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Thanks for the advice! Definitely getting the unquestioned ruler ability cause that looks like fun (I really like the idea of messing with the ranger's wolf, it's like a running gag at this point).

Thanks for the fighter tips too. I'll be sure to try and play with those ideas.

Also, I double checked with the main DM about the conduit feats because I knew we weren't including one of the modules and that is apparently a part of said module so no flickering step. I'll need a new way to get close easily.

I do however have a way to help take care of the ranged attacks. Cut from air will be great to deflect all the attacks, and with combat reflexes I can deflect up to 8 attacks in 1 round if I roll well.

I was looking into counter spelling with dispelling magic btw, and I couldn't find any clear rules about it. Anyone able to explain?

They will be about lvl 10 by the time I can get them to play this. The template I'm giving the boss will add an additional 2 CR to him, and I wanted to make this very challenging (my DM usually makes the boss fights +3 CR).

I'm okay at running multiple characters on a board as the module I've been running has had moments where I've had to. My biggest problem really is figuring out how to balance the fights, at least with carefully crafted NPCs.

Okay, I'm definitely going to have to use that. I think pairing that with a inspired blade swashbuckler might be good, as the +4 to int and cha will give him a large pool of panache to play with. They also rely on DeX a lot so it would be good to counter the gunslinger I think (maybe give him an enchanted item to give deflection bonus too).

The ranger has a wolf companion, yes. I was actually toying with the idea of giving the boss a "pet" or ally gifted by Asmodeus, though I'm not sure what.

I definitely like the idea of having wizard minions with scrolls to heckle them. How many fighters would you suggest on top of that?

And looking at the flickering step feat I think I'd like to have the boss at lvl 10 so he can use it at least twice.

I'm actually fairly new to DMing, and this is just going to be a most likely 3 part offshoot from my DMs main story. The only DMing I've done is from a campaign book for a school club me and another teacher run, so I still need to grow a bit

So a swashbuckler maybe? Or if I need to be able to cast dimension door for that feat you mentioned, Magus?

I want the CR to be around 12-13 so of I give him minions I'll have to lower his level right?
The thing is then, if I want to have this character have that dimension door attack, he'll need to be either a lvl 12 monk or a 10 Magus and that would leave little room for his support right?

I very much like the idea and I would love to make it effective.

So I've been sitting on this story for a long time and thought I'd finally get down to making this thing a reality. But I'm stumped on the boss...
I really like the "Cursed Lord/Dread Lord" template, and I'm looking to make a villain with it. This guy is the ruler of a large town, once a powerful human warrior for his people before turning on everyone. I had originally thought that I would make him a cleric of Asmodeus, buuut that was before I realized that the Cursed Lord template has a -4 to Wisdom...

What I originally wanted was for him to be a champion of Asmodeus and lead a cult that is subjugating his city.
What I need is a class for him that will be able to fight a gunslinger, ranger, a close ranged sorcerer, a cleric (maybe), and an armor master. The first three are really who I'm most worried about though.

Have 12 levels to play with, and I rolled his stats very well (10, 14, 14, 15, 15, 17). From the template he will get +4 to Str, Dex, Con, Int, and Cha, but -4 to Wis. Any ideas?

Non-lethal! That will work! Awesome, now I wont feel so bad if she goes down haha

Thanks, I love it!

Problem is, she'll never make that con roll. This is lvl 1, and she has 6 con (she didnt roll all that well).

I was thinking that I'll say that the second cube of water will start making things uncomfortable for her, and the 3rd I'll roll 1d4 for bludgeoning damage. She only has 4hp so hopefully I dont roll high haha

Awesome! Thanks for the advice, that sounds perfect!

So this is my first time as a DM, and I would like some help on a creative matter regarding the False Sarcophagus. I'm a librarian at a high school and me and a teacher are running this game. As we left off in our game a student in my group, a Psychic Aquatic Elf, just got swallowed by the Sarcophagus after opening it.
She came up to me today wanting to tell me her plan that shes very excited about. So she can summon a 5x5 cube of water. She was talking with her dad on the way home and apparently they thought that maybe after enough turns of summoning this water that it would create a lot of pressure inside the Sarcophagus and burst it open, expelling her and damaging/destroying it.
I want to have this work in some fashion, but I'm not 100% sure on how to do it. I thought that I could perhaps have the Sarcophagus and her both take damage (because shes being crushed by the water too technically) but then I realized that she might not take it since shes an aquatic elf and that their bodies might be used to pressure.
Anyways, I'm just wondering if any of you more experienced DMs have any suggestions on how to deal with this crazy idea.

Thanks for reminding me. For some reason I thought rapiers were light weapons. I have enough str for power attack instead anyway so that doesn't throw off my planning anyways

Thanks for the reply! I did decide to go with inspired, as I rolled quite high so I could afford getting more int easily.

Thank you for reminding me of quick draw! I completely forgot about it! Gosh that would be a blunder.

I was actually going for piranha strike.

At lvl 20 inspired blade gets it's critical threat range increased by 1 so a total of 14-20

So lately I've been making characters based off of characters I really like in books. Recently I have nearly finished reading The Princess Bride and i got inspired to make Inigo Montoya in pathfinder. Swashbuckler is a perfect fit for him, but I'm stuck between using the default Swashbuckler or the Inspired Blade archetype.

1. panache from both int and charisma instead of just charisma
2. Free weapon focus feat
3. Critical range increases to 14-20 instead of 15-20 (15-20 at lvl 5, but the extra point at lvl 20)

1. Can't recover panache by killing, only crits
2. 1 replacement deed that isn't quite as good
3. Only rapiers (which I was going for anyways)

Those are the only pros and cons as far as I can tell unless I missed something. The larger pool is nice, as well as the free feat, but I don't know if not gaining panache from killing is worth it.

Perfect! Thank you!

Hey everybody, I am in a bit of a pickle. I was looking through feats a while ago (I think it was a feat) and I found one that sounded really good for my character that manipulates darkness levels. It allowed me to try intimidate enemies when changing the light level. Does anyone here know that ability, or am I just crazy?

Oh, and my friend brought up another point that I actually can't find the answer to. When in beast form, do you gain the feats of said beast?

Actually, since I first made this post, I found out about staves and how they can be used as quarterstaffs. So now I'm focusing on that rather than scythes. And I have enough str to do so (I rolled high with everything)

Additional question.
Are there any suggestions as to what element I should maybe focus on as a draconic druid? I was thinking fire or electricity to be honest, but I'm still familiarizing myself with the spells.

The reason I was hoping to place a couple offencive spells in the staff and free my own spells slots is in case I need to heal someone or do a buff in beast shape. I have a feat to use my own spells in beast shape, and I do not think that I can use charges in staves when I'm in beast form.
Also, my DM loves his traps, and my co-players are a heck of lot of stupid, so they need all the healing they can get.
And thank you very much for the arcane battery thing.

My character actually has 18 strength, so that's not an issue. Don't judge just yet, I also have 17 in Wis, 16 in Dex, and 14 in Con. I rolled really well with this guy

So I am making a new druid character that will use staves (one that he can also use a quarterstaff). I'm going to be probably putting a few offensive spells in it so I can free my own spells up on ones that will heal me and my allies, and buff my wild form (he's also a draconic druid). I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on materials, and if putting a gem on it would actually do anything.

Bignorsewolf, I was planning on the blasting people apart with wind and fire, and shredding them in dragon form. Carving with melee is something that I would do if I can't do either as a more secondary form of attack.

Thank you very much SmiloDan. I would not have thought about having multiple character sheets for that, and that would probably save a LOT of time doing math in game.
3 or 4 ways of fighting too. Got it. I'm thinking Blasting, Wildshape, and melee.

That is incredibly useful WagnerSika. I'm going to need to take a close look at that.

Tyrant Lizard King, those feats are great! Thank you!

I am currently making a new druid character (draconic druid archetype to be exact for backstory reasons). I've never made a druid before, and I was wondering if any of you fine gentlepeople would have any advice for me. Feats, spells, weapons, anything. Personally, I was thinking quarterstaff or scythe as a weapon. And I was thinking of doing a fire theme too.

Thanks guys! I'm just looking to make a tough and intimidating NPC that my PCs can interact with, and work with, but won't want to mess with. Seriously, a lot of the PCs in our party are a little trigger happy when it comes to loot.

I am making an NPC character for a campaign that uses the Light Machine Gun, Madsen as his primary weapon. I need a few feats for him to use with it, but I'm unsure of all the feats that would be available to help him. Any suggestions?

This mini campaign may last a 2 or so sessions (it's going to take place in the same world and time as the DMs larger campaign, so also the same characters in his campaign), and I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to do it so level is unknown (most of us are currently at level 5 though). I'm still kinda new to this so I'm currently going over all the rules to make sure I do things right.

As for the setting and story for the theme, the boss has a cursed lord template because they had killed their family to gain power over the nearby lands. They had made a deal with a devil that had gone wrong, so now hey are trapped in the mansion/castle, and the land surrounding them is cursed land so the dead there raise up. The story is, a necromancer came by, cut the boss a deal, and now the boss has an item to allow them to control the undead and use them to pillage and control the nearby towns and cities.

So the boss will have some minions throughout the manor, and a few in the final boss room too.
In this dungeon there will also be plenty of traps and puzzles.

And I thought I mentioned this, but I realize now that I've forgotten, but we are not including occult classes, or thigs that use the tech stuff.

So my DM is letting us each have a mini campaign we can make ourselves,and since I am new to this, I was wondering if I could get some help with building a boss. I was thinking that I should have a boss with a Dex based AC so that they can do better against the touch spells and guns of my group. Anyone have any suggestions?