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Full Name

Saliger the Greatest




Wizard(Divination)/Psion(Seer) 1 PS I know everything








True Neutral




Common, Goblin, Draconic, Gnoll, Gnome, Orc, Celestial



Strength 7
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 7

About Saliger The Greatest

Saliger The Greatest
Wizard - Conjuration
Opposition: Abjuration/Necromancy
HP 8
AC: 14
Fort: +2
Ref: +3
Will: +2
Melee: -1
Range: +4
CMB: -3
CMD; +10
Know (Arcana) 8
Know (Nature) 8
Linguistics 8
Perception 3
Spellcraft 8
Stealth 13

Init: +3
SPD: 30

Conspiracy Hunter (Stealth)

Scribe Scroll

Current Spells Memorized:
Summon Monster 1 - II
Color Spray - I
Cantrips - ????

I don't know dates, so I went off age:

(Age around seven years old)

I write this knowing something is off here. I'm likely to be killed at the best if I get caught writing here, but write I must. My thirst for knowledge is to great. I am a goblin in essence, but I do not look like the rest of them, and I am smart, so smart compared to my goblin kin. I do not know what is going on, but no one else seems to question my presence.

My tribe is a savage tribe. I do not like nor trust any of them. They are dumb and hostile and enjoy blowing things up for no reason, no progress whatsoever. It is odd, I like power, observing and growing. I do not like my kin, and wish to be rid of them.

I found a book down by the lake a few months back, and have been able to teach myself to read and write. Goblins view this as a dangerous pursuit, and usually kill those who take up its art. But even in the one book I found, there was so much knowledge, culture and history. How much do my people throw away in their ignorance. It is impossible....

(Six months later)

Triglor was approaching, and so I had to hide the journal I am starting. Things are starting to look up here. A few days ago I was elected to go on my first raid. Using the one spell I was able to devise from the book, one known as "color spray" I was able to dispatch about half the guards in one swoop. The other goblins were wooting for joy, and I even managed to get away in the confusion with a few more books I threw off the trail, that I will go fetch here soon, probably tonight.

So on our arrival back, one of the captains told our king that I must be a shaman, and about how I dispatched of those of a "lesser" race. I was told I would become a shaman and that my powers with (insert goblin god) were very promising for a youth such as myself. Of course, I know my powers don't come from a god, unfortunately so did Lilactcha. She said that I was no shaman, and that I was corrupting the tribe. Of course, I knew I was no shaman, but what I did know was goblin culture. I challenged her to a duel so (insert goblin god) could decide which of us was right and should be his advocate here. Of course, as she had to, she accepted.

Once again my "color spray" made her unable to act, and I quietly walked over and slit her throat, to which there was much cheering. I was not celebrating, what I did was to survive, which I did. The king told me that I was to be promoted to a shaman and work with the order, which was now two other shamans. The goblins celebrated, and congratulated me on my pretty weapon. Buffoons!

They seem to know that I am not a chosen of their god, but they say nothing out of fear for my cunning and power. In goblin society most the others are now considered below me, and my lot has risen considerably...

(Around age eight) the book speaks of a race known as the Blue, which are smart and cunning, and are like goblins in almost every other way. This explains so much. I'm feeling much better about everything now that I know what I am...

(Ten Years Later)
I've made good head way recently, and am now the 2nd Shaman. The third disappearing in her sleep, nothing but blood in her space. My new found ability to summon creatures is wonderful, a knife to the throat and into a boar stomach, who is nowhere to be found. Of course, its odd, but goblins can't question it enough to even get suspicious. After my moving up in rank, I have been able to get my seed into two of these vial creatures, and several more are giving me the eyes. It is worth noting that although I find the creatures disgusting, the act is rather enjoyable. If the reports are right, I can have the whole tribe blues by the end of my lifetime, maybe even restoring us to our former glory.

The king has taken to me, and has made me in his private circle. Of course, my cunning is so far outside the realm of what they can plan, that he keeps bringing me closer and closer for my insight. While not an action I'm taking soon, I believe with enough patience the position of king will be mine.

(Around twelve)

Damn. This has been the first time I've been able to write since they raided us about a year ago. I have risen high enough in station now to win favor with (Leader of clan/house?), and one of the perks is he's allowed me to start writing again. I would still like to find my journal again, as I'm sure these humans didn't find it when they raided us.

So, it was almost a year ago today that our clan was raided to be slaughtered. You can't really blame the humans, we'd been raiding their caravans since I was a youth, probably well before. The real question is, with how easy they slaughtered us is why did they not move against us sooner?

Seeing what was happening I found a hiding spot and played dead, a trick I've mastered against the goblins I had been living with. Of course, this was a big mistake, humans are not near as stupid as my previous kin were. When they found me they checked my pulse and immediately threw me in with the other survivors they took. There were not a lot of us only nine out of one-hundred and seventy three.

So they took us back to their masters place, a nice place. He took us all in as slaves, and we were nicely shackled. The first two months were brutal. Master (leader) has an ass of a son, who would often beat us for no reason. The others had it much worse than me, I was bright enough to get out of my lashings most the time, and never once incurred his wrath for a slight, either real or imagined. Poor Plinky was beaten to death around our sixth week in. It's a horrible thing. The others had no intention of escaping or rebelling against their masters. It is just despicable to beat something that's submitted itself to you already. I found myself bonding closer with my previous brethren, and have pondered on a psychological as well as a philosophical level how it is that a people I was previously in the process of wiping out through interbreeding was now as a family to me.

But I digress. My goal of ultimate escape has never left, and I've excelled to impress my masters. About six months in I got noticed by master (___) and he took me on and his own servant. Of course, I made myself shine in his service, and began developing a relationship with him, as awkward as it is. I learned he was a minor wizard of no importance, and that he had a library. I was ecstatic. I kissed as much ass as I could, and have been slowly earning more and more privileges. I now have the right to read and he has given me a journal to write in. I still plan to escape, but there is still so much to learn.

(Around six months later)

...looking at it, it appears that I should be able to craft bands that increase my strength, raising my power. The combination of psionics and magic of a high enough power level can allow one to create artifacts, that can do anything from opening rifts into the ether, control dragons or grant immortality. I absolutely must learn more about these artificers and their secrets. The powers one can create and control....

...Master has opened up more, and even taught me a spell to shield my body from attacks known as "Mage Armor". I can tell he is really trusting me now. This is wonderful, I have free reign of the library to do as I wish, and might even get significant power working as this man's slave...

...the combination of the two sciences should allow me to create a device to raise to near god-like proportions, of course the fallout could be terrible to consider, I will see what else I can find and if....

(About six months before the current story - About a year after last entry)

So, as I knew I could, I've escaped. It has been a week now, and I believe I am home free. It was not a difficult ordeal as I had thought. I started by making the butler fall under my command and walk around with the key to my chains. Of course he had to take the key ring off and put it on the table, because he didn't want to make too much noise and keep me awake. I felt bad, he will be beaten tomorrow.

So, using the natural stealth of my race, I snuck into the master's room with my dagger, ready to end him. As I hovered over him, I couldn't bring myself to end his life. He had done no great wrong to me, and had actually filled my life with good things in many ways. I decided to let the old man die peacefully, or at least not by my blade. I did take his book on magic items and artifacts though, and I still had a score to settle with his son. That would cause the old man enough pain, but his son truly had it coming. I snuck in there, and he had whapped one of the serving girls a few times and raped her. At the moment he was passed out drunk. Slitting his throat was easy, and there was not nor has there been an ounce of guilt. Those who hurt and butcher without a purpose disgust me, I've decided.

So, of course the butler got a horse saddled up for us and rode me right out of the front gate. The gate guard started asking questions, so I charmed him too. The butler and I rode as hard as we could, but I had to get rid of him before my spell wore off. With about ten minutes remaining I had him get down, and run as hard as humanly possible away from the (fortification/castle/village). I had hoped he pushed himself so hard that he wouldn't make it back until morning to raise the alarm.

I pushed on as hard as I could all throughout the next day and night. Finally beat, I had to rest and hope for the best. I've been pushing on like this for a week now, and at every little inn or village I pass through, I make sure to charm a few people to tell any pursuers that I left in a different direction than I have. I have seen no sign of my pursuers, if there even are any at this point.

Anyway, now my journey can truly begin. I want to look for these "artifacts" and work on expanding my own artifice. Based on my inquiries I believe I will head for (Starting area), it seems like a wonderful place to expand my lore.