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Thanks for posting that. I'm not a backer but would ask that you consider selling the KS exclusive minis as well. The Obozaya KS exclusive mini is pretty epic (pun intended) and one of the best designs in the entire series that Ninja Division came up with. I understand why some backers would be opposed to offering it but I just figured I'd ask so that I could throw some money your way. Other than that personal favorite of mine, I'd recommend going with Starfinder specific (like a Formian warrior) rather than scifi generic (like Space Dwarf soldier) minis. Formians, skittermanders, akatas, etc are my personal recommendation that I think Starfinder players might find most interesting.

HammerJack wrote:
It's in the middle of the description of the Extra Manifestation alternate class feature. What I posted is a direct quote that I didn't bother to tag as such.

Thanks again. Looking at the wiki, it absolutely says that for the alternate class feature. I don't think that carries over to the cross class mystic with the epiphany that grants a solar weapon though as it doesn't refer to that but instead just grants a solar weapon. In that case, I'd personally say you have to choose which of the two (assuming the example of a mystic/solarian) you turn your mote into. I actually prefer the single class version of the same ability being a bit better in that regard even if you have to wait for it.

HammerJack wrote:
You can have only one manifestation active at a time unless you are fully attuned (graviton or photon), in which case you can use two manifestations at once.

Thanks for the clarification. For the life of me, I can't find that in any of the books. I don't know if I just don't have the correct one or if my search-fu is just that weak but I'd appreciate it if you could let me know where that is.

Can you actually use the two at the same time? I don't have the books in front of me but I was curious if the new options for a second manifestation say that you can use them both at the same time or have two motes.

sanwah68 wrote:

Mmm...wonder what/when the next drop will be?

There is a lot of playable races out there without representative minis...

Jarek posted the next batch on facebook. It's an open group so this hopefully is visible at the link.


VampByDay wrote:
But wait, THERE'S MORE! You can also make unarmed attacks with it as if you had the improved unarmed strike feat (which does 1d6 at 1st level, same as a solar weapon) and can take solar crystals, same as a solar weapon.

Improved unarmed strike does 1d6 at 4th level not 1st. Also, as already stated above, the ring of fangs won't affect your shield damage unless you are wielding the shield somehow with your mouth and simultaneously biting with it.

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For those rejoicing at ND's departure and Archon/Prodos' arrival, please investigate Archon/Prodos' treatment of their Alien vs Predator kickstarter backers. I'd link the kickstarter campaign but they voluntarily took down their own kickstarter page (along with thousands of negative comments) with a copyright claim because they couldn't change what they posted earlier. They then said that backers should join a facebook group for official updates and communication; if you joined but complained publicly about not having your pledge despite seeing the same products for months/years on your local store shelves, you were booted from the group and blocked.

After 5 years, only 20% of backers had their full pledges and about as many didn't have any part of their pledge despite the same exact products sitting on store shelves for years by their own count in an update in 2018. Many of the backers who did get all or part only had it because they sweetened the pot for Prodos/Archon by saving them money on shipping by picking up the pledge at conventions Prodos/Archon were attending or by placing additional orders on their direct webstore.

You may be wondering why I keep using the two company names together like that. It's because convientenly after the failure to fulfill AVP put a big stain on their reputation, Prodos transferred their assets to Archon (a new company created in another EU country founded conveniently by the father of the head of Prodos); obviously the debt/liability from their other ventures didn't follow them to the new company. They then ran their next (one or two?) kickstarters under yet a third company in the US with no mention of either Prodos/Archon until gamers at Boardgamegeek sleuthed out the truth. The AVP license recently ran out and, despite multiple attempts at communciation, some backers still reported that they never got any of their rewards.

Have they been doing better since the AVP fiasco with regards to fulfilling their kickstarter rewards? Yes, they have. When things go well for them and everything is under their control, they do seem to live up to their obligations. But the only record we have of them with regards to a financial failure is the AVP campaign and they were perfectly willing to give backers the short end of the stick permanently while the rest of their business went on as normal. Given that Starfinder backers are a similar type of albatross hanging around their corporate neck just like AVP backers, I wouldn't get your hopes up too high.

I sincerely hope they do better this time... I'm simply not counting on it. I have the luxury of fortunately missing out on the kickstarter so have no money at stake either way. My only interest in it at this point is simply to get around a half dozen figs from backers on the secondary market.

No one is going to cast and deliver the minis for free to thousands of backers unless they get all of ND's IP for free. Judging by ND's apparent habit of spending funds from new projects to pay themselves and their prior debts instead the costs of the project they were raised for, they're not likely going to give up what is left of their golden goose (their own IPs) for free just to do right by backers of their multiple deliquent projects.

Unless Paizo kept the money raised by the kickstarter raised instead of ND (obviously very unlikely), the best that I think we can hope for is that Paizo gets access to all the STL files and uploads them to Shapeways or some other print farm and allow backers to print them at their actual cost with hopefully a bulk discount. Thinking that they'll just release any STLs they get for free for backers (and therefore everyone in the world since they WILL leak out) to use at their leisure doesn't make sense for them as they'd be killing a potential replacement revenue source for Paizo that might help make up for their lost royalties with ND. If Paizo doesn't step up, what we'll likely see is a tiny trickle of minis (some poorly cast according to the kickstarter contents) go out to a few select backers each month so that ND can claim that they are technically continuing fulfillment. Profits from the prepaints on shelves will probably mostly be used to pay operating costs like rent, salaries, etc for the company instead of being squirreled away exclusively for fulfillment.

The TL;DR is that backers are likely screwed no matter what. The only remaining question is to determine just *how* screwed they are. YMMV. Mitigating that level is how Paizo can help in the long run and retain at least some loyalty in those backers that justifiably feel burnt by the whole process.

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Sara Marie wrote:
Just wanted to check in and let you know that with the holidays, I do not foresee being able to check in with our Licensing Manager or Execs for news until after the new year. I will follow up with them & this thread on Monday, January 8th, 2019.

I appreciate you checking in even if you don't have any information. Given that it has been almost exactly 3 months since Ninja Division bothered to update your customers on this project, I sincerely hope that you'll have concrete information and possibly a plan of action regarding how to proceed after January 8th. I don't expect good news nor any miracles from Paizo but rather just something more definitive to go on than a generic statement about patience and hope. Ninja Division is burning your bridges with your customers as this isn't a typical retail situation where the only thing for players to worry about is a delay in an upcoming product; a half million dollars of your customers' money already spent on your brand is at stake.

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MadMattUK wrote:

And now I'm in the situation that, even if by some miracle I got my all-in pledge, I no longer want it.

The window in which I could have started a Starfinder campaign with my group has passed.

Frankly, I'm now so soured on a whole system for which I was originally really enthusiastic that I wouldn't run a campaign even if the opportunity arose.

Yeah, I don't think that Paizo acknowledge that type of experience enough publicly or recognize the long term significance for the game that it has. Let's go over the early adopter (the most loyal type of customer) experience for the game if you went all in. You got a book that fell apart almost instantly (admittedly they fixed that after the fact but it could take months and reports now show some replacement books suffer a similar if delayed problem) and at best got a dozen of the miniatures out of over a hundred funded with people reporting that even that tiny fraction were frequently of dubious quality. Have there been bright spots? Sure, the adventure paths and the boxed sets are popular quality products but it doesn't negate that the core experience has been deeply flawed.

I don't believe that Paizo are in any position to force Ninja Division's hand so I don't expect that but I do expect a public acknowledgement of just how much of a bad situation it really is as opposed to just taking a just hope and wait and see approach publicly. I'd also hope to see in the case of a failed crowdfunding venture like this to see what they did to ensure its success in the first place knowing that ND had a long history of at best delayed projects and what their plan is going forward. It's one thing if a company's joint venture with another takes a nose dive as I don't think customers deserve any "insider" knowledge if their own money wasn't wasted but it's another when that initial capital is put up by the end customers and they're the ones left with little to no product to show for such a sizable monetary input. YMMV.

I can't speak for anyone here but myself but I backed the Robotech Tactics kickstarter by Ninja Division and Palladium and that failed spectacularly. For four years, the owners of that IP did the same thing that Paizo is doing now publicly despite the obvious serious problems with fulfillment and I can guarantee you that I'll never buy another Robotech product until they lose the Macross license. They chose a temporary single licensee over thousands of their own customers and let the former screw over the latter. I just hope that Paizo doesn't burn bridges with those types of customers by their own public (in)action.

kadance wrote:
Paizo states that they are doing what they can to support ND.

I think the key concern being raised is that they should instead be doing what they can to support THE CUSTOMERS. The two situations are not exactly the same despite the overlap. I backed Ninja Division's first project, Robotech Tactics, and watched the IP owner (Harmony Gold in that case) support that game developer (Palladium Books) for years with similar optimistic platitude responses despite growning concerns over the lack of progress/completion being raised by their customers. After 5 years, the project officially failed only a few weeks before the license expired and it turned out (just like here with ND and their SDE project) that the Palladium Books had spent all the money raised years earlier and had no chance of completing it. After 30 years of being their customer, I no longer support Harmony Gold or Robotech because of their choice to publicly not support their own customer base when issues arose. I don't want that to be the case with Paizo and Starfinder. I learned my lesson earlier this year and I have no desire to relearn it. Luckily, in my case, I'm simply waiting for the product to hit store shelves as I fortunately missed out on the kickstarter.

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I'm not a backer as I got into Starfinder after the close of the kickstarter (fortunately) so can't respond directly to backer comments there; I figure the next best thing is here.

Some backers are discussing when Kickstarter itself will become involved. The answer is never. My proof? The first kickstarter I ever backed, Robotech RPG tactics.

After $1.4 million dollars and 5 years (4 years of which they released NOTHING of their "wave 2") of telling backers that they were diligently working on the project, they announced weeks before they LOST the license to the IP that they supposedly ran out of money 4 years earlier and never had a realistic chance of meeting their remaining obligations to backers (about 2/3 of the sculpts in the most popular pledge). They were reported hundreds of times and the only thing kickstarter did was send them a message when they would go MONTHS without an update to remind them to communicate with backers. That's it. The company who owns the IP (Harmony Gold) didn't do anything publicly either at all and just avoided the question with some boilerplate answers when asked at cons. Privately, they did extend the license for a year for free but that only came out when Palladium finally admitted they were bailing on the project.

Oh, and that project was actually the very first Ninja Division worked on and the company was actually formed specifically to do so.

it appears that the scimitar, while being listed under the weapons table, has no text entry in the following pages. does it still allow weapon finesse use with it like the rapier?

so did anyone get their pathfinder book from a source other than from paizo? or are they the only ones that broke the street date?

Sorry to bother you guys about this but this is the second month that I didn't get my issue of Dragon Magazine. Last month, I didn't want to both you guys so I just bought another copy at the FLGS. How would I go about finding out what the problem is? I moved a few months ago and an issue was forwarded to my new address but nothing has come since I changed my address on the website here. I'd appreciate any help you all could give me with this. Thanks.