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Sad Rock




Init +7;AC 20 (18 w/o shield), HP 35/35, F6/R2/W7.









About Sad Rock


Sad Rock is an Oread...and, as such, is Oreadish and Oready as any you've ever met. Like others you've met in the Society and elsewhere, Rock is strong and solidly built. His skin and hair have stony shades of black and ferrous white. Sad Rock tends to glisten in light, as if his skin bears some crystalline properties.

Sad Rock wears lamellar (leather) armor sweet new dragonhide armor and tends to carry a heavy shield when sparring in the Society practice yard. He carries a club. When traveling, he'll be seen with a backpack full of odds, ends, and adventuring supplies.

Sad Rock stands a mighty 4'2" tall and weighs about 200lbs.


Sad Rock has made one great decision in his life: to leave home and join the Pathfinder Society at a relatively young age. In fact, he made the decision at 63, but it took him 15 years to gather the courage to move to Abaslom and officially enroll in the Society.

For the past few years, Sad Rock has been training and learning in the Grand Lodge, working his way through classes and trainings and sparrings. He has progressed slowly (which is natural given his youth) but lately has shown more of his adult promise.

Sad Rock hailed from a small village north of Tian Xia, but now call Absalom home. If he has family, he does not speak of them.


Sad Rock has grown a lot during his years of training with the Pathfinders. He is not only completely incompetent with his club, only mostly so.

Some of his natural gifts have been strengthened, but his personal interactions still need work. He has grown strong, but still does not tender the interactions with others well. He can hunt and climb, but shows no interest in social situations. He is very eager to learn and do well, wise enough to realize that he has much to learn.

At his 'core', Sad Rock has a sweet and gentle heart, but since he is both shy and awkward around others, he often has a hard time expressing that kindness. It does not help that he is of somewhat unusual race, differing from many of the others.

Sad Rock understands the mission and motivations of the Society, but still tries to make friends and do right by the world. He sometimes wishes the Society had a greater role in Absalom beyond the pointless collection of history. He wishes the Society would do some good in Golarion for the betterment of all.

These people are lost. If I could get them to listen to me, we could make the world a better place.

Sad Rock loosely supports the Silver Crusade as it is the closest fit to what he truly believes.