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Blazing magic of the Great swamp


The Pyromancer is a rework of the 2011 class of the same name and publisher. In this version several unique class features remain but are improved this time around. The Pyromancer receives a d6 hit die, ½ Base Attack bonus and good progression of Will saving throws. The Pyromancer is a full spellcaster that eventually receives access to 9th level spells. The Pyromancer has the sorcerer’s spell progression and is a spontaneous caster. The Pyromancer can now cast spells off the Wizard/Sorcerer spell list, which is much needed considering the original edition has a custom spell list of evocation fire spells. Though when casting spells with the cold descriptor those spells take up 2 spell slots. The Pyromancer in its original concept was about dishing out as much dps as possible using fire magic and this rework builds upon those core features. The 1st class feature we receive is Fire Within (Ex): Any time the Pyromancer does fire damage they add their CHA mod to the damage dealt. Considering the few ways one has to add static damage to spells I really enjoyed this class feature in both the original and reworked editions. Though now at 9th level the Pyromancer can as a standard action, emit an Aura similar to a fire elementals burn ability that does 2d6 + 1 fire damage/ two levels for nonconsecuative rounds equal to their Pyromancer level. Since this is fire damage this should also proc the Fire Within CHA to damage. At 11th level this ability works on manufactured weapons and acts as the heat metal spell, dealing 2d6+2/ two levels. At 1st level we also get 5 fire resist that stacks with other fire resist from items or spells. The amount of fire resistance goes up by 5 for every 5 levels afterwards.

At 2nd level, a Pyromancer gains the ability to devastate a foe with a beam of pure, scorching fire. A Pyromancer may target anything within a30-foot radius as a ranged touch attack. The ray deals1d8 points of fire damage for every 2 Pyromancer levels and an additional 1 point of fire damage for every 2 Pyromancer levels. This ability may be used a number of times equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier . At 4th level the Pyromancer can control whether flames magical or non-magical can be extinguished and at 5th level the Pyromancer receives a 20 foot burst centered on them for 1d6/ level fire damage reflex for half. There is a typo that says “once per day as a standard action.” And “She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.” Editing and clarification are needed. Also it is un stated whether the Pyromancer at the center of the burst takes any fire damage or has to make a save. I personally would say no but the ability needs to be clarified. At 7th level the Pyromancer can manipulate light from fire sources as a move action, improving to 11th level as if casting the pyrotechnics spell. Also at 7th level the Pyromancer gains the burning spell meta magic feat. At 9th level the meta magic feat only improves the spell by 1 spell level, which improves further at 13th level to not increasing spell level times per day equal to CHA mod. At 11th level, any use by a Pyromancer of an extraordinary ability, spell, or spell-like ability that deals fire damage penetrates all fire resistance and hardness, treating affected creatures or objects as having half their normal resistance or hardness. At 13th level the Pyromancer’s Fire within improves further dealing 2x Cha mod as damage when dealing fire damage. This used to be a feat chain in the original. At 15th level the Pyromancer pierces all fire resistance and immunity and ignores any hardness under 20. At 17th level the DC’s of all their spells spell like abilities and extraordinary abilities are increased by half their level when it comes to putting out targets set on fire. At 19th level when casting fire spells the Pyromancer gains a + to Caster level. Yep Spells with the fire descriptor are cast at level 21 and the Pyromancer gains + 2 to counter spell, dispel or pierce spell resistance with these spells. At 20th level, the Pyromancer becomes an outsider gaining both the outsider and fire subtypes, but not becoming vulnerable to cold. The Pyromancer no longer ages, can be flanked and can speak any language originating from the plane of fire. Included are favored class options for both standard races and races from the Shadows Over Vathak campaign setting.

Included are 3 archetypes for the Pyromancer. A healing cauterize Archetype, a hell fire Devilish Archetype and a Flame Artisan crafting Archetype. All three are an interesting take on the Pyromancer but I won’t be explaining them here.

Included are three feats. The first Extra burn gives you an extra use of any class ability that deals fire damage per day. Intense fire lets you add +1 bonus damage to any fire damage. Master of fire doubles any bonus fire damage for class abilities that use the Pyromancer’s Cha mod for bonus damage. Potentially Master of Fire could apply to Fire Within and Improved fire within. I would enjoy some clarification, so by RAW the issue could be clear.

Overall I love the update to this class. I love the original copy due to its potential for lots of damage. The specific class spell list was the only thing holding me back from using this class in a four man adventuring party (as it was only evocation and dps type spells). Now that the Pyromancer receives more spells per day, and can now use the Wizard/Sorcerer spell list, this is a solid alternative if someone wants to play a blaster sorcerer but didn’t like the blood line abilities. In fact, due to the fire penetration class features this is most likely stronger. There are several levels where no new class abilities are gained (4,6,8,12,14,18) that could have had some class features shifted around. A few typos and dead levels hold this product back from being a 5 star review.

I’m giving this product a solid 4 stars, it encompasses and encapsulates the original product bringing the strengths and unique class features of the original into the modern world, while improving on archaic design ideas from the 3.5 era. The rework of the Pyromancer captained by Kiel Howell, is a solid buff to the original fire wielding class released in 2011. Pick it up and Flame on!

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Well crafted expansion


The third Into The Breach Published by Flying Pincushion Games. With 29 pages of content 8 new archetypes, 3 prestige classes and an alternate class we have a lot of content to cover.

First up are the archetypes, starting with the Black Powder Knight. This archetype gains proficiency with all armors, all shields and adds Diplomacy and Knowledge (Nobility) as skill to their class lists. You have to be good alignment to play this as well. Pretty much this is a Gunslinger Paladin. At level 2 you get the ability to intercept and deflect ranged attacks against allies for reduced damage. You get grit at level 3 which isn’t based of charisma like all of the archetypes class features which strikes me as odd. Also fluff wise I think that makes some sense. You get a new deed which allows you to make an opponent reduce their cover (From Full cover to Partial, from partial cover to none) and aggro’s the enemy for 1d4 rounds afterwards. You get Lay on hands at 4th level, the Paladin’s Divine bond at 8th though you can only use the bonded weapon effects. At 12 level if an ally goes down as an immediate action you can attack their attacker and on a failed will save they must attack you for 1d4 rounds. At 16th level Paladins can make a sacrifice and willingly misfire in order to stabilize all dying allies in 30 feet you deal 1d6 damage per 2 points dealt to yourself in the misfire and your gun becomes broken. Finally at 17th level the Black powder knight becomes immune to fear and for a grit point her can make allies immune to fear for a few rounds as well. I assume it’s a standard/swift action, because there is a lack of action economy listed.

I love all of the aggro and defensive abilities it’s something really unique to the archetype. I’m not the biggest fan of adding the Paladin class features (or maybe I just don’t enjoy the fluff involved) it seems like we have added divinity for class features sake. Yet if you want to play a fun class with actual aggro abilities or a working Paladin Gunslinger this is for you.

Next up we have the Boltslinger. Now Ive read/ talked to a lot of people who wanted to replace or modify all of the gunslinger’s class features to work with crossbows to give it a more fantasy feel. Well here ya go an actual archetype devoted to it.

That rant aside the first thing the Boltslinger gets is proficiency with all crossbows, as written in addition to all of their other proficiencies. Hopefully this will replace firearm proficiencies in the future. You start off with a light ,hand or heavy repeating crossbow of your choice and effectively has rapid reload for crossbows. We are going to get some new deeds, one which allows you to take action in a surprise round if your crossbow is loaded and you have grit. You get the ability to make stepping stones into walls by shooting them with bolts, which replaces utility shot. At 5th level you get weapon focus in a specific crossbow, at 9th you can gain weapon focus with another type of crossbow or gain weapon specialization with your previously selected crossbow. At 13 and 17th level respectively you gain greater weapon focus and greater weapon specialization. At 11 you gain poison use and at 15th level you gain this archetype’s equivalent to menacing shot.

That being said I really enjoy the organic way you actually get better and better with a specific crossbow, or having the choice to use a few crossbows well. I feel like 11th level is an odd place for poison use since poisons don’t generally scale well and that maybe too late for using poisons effectively.
And most of the essential firearm specific deeds have been released with crossbow equivalent ones. I like it and overall this is a fun option to take the “guns out of gunslingers”.

If you ever wanted to be Squall from Final fantasy 8 or Leon as he is known in the Kingdom Hearts universe here you go I present the Bombard blade AKA The Gunblade. First things first you get proficiency with the Bombard blade. Second thing is you can take any bladed melee weapon and make a DC 18 craft check to transform it into a Bombard Blade. Doing so allows you to make a chamber to house ammunition which can be detonated during any successful attack or combat maneuver. At 3rd level we gain evasion at 7th you can use two uses of your ammunition on one attack, or attempt to blind someone. At 15th level we gain improved evasion and a deed which allows us to riposte an enemy’s attack for grit. We also get weapon training at 5, the ability to use one half of our “chamber’s” ammunition per attack. At 20th level you can spend use 2 grit points and some ammunition to propel your self 30feet into an enemy. If you manage to hit the enemy you can use your explosion mechanism as a free action.

So my only grip about the Bombard blade is I have no chamber rules. I don’t know how many sets of ammunition it has. I have no way to upgrade my chamber to hold more shots. This class is good enough to be its own variant class and I would love to see a small book dedicated to it and making it awesome. I just need to know more information about the bombard blade itself. Also Legendary Bombard blades need to be a thing.

Next up we have the cunning scoundrel. This archetype focuses on using weapons like the Axe musket or the sword cane pistol. They gain Stealth as a class skill, a late sneak attack and a few handy tricks. The first thing the scoundrel receives is a new deed, if you hit someone with a successful melee attack using a combination weapon you can spend a grit point to make a ranged attack with a +4 to his normal AC if you hit you deal 1 ½ normal damage. That’s awesome. At 8th level when you make a successful melee sneak attack and don’t choose to fire the target takes a negative ½ your wis mod to AC for wis mod number of rounds. At 13th level we can set up our firearm to fire remotely using the enemy’s flatfooted AC. At 17th level if your remote attack is successful you can spend grit to make another an immediate action while they are flat footed.

Overall super fun, interesting archetype.

Next up is the Frogman. The Frogman is your niche water archetype. Adept at fighting on ships or in water, navel combat and sabotage. They even get their own spear gun. At 20th level they become experts of navel combat. Nothing super interesting here. Though if you’re going to be in water or on ships this archetype is worth looking into.

The Powderman is part sapper part alchemist. Powdermen start off by using their Intelligence as their grit resource and regain grit when they damage an object with an explosion. Their deeds include making traps, setting off their trap with a gunshot (no attack roll needed) and detonating one of their bombs to dazzle foes. At 2nd level they can make a breaching charge once per day. They gain bombs at 4th level and a few discoveries.

This archetype is really weak. Its not the demolition man you would expect. I think getting its own thrown weapons (sticks of dynamite?) a few unique gunpowder traps, and a faster way to create breaching charges/more uses per day would have aided this archetype greatly.

Next we have The Wyrd hunter a fey/supernatural hunting archetype who eventually becomes fey themselves. The essentially get fearie fire bullets, a dazing fear effect, and an additional will save for unique deeds. At later levels you get DR/ Cold Iron. Their capstone is that when they die they are reborn 1d4 days later as Fey.

The Trickshot allow you to preform Dirty Tricks with firearms, and can use dirty trick with the targeted shot deed.

Now we have the Gungineer. This is the gunslinger alternate class and it is awesome. Essentially you get your own bonded weapon that you can upgrade over time similar to the eidolon’s evolution pool. Each gun has Gungineers use brilliance instead of grit that scales off of their intelligence instead of wisdom.
The meat of the class is this bonded weapon that works, for no one but the Gungineer, this weapon can’t be enchanted by anyone nor is it subject to spells like greater magic weapon. There are 5 mandatory slots to upgrade, the barrel, chamber, top rail , bottom rail and the grip. You can have one of upgrade in each slot and when you level you get to redistribute your points There are also two power sources that are required for specific upgrades. Though If I can have a plasma blaster infused into my arm (which is an option) I’ll be happy any day. The Gungineer also has their standard gunslinger deeds (renamed brilliances) nimble, Dex to damage albeit later than other gunslingers.

This Alternate class deserves its own book. After the Technology guide is released this needs to be worked on. We need new modifications, rules for using two bonded weapons and what happens if they break. I’m in love with this class and I want more!

Finally we have the prestige classes The Grey eye has a metal necromantic eye, which allows them to control and upgrade recently slain enemies for 24 hours. It also allows her to cast a few spells from the Necromancy school and various gaze attacks. Over all very cool! I just wish we could upgrade undead permanently

The Hex gunner is yet another witch shooting hexes idea. There are so many of these I wish we could have something like a Bullet hell character ala the titular Bullet Witch. That would be a really cool idea. Though with this we get hexes at every level and can shoot them for fun!

Finally the Gunkata a Monk Gunslinger prestige class who shares Ki and grit pools. You choose a style of gun kata which determines your fighting style. From being able to slow fall and reload like John Woo or flurrying with your guns like Bayonetta and Dante to redirecting attacks like an assassin from Wanted the Gunkata is fantastic solid gunfu at its finest.

I would love to see more styles and even a base class.

All in all this supplement is filled with its ups and downs. The first four archetypes are amazing and add new and unique options that feel powerful and specialized. Some even needing their own base class in my own opinion. While others fail to live up to their potential or are too niche to use in most settings. The Gungineer is amazing and needs its own supplement and 2 out of 3 of the prestige classes are fresh new ideas executed well. I have to give this a solid 4 out of 5 stars. While this is easily the best supplement yet, rich with unique ideas and strong mechanics, half of its archetypes are lack luster and there are some missing details that keep me from giving this 5 stars.

So if you’re looking for new gunslinger options or a good crossbow conversion this is a great supplement to pick up.

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A strong supplement with one slight misstep


Into the breach: Witch is a 32 page pdf with 1 cover page and about 4 pages of table of contents/OGL so you’re getting about 27 pages of crunch. The Pdf contains 11 new archetypes 1 alternate class, 2 new prestige classes and new hexes and feats.

Let’s start with the archetypes.

The Bailiwick Hermit seems to be inspired by the witch lives out in the dark forest stereotype. Soat 1st level the Bailiwick Hermit gets a familiar terrain picked from the ranger terrains with the exception of urban terrain and gains a +2 bonus to her spell Dc’s while in this terrain. Also when not in your familiar terrain you take a -1 to will saves and concentration checks. This archetype also modifies the standard witch familiar, making the Bailiwick Hermit’s familiar her home. As the Bailiwick Hermit levels her home gains more intelligence and grants a number of bonuses while inside it. The home also acts as the Bailiwick’s spellbook and eventually becomes a chest of holding. Neat stuff.

Our second archetype the Bog builder also fits the theme of Swamp witch. At 1st level you can build a construct familiar out of wood, mud and sticks. Its awesome though you get to build your own Construct race with a 20RP limit. This is such a cool ability but it gets even better. At 3rd level the Bog Builder gets craft construct as a bonus feat. You can add sticks and mud to your construct 3+int mod times per day healing it for 10 hp each time. Also at 8th ,13th and 18th levels your familiar increases in size to huge. This becomes really useful because at 10th level you can cast a few hexes into your construct and have him deliver them later. A few levels after 10 you can have your construct hold even more hexes.
Then at 20th level you transform into a construct version of yourself. This replaces your grand hex at lvl 20 but if you go a full 22 levels into witch, you can still receive another grand hex. I’m actually glad this doesn’t replace the class feature but I don’t think anyone will make it 22 levels into witch. Overall I like this archetype a lot.

The bulwark theurgist is a very defensive archetype. To qualify for this archetype you have to be good which makes sense as you are a sort of guardian to one particular person. At 1st level you can designate a good creature as your familiar for the use of share spells and anything having to do with arcane bonds. At 2nd level when next to your ward you give them a second chance on all saving throws and at 6th level any adjacent allies get a +2 bonus to ac.

The Disciple of the Bloody hand is interesting to say the least. Instead of gaining a normal familiar this archetype makes one of your hands a crawling hand. It grants you a +2 bonus on fort saves but it makes one of your arms a raw red stump and should the crawling hand die you lose that hand. The hand also gains new abilities as you level. Luckily the archetype has a way to remedy this in Grim trophy. At 4th level the Disciple learns how to animate the severed hands and paws of fallen enemies and create more crawling hands you can control ½ your witch level amount of crawling hands and should your familiar die after 1 week you can replace it with one of these crawling hands. At 14th level you can summon a swarm of crawling hands. All in all a dark archetype rich with flavor.

The Dweomer Weaver also has a few restrictions you pretty much have to be female. Also your familiar is replaced this time it must be a medium or smaller piece of woven cloth. As per usual it grants unique abilities, like reach,+1 AC, uncanny dodge and the ability to discern details about other woven materials. At 2nd level the Weaver can weave together 2 spells as a full round action. In addition the Weaver becomes fatigued for 1d4 rounds. If the Weaver does this while fatigued she becomes exhausted instead. At 8th level the Weaver can suppress the magic of any one cloth item in 30ft and line of sight for 1 round per 2 levels and the item gets to make a will save to negate the effect. Continuing this trend at 14th level the Dweomer Weaver can suppress bloodlines, Hero point effects and mythic abilities. The targets gets a will save (10+1/2 class level +int) this is a seriously powerful effect, which can be used once every 24 hours on any given target.

The Feybound Crone is also a new and interesting idea. At 1st level the Feybound crone can select either a CR1 fey or 2 fey whose combined CR doesn’t exceed a CR of 1. The fey are charisma based spontaneous casters who advance in hit die every other level until they reach 10 hit die. Every third hit die they learn a spell from the sorcerer spell list as a spell like ability. The Feybound crone also learns 1 new spell that is not from her patron every level. Instead of learning cantrips the Feybound crone can use her familiar’s spell like abilities instead. You can still learn spells from your familiar, scrolls and spellbooks as normal. At 5th level you can add your intelligence bonus to Stealth and Disguise checks. At 10th level you the crone can choose to become and fey with a CR equal to her level and at 20th level you can become 2 fey creatures each one individually equal in CR to your level or lower.

The Foul Temptress is really what made me buy this supplement and it does many thing well it just fails to deliver on its potential. The first thing the Foul temptress gets is it replaces patron spell with specific theme fitting enchantment spells that I can agree with. At 1st level the Temptress receives a +2 on all charisma based skills increasing as you level. At 4th level the Temptress receives the beguiling gaze ability that makes a target take a -2 to attack rolls and skill checks. At level 8 she can affect 1 creature per level. As written the target gets no will save and we have no idea what type of action it is. At 18th level the Temptress receives a deadly kiss which allows you to kill with a kiss. 1 day after kissing the target they die regardless of health or location and don’t receive a save. This can be removed with a removed curse, wish, limited wish, break enchantment or miracle spell. A cool ability yet I wish there was some cool class features that replaced hexes that could live up to the flavor text for this archetype.

The Gluttonous Crone is based on the Hansel and Gretel type of witch the kind that eats people. So with that being said lets dive in. The Gluttonous Crone has an insatiable hunger, once per week she must eat an intelligent creature, and when she does so she gains a +2 morale bonus on all saves and to her Intelligence mod. After a week of not eating she gains the starving madness condition. She takes a – 2 on all saves and can’t make wisdom, charisma or intelligence checks. The Crone does deal and extra 3d6 damage until she eats another intelligent being. If she goes without eating anyone for a number of days equal to her con mod she goes insane. At 2nd level she can eat fingers and toes to gain temporary hp and she gains a bite attack and the swallow whole ability at 8th and 12 levels.

The Marjara bound witch gains a black cat as a familiar that can effectively transform into an animal companion, who scales as you level. She gains a =1 luck bonus on all saving throws which increases by +1 every 4 levels. At 8th level the Marjara bound can become a beast akin to a weretiger except she is always black. At 14th level she can summon a swarm of black cats.

The Scorned Heart gains diminished spell casting yet gains the eidolon evolution pool equal to a eidolon of her level. She is considered a bipedal eidolon and is restricted to evolutions she can select based on her level. She also gets a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls and a +2 to natural armor which increases every 4 levels. At 3rd level a Scorned Heart who is hit by an attack that requires a roll may cast a hex as an immediate action. At 8th level when reduced to 0 or fewer hp the Scorned Heart may bestow a curse as an immediate action.

The Voodoo crafter is something that you all should experience for its self. Its just awesome.

Moving on lets check out the spirit based Alternate class the Sèvitè

The Sèvitè has a d8 2+int skills and is proficient with simple weapons and no armor. The cast spells like the witch and can gain 1 domain with there cleric level equaling there Sèvitè level. The Sèvitè also communes with a great spirit so that they may use their main class feature Loa. Loa are spirits that are bound to the Sèvitè for a short while. They grant the Sèvitè spell like abilities and can ride the Sèvitè giving her more powers. Riding is a standard action and can be ended as a move action. Every 4 levels after 2nd more Loa can be summoned for aid. Most Loa grant spells that can be used certain times per day. One Loa Baron Samedi grants a number of healing spells yet when ridden enables the Sèvitè to cast inflict light wounds at will, eventually scaling up to inflict serious wounds at will. This is an interesting class that like the Warlock offers a lot of utility and moderate damage at all levels.

The Heathen is our first Prestige class requires you to be both a witch and a magus, able to cast 3rd level arcane spells and acquire and decipher a book of the dark gods.

The Heathen gains spells as if she had gained a level in both magus and witch. Which is pretty nice. At 1st level you also get a few of your class features changed, your familiar changes to an imp. The Magus’s arcane pool can now include the bane and unholy enchantments, and your Heathen levels stack with witch and magus levels to determine how powerful magus arcana and hexes are. You also gain a pool of Dark points which allow you to add metamagic to spells, without increasing the spell level, increase the caster level, increase the DC of certain spells and gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks. At 1st level you also gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with specific weapons and it increases to a + 7 at 10th level. At 2nd level and every 2 levels after that the Heathen can gain a dark rite to preform to replenish their pool of dark points. From Self-mutilation to sacrificing innocents there are several flavorful ways to replenish your points each as sinister as the previous way.

The next prestige class is the Scarred Shaman. This is pretty much a Witch and Barbarian archetype. Each level increases the rounds of rage you receive and gives you spells as if you had increased in a level of Witch. At 1st level you can cast more Scar hexes and you can cast spells against opponents you have scarred while raging. At 2nd level the Shaman gains DR/- equal to half their class level. At 3rd level the Shaman gains either a new hex or Barbarian rage power and at 5th level the Shaman adds her class level to qualify for new hexes or rage powers. At 8th level the Shaman gains Greater rage as per the Barbarian ability. At 10th level the scarred shaman is able to transfer wounds and conditions between those who they have scarred with the scar hex. The scarred shaman is able to heal their allies an amount equal to their caster level, taking that same amount of damage onto them, or they may remove one of the following conditions and transfer it to themselves: Blinded, Dazed, Deafened, Fatigued, Shaken, or Sickened. Alternatively, the scarred shaman may transfer either wounds or a single condition in the above list from one scarred target to another scarred target. This is an awesome capstone ability.

There are 7 new feats, 8 new hexes, 10 new major hexes and 5 grand hexes and 4 new patrons.

In conclusion there is a lot of new good content and while I was personally disappointed with the Foul Temptress I think that idea has a lot of potential either as a fully fleshed archetype or as a class onto itself. The Heathen prestige class seems really fun for evil Pcs or Cultist NPCs. All of the archetypes are based on common witches from various fairy tales and for the most part are pulled off wonderfully. I never noticed any editing mistakes besides those associated with the foul temptress.

Overall I’m going to give this 4.5 stars rounded down to 4. If you like the witch class you should really check this out.

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Awesome ideas with good execution


Let’s see Into the Breach: The oracle has 1 cover page a table of contents, and OGL page effectively giving us 19 pages of new content. It starts out with 4 new archetypes for the oracle.
The first new archetype is the Karunā Sattva. The Karunā Sattva has the ability to take status aliments from allies upon herself gaining them for a number of weeks equal to the spell level it would take to remove the affliction. For each infliction you gain the following Oracle curse. At 5th level you can share one negative effect with an enemy once per day. At 10th level this becomes 3+ Charisma modifier and finally at 15th level you can she more than one affliction for each use. A powerful ability and one that sounds really fun to use. One down side to having many afflictions is it causes all of your spells to suffer from arcane spell failure chance despite the source. The up side to this is a 7th level you can cause all spells cast in 30ft to suffer from this.

The Diplomatique is a really unique archetype in the fact you cannot willingly harm or cast a spell that does HP damage, or causes a negative effect. You have to be good and follow this code of conduct or you lose all supernatural class abilities until you atone for your misdeed. In that regard a Diplomatique gains proficiency in simple bludgeoning weapons and nonlethal damage. In that respect the Diplomatique gains the Pacification class feature which works as an at will sanctuary. At 5th level you may use the spell suggestion on a creature with in 30feet and line of sight. You cannot suggest the creature into attacking or harming its self in any way. At later levels enemies must make will saves to cast AoE spells at you and you can share all these effects with an adjacent ally. When selecting this archetype you also get locked into the Life mystery and gain lay on hands using your oracle level -1 to determine your usage. All in all a very interesting archetype that would make for a great healer and face of the party in most groups.

The Enigma Warden takes a vow of silence but gets the silence spell metamagic feat and cannot speak. At 5th level when you use silent spell your spell level does not increase. While this is an interesting mechanic and it gives the player the ability to be Wil. E. Coyote its nothing super special.

Finally the Ordained Scion swaps out mysteries for Sorcerer bloodlines.

Next we have the Warlock variant class. I personally love powerful blaster classes so I was really excited to read about this and it’s the first time I’m actually happy with a 3rd party blaster. Regardless then signature ability of the Warlock is the Eldritch Blast, a ray of negative energy that hits touch ac within 30 feet and regular ac in 60 it deals 1d6 going up every other level to 10d6 like the cleric’s channel energy. When you can make an attack you can make an Eldritch blast in its place. Every even level you gain a blast evolution that modifies your Eldritch blast. These Evolutions can modify the type of damage you deal, the shape of the blast and adds a bunch of unique effects. One allows you to empower your melee attacks while another allows you to make a magic glaive out of it. One evolution allows you to chain attacks together selecting other targets within 30 feet and taking a -4 on each subsequent attack roll. So -4 on the second target -8 on the third ect until one of the attacks misses. The warlock also gets a pool of antimagic points that allow him to dispel spells by sacrificing the same number of points as the spells level. The Warlock also gains a charisma bonus on a saving throw and eventually all of his saving throws.
At 4th level as a standard action you gain elemental resistance 5 to the type of energy damage you did to your last blast it starts at 5 energy resist and scales to 25. The other amazing thing about the Warlock is you gain a revelation from any mystery every level. The sheer amount of utility the Warlock has is priceless and at 20th level you can select any final revelation as long as you have one revelation in that mystery. This is what made the class a favorite.

In this Pdf is one prestige class and 5 new mysteries. The intoxicant, Sand, Secret, Volcano, Wrath mysteries all have a few new revelations one of which sand barrier is my personal favorite.

That being said, in some places a few key details are missing, like the warlock proficiencies. They are indeed the same as the Oracle. A few of the archetypes are fresh and will entrain veteran players, I feel like I will mainly enjoy playing the Diplomatique and the Warlock yet the Enigma Warden and the Karunā Sattva sound like good ideas that are not fully fleshed out. I also wish the Ordained Scion wasn’t just an oracle swapping out mysteries for bloodlines but, it will make for some interesting builds. Overall I was satisfied with the formatting and there were no grievous grammatical mistakes in the file. This by far is the best Into the breach I had read so far and the best 3rd party Blaster class besides the Pyromancer from Classified gaming. I’m going to have to give this supplement 4 out of 5 stars. I was satisfied with The Warlock variant class and the Diplomatique archetype. The Sand, Intoxicant and Wrath mysteries were also well done and offered some great revelations.