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Ahlmzhad wrote:

Well if you roll your stats as in method 2 then you could have a whole bunch of 11's if you rolled poorly. Actually the roll your stat method should give you a better starting set of numbers than straight 10's, and all you loose for starting out better is not getting 2 of the free boosts.

This is incorrect. You lose the free boost from ancestry, the free boost from background, the 4 free boosts and the boost from your class. So you are looking at a total of 7 ability boosts lost by rolling your stats.

RafaelBraga wrote:

+1 weapon people... +1 weapon...

didnt anyone else noticed how magic weapon works? Really... not to diminish anyone complains, but they look to less impactful in the game than how magic weapons works now... i am still in disbilief.

+1 weapon in Pathfinder Classic is +1 to hit/damage.

+1 weapon in Pathfinder Playtest is +1 to hit & +1 damage die.

The playtest magic weapons are definitely the winners here.

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John Lynch 106 wrote:

Multiattack: We essentially don't have multiattack. The whole "physical attack form that's flavoured as being many arrows/sword swings/heads but is mechanically identical to a cone spell" is not going to be well received at all.
This raises some concerns for me as well because special attacks tied to assumptions that a monster will always be armed with all of its weapons and makes it difficult to handle situations where my players might choose to start disarming a creature with 4 or 6 scimitars. I get that that monster needs all the weapons to do some of its attacks, but do I want my party to know that they can disarm one of the weapons and suddenly the creature is reduced to only making three standard attacks in a round?
The activities will typically tell you what changes will happen from removing weapons/arms (from the marilith), heads (from a hydra), etc. So for instance, a marilith who lost two of her arms would only be able to hit up to four different creatures with her distributed attack, not six.

So literal disarming will now be a thing? If so, the temples are going to be busy.

Yeah, looking at the scalykind and feather domains. I've looked at the Eldritch Heritage feats also, however worried that the campaign would mostly be over before any useful abilities could be gained.

As for the modified dragon disciple, we are trying to stick mainly to the classes as written so I'm afraid thats mostly out.

My main problem is I need to keep my spellcasting abilities as the party goes into these super dry spells of not being able to roll above a 4 for the majority of the game

We are not using the deities in Golarian, however it is okay to give examples to be built off of in that case. We have access to the Core, UM, UC(no guns), UM, APG, ARG and Ultimate Equipment. I'd prefer human but will look at any race combo to help me along. Once again thanks for the assist.

Hello, I'm trying to make a cleric who's deity is a dragon. Now I would like to have this cleric imitate or become more dragon-like as they progress as a form of respect for his deity. So far I'm not having a lot of luck in this process. Does anyone have any ideas that could help me along? Thanks for the assist.

Ok,in our current campaign, my character a paladin/martial artist died saving the fighter/rogue who pulled 2 minotaurs back onto our group who were already fighting 2 minotaurs. So now I'm going to make a cleric of a gold dragon deity. I'm looking at the domains Travel & Scalykind. My character is going to be human and I want to figure out the closest way to emulate a dragon using a cleric.

Specifically any feats that would be nice and prestige classes if any. Willing to get with the DM if the PCs aren't pathfinder specific. Thanks in advance.

Strife there is an actual Movement Trait on p. 232 called Fast, it requires normal speed. So the Goblin entry would be correct, although I don't know why the kobold would have a base speed of 30 without the trait as they are the same size as Goblins.

One of my players in an upcoming game I will be running wants to play a barbarian titan mauler. The question I have is that he wants to use a normal bastard sword one-handed by using jotungrip. Looking at the equipment section it indicates that the bastard sword is one-handed on the table but requires EWP, however it can be used two-handed as a martial weapon. What I'm trying to find out that if he doesn't have EWP:bastard sword and uses jotungrip on the bastard sword is what penalty he should be taking? The -4 for nonproficient use as a one-hander or -2 for using a two-handed weapon in one hand per jotungrip. Thanks in advance.

Thanks, I'll look into the ranger and that pathfinder #6. I'll keep the barbarian in mind too.

I'm sending my party into the Darklands to find a piece of a chaotic sword. I'm looking for the best class to add to a drow noble natural lycanthrope that fights in wolf form due to the influence of the chaotic shard embedded in him. I've given some thoughts to the barbarian(obviously), the fighter(using the savage archetype) or possible a druid. I'm aiming for the npc to be around 11th to 12th level at this point, I could be convinced to go a little higher if it helps improve his ability to terrorize. Thanks in advance.

The Armor Master gets armored defense at level 5 which gives DR 1/2/3 depending on the type of armor worn. How does mithril affect this if at all? I see that it says that mithril armor is considered one category lighter for encumbrance and other limitations.

Example: A 7th level armor master is wearing a mithril breastplate. Does he receive a DR 1 or DR 2? Thanks for the help in advance.

Is there any chance that we could get a paizo blog about Monster creation? I.E. showing examples of how the staff actually created monsters, as it seems that most of the tables in the back of the bestiary are red herrings. Also it would be nice to see a couple examples of monster advancement, using some of the monsters that say they have different varients by adding hit die and/or templates.

Ok, I'm trying to create a semi-demonic recon killer. What I did was take a base doppleganger and added 2 racial HD so that it would be able to use the change self(polymorph) instead of change self(alter self). I then added the fiendish template and lastly I added 5 levels of rogue to the monster. However, since I wanted the monster to have a little less than normal hit points to offset the fact that it's a surprise killer when it needs to be, ie reducing its Con from 12 to 10 when adding the ability adjustments for gaining class levels the monster falls horribly short of the suggested hit points for a CR 10 monster. Table 1-1 says a CR 10 monster should have around 130 hp, but my monster only ends up with about 55 hp which is way lower than it should be even with a minor downward adjust of its Con. Can someone help me and show me where I went wrong with the hp?

I'm working on building up my ultimate bad guy who is a dragon that has been in hiding for over 400 years because he had the forces of good gang up on him. Long story short, they thought they brought his reign of terror to an end, however they were wrong as it will turn out.

Now I'm needing this dragon(aiming for wyrm or great wyrm stage) to be a little/extra powerful than a normal dragon of his current state. I have looked at both the fiendish and half-fiend template, neither one really seems to add anything that would make him any more dangerous than a standard dragon. Am I missing something that would make either one of those templates better for the dragon or should I look elsewhere as I really like the idea of some sort of fiendish connection to his powers.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I have a question about ability score changes for monsters. To be exact, I'm looking at giving Kobolds the heroic ability scores listed instead of the basic to represent a super-dragon infused kobold. However, I cannot find it spelled out either in the core rulebook or the bestiary about how that would affect the default CR of 1/4 for the kobolds. Now I think that it would represent a +1 step to the current CR making the new kobolds CR 1/3. Any help on this issue would be appreciated and if there is a page in one of those books even better. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the examples, however I have one additional question. Why is the snake's AC so low? According to Table 1-1 the average AC should be around 24, the shown AC from the examples are showing a 5-6 point lower difference than that. The HP for the snake is about right, kinda moving into the CR 11 range but that's more a function of the toughness feat. Table 2-1 is indicating that between CR 2 -> CR 10 that the AC Change should be equivalent to +10. So should I be taking any additional AC changes such as the ones from size changes and subtracting them from that table to make the numbers appear more in line?

Once again thanks for the help, I'm slowly getting there :)

Ok, my scenario is that I want to create a Huge Snake, Constrictor. Now listed under the entry for Snake, Constrictor is given that you can advance the snake to 14HD which makes it Huge and CR 10.

The problem is when I go back to the advancement section and start doing the advancing the snake does truly strange things. I do the CR2 -> CR 10 table for AC Change and HP gain. The hp gain suggests that the snake should have 19 additional HD using the average hit point table to make that difference. Woah, that's 5 more than the listed amount in the entry. The HP difference was +110hp change and with the snake's adjusted CON of 20 (+5hp/HD) suddenly pushes the snake near CR 14 levels, not counting that the snake normally has the feat Toughness added to it.

The AC Changes along with stat adjusts push his AC to 27ish which is CR 12 range.

So if someone can please tell me what I'm doing wrong and if possible stat out the Huge Snake, Constrictor so that I can work it out in reverse that would be appreciated.

I do love what Paizo has done for D&D. I just want to make sure that when I need to advance a creature that I will do it correctly. Thanks in advance.