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logic_poet wrote:
I've got my physical copy, and while I like the look of it, I should warn people that the cover is more orange than my monitor led me to believe would be the case based on the preview art. If you're really expecting and eager for brown, you may be disappointed, as it is actually a shade of orange. I guess they were going for something that would match the rust in the trade dress of the softcover volumes and also be reminiscent of suns. It's not quite as dark or as red as iron rust, more like like un-oxidized copper without the shine. Or the lighter orange shade on my bag of backyard barbecue flavor kettle potato chips from Safeway. Not quite as pure orange as the orange for Reece's Pieces.

Could you by any chance post an image somewhere of your copy?

The only actual image I have seen so far is on an eBay listing, and to be honest it looks a very bright orange, not particularly appealing (I noticed they also changed the logo on the front from that originally advertised)

Thank you

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber

Did you have any luck resolving your issue, Aroth?

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber
Logan Harper She/Her wrote:
Aroth Khashar wrote:
I can not get my order processed. It keeps reloading to the red box, place your order. Im not getting any email confirming order and funds arent being held. I have a $109 order that Ive been sitting on for over a week. Is your system not accepting new orders?

Hi Aroth Khashar!

I am so sorry the website is giving you trouble! Sometimes this can happen if the address for the billing info doesn't match what the bank has on file for the payment method. Our first suggestion would be to double check the address information, but if it still gives you trouble please let me know and I will do my best to assist :)

I have had the same problem for over 2 months now - I sent an email to Customer Services on 1st November and still haven't seen a reply.

I am able to complete the shipping and payment method steps (although I do keep encountering sporadic errors when using your site, such as pages being shown as unavailable at first access, but appearing when refreshing the browser), but the order process always fails at the final step.

On clicking on the red ‘Place Your Order’ button some background processing does appear to occur, but the screen otherwise remains unchanged, all items remain in the basket and no indication is given that an order has in fact been placed (on screen or via email). I generally use an up to date version of the Firefox browser, but have also tried to complete the purchase so far in the Opera and Chrome browsers without success. Although I normally have no issues with the security settings I employ when purchasing online elsewhere, I have also tried using a minimum security setting in Chrome (i.e. allow all cookies etc.) but am still unable to complete an order.

I have a Starfinder Society digital subscription for which the orders regularly process without issue (for reference, my last order was # 36314230), so I do not believe there is a problem with my account.

I have also followed the advice to remove all cookies for the site, without effect.

I have also slightly adjusted the shipping address by adding one initial so it exactly matches the name on my card, which shouldn't be a problem given that all my digital orders process successfully as I said above, but nothing else had worked, and unsurprisingly this also made no difference.

I am lucky in that I purchase most of my physical Starfinder books with my FLGS here in the UK, but cannot easily obtain the items I have been trying to order on your site.

I really would appreciate some assistance with this, like the OP, as TBH this has to be one of the most frustrating checkout processes I have ever encountered.

Thank you

(Note - being in the UK, it will be later this morning GMT before I can check for a response)