it more similar to the original.

Cool, can you tell us when a PDF version will be available?

Cool, and thanks for the info.

Sorry if this has been brought up before but I seem to be missing page 548 of the main book (on PDF).

So are undead no longer immune to critical hits? Because I know in the MM under undead it states that they are not subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, ability drain or energy drain.
IMHO these immunities make undead even more dangerous (which I like as a DM).

When it's presented in a mature way that's tasteful then I've got no problem with it.
I just have bad memories of some of Mongoose quintessential books (at least the 3.0 ones), which contained badly drawn half naked chicks.
After awhile it's difficult to take any of the book seriously, plus of course I had a player that liked to look though the books and drool (which was kind of sad really seeing that he about 32 and was acting like an 8 year old).
Paizo has done a great job with both art and content on this matter.

I tend to take a non-anthrocentric utilitatian stance. I beleive all animals, including our selves have five basic extrinsic rights, which we choose to veiw our interaction with the world through. These are called the Five freedoms.

Freedom from thirst and hunger
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain, injury and disease
Freedom to express normal behavior
Freedom from fear and distress

So are you in effect saying that we are no different than animals and if so why should we behave differently?

Just asking for clarification and as a general question.

In my way of thinking to the OP question on canabalism, the core question should be what is evil? Something we probably will not resolve here as there are so many different opinions on the matter, but thanks for the input (not saying yours is not valid).

Going by what you stated above, I can see your point. Except perhaps on the expression of normal behavior, as the opinion of normal is highly subjective (i.e. is normal defined as what animals do in nature or what the average person considers normal).

So is the Eucharist evil? Are those who truly believe in the truth of god, who take the wafer and wine are, regardless of the actual nature of the material, willingly eating what they believe to be human flesh and blood.

Are people who consume human blood because they believe it counter the symptoms of porphyria, regardless of its actual effectiveness, evil?

What is the logical basis for your...

How would you define evil or good for that matter?

I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m merely asking outside faith and/or culture how would you (or others) define what is evil?

In the Dark Ages they burned witches, something I think of as an evil act in any age. Yet they did it to protect themselves against disease, famine etc (in their mind and with their understanding).

Yet in the Old Testament it reads that you are not to let a witch live (or words to that effect). However, this was before the age of grace (before Christ) and was really addressing the Jewish people, who where under strict laws to keep themselves pure from other nations.

Yet to say to do that which you like as long as doesn’t harm another fails also. Such as the drug user, who harms society, his friends and family by self destruction.

If it’s all morale relativism (and I’m not saying that this is your view) then is there any such thing as evil?

It doesn't make his statement any less open to a light ridicule.

Ridicule away, I really don't care. However, I will defer to your expertise on such matters of protiens, prions, whatever.

I do find it amazing that you slam my education when your grammar is so poor, but whatever.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy was not caused by feeding beef products to cattle. It was caused by feeding cattle feed that contained Sheep offal. This resulted in Zoonotic transpher of the prionic scrapie into some cattle. In turn eating contaminated offal from cows, was likely the cause of some cases of new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in some human. I am sorry, this doesn't back up the idea that canibalism is wrong.

A few years ago they believed that it was caused by feeding beef products to cows. This was from a program on the Discovery channel, now that opinion may have changed. However, I was reading on a site that stated that it was from sheep and beef protein (pretty sure here that sheep offal is not protein).

I'll provide link if asked.

Personally you can eat what ever you like, it might do you some good.

Not sure why these discussions turn into Christian bashing or blaming white Europeons for all the evils of the world, as if the world was full of peace and harmony before hand.
The OP just ask our opinion on the matter and savage acts can be found in any society.
In my opinion it's evil, perhaps justified by that society, but still evil. Also, medical science has shown that it causes a disease similiar to mad cow disease (at least when the brain is eaten). Mad cow disease is caused from serving cows beef products (at leasts that what I've been told).

Scribbling Rambler wrote:

Subscribers get access to the pdf's once their products are shipped. They don't go on sale until the products ship to stores.

Thanks for the info. Wonder how long it will be until they ship?

Are these available yet in PDF format, I looked and couldn't find them (as PDFs anyway).

I second Denis da ogre suggestion, please take it somewhere else, before this turns into a WoW chat forum (where they like to talk at about religion & politics in the trade chat).

Jagyr Ebonwood wrote:
I might suggest dropping the Force Bolt damage to 1d4+1 instead of 1d6+1. There's precedence for this in other spells and such, but I'm too tired to think of them. Basically, Force damage is better than other damage because it hits incorporeal creatures, so it usually does less damage per hit than say, fire damage, to compensate.

Oh yeah you're right. Thanks.

What about
1 Mental Blast (Su): As a range touch attack you can blast an opponent with a mental blast. The target must be within 30 feet and the damage is 1d6 +1 for every 2 levels of the caster. This ability doesn't work on creatures without a mind such as constructs.
8 Truth Probe(Su): The cleric gains a divine bonus of his caster level +2 on Sense Motive Tests.

Actually I think I'll change my Inquisition 8th level power to the one above.

Time Domain
Level Ability
1 First One In (Su): At the beginning of an encounter in which you are not surprised you can take 20 on your initiative check, you may do this a number of times per day equal to your caster levels.

2 True Strike (Sp): You can cast true strike 1/day per 2 caster levels.

4 Gentle Repose (Sp): You can cast gentle repose 1 time/day.

8 Aura of Freedom (Su): As a Standard Action you and your allies within 30 feet are treated as if under a freedom of movement spell. This effect last for 1 round per caster level.
These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

12 Contingency (Sp): You can cast contingency 1 time/day.

16 Foresight (Sp): You can cast foresight 1 time/day.

20 Time Stop (Sp): You can cast time stop 1 time/day.

Inquisition Domain
Level Ability
1 Touch of Divine Wrath (Su): As a melee touch attack you can touch a creature causing them to be filled with divine fear, which last for a number of rounds equal to your caster levels. While in this state they suffer a -2 to Will saves.

2 Detect Chaos (Sp): You can cast detect chaos 1/day per 2 caster levels.

4 Zone of Truth (Sp): You can cast zone of truth 1 time/day.

8 Know the Truth (Su): At will you can determine whether or not someone is lying to you.

12 Geas/Quest (Sp): You can cast geas/quest 1 time/day.

16 Shield of Law (Sp): You can cast shield of law 1 time/day.

20 Imprisonment (Sp): You can cast imprisonment 1 time/day.

Force Domain
Level Ability
1 Force Bolt (Su): As a standard action, you can unleash a force bolt targeting any foe within 30 feet as a range touch attack. The force bolt does 1d6 points of force damage + 1 for every 2 caster levels you possess.

2 Magic Armor (Sp): You can cast magic armor 1/ day per 2 caster levels.

4 Magic Missile (Sp): You can cast magic missile 1 time/day.

8 Ghost Touch (Su): With a touch you can bestow the ghost touch property on a weapon or a suit of armor, this effect last for a number of rounds equal to you caster level.
These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

12 Repulsion (Sp): You can cast repulsion 1 time/day.

16 Telekinetic Sphere (Sp): You can cast telekinetic sphere 1 time/day.

20 Crushing Hand (Sp): You can cast crushing hand 1 time/day.

Cool, thanks.
Here is my first one so far.

Dream Domain
Level Ability
1 Healing Sleep (Su): You can enter a deep sleep in which you heal 4 hit points per round for a number of rounds equal to your caster level. It takes a full minute to enter this deep sleep and the rounds need not be consecutive.

2 Sleep (Sp): You can cast sleep 1/ day per 2 caster levels.

4 Augury (Sp): You can cast augury 1 time/day.

8 Your Worst Nightmare (Su): You can produce visions of nightmarish proportions in a 30-ft aura for a number of rounds equal to your caster level. Enemies within this aura are affected by a fear spell unless they make a Will save when they enter the area (or when the aura is created). The fear effect ends immediately when the creature leaves the area or the aura expires.
These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

12 Dream Sight (Sp): You can cast dream sight 1 time/day.

16 Power Word Stun (Sp): You can cast power word stunt 1 time/day.

20 Weird (Sp): You can cast weird 1 time/day

Sorry if this has been asked already, but I'm working on converting some (if not all) of the domains from the spell compendium over to pathfinder domains and I was wondering if I could post them here?
This would help me get some feedback as well as help others who would like to use them in their game.
Also, I'm using the spells from spell compendium and was wondering what other people are doing in their pathfinder games with regard to this book?
Thanks in advance.

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