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Lucus Palosaari wrote:

Excellent -- I missed that this was posted!

I acted as the Line Developer on this book with Andrew Campbell, and its a pretty interesting class that he did a lot of playtesting, etc. for.

Its a prime example of that homebrew "thing" being made into a published product.

As a big fan of the Classified lines, I'm curious as to what this class does mechanically. I like the idea of skirmishing, but as a consumer I'd love to hear about some of the unique class features that makes the wind warrior the wind warrior.

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Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

So, for those of you who had the misfortune of missing our Kickstarter, we have been developing a rather insane book over the last year (you probably noticed a drop off in our releases too). It is called Gonzo 2 and it is a bloody party.

Gonzo 2 is the sequel to Gonzo. Both books focus on non-tradational genre inspirations, humor, and esoteric design principles for advanced players. This monstrous 419 page book includes:

  • A section on improvisational roleplaying and GMing.
  • 18 New Base Classes (Architect, Atomic Adept, Battle Butler, Chess Master, Chimney Sweep, Croupier, Davatti, Dynamancer, Guide Henchling, Henshin Hero, Magical Girl, Monster Cowboy, Multiman, Phantom Thief, Sparkle Princess, Thread Maiden, and Ungermaw)
  • 37 new archetypes
  • 44 new feats (including combat styles, general, class support, and metamagic)
  • 5 pieces of adventuring gear (like the metal jaw- because you always wanted to play Jaws from Bond)
  • 6 new materials
  • 5 new drugs (including “squee!” And “experience”- this is bat country afterall)
  • 22 insane magic items (including the cans of talking, insanity drive, talky bullets, necklace of best friends, and head pot of adequate trash)
  • 14 new ways to enchant your weapons
  • 3 new specific magic armors (including the aptly, if not verbosely, named “Oh Dear Mother of God Why Would Your Do This” Chain)
  • 28 pages of GIANT ROBOT RULES. Yes! You can play GIANT ROBOTS in Pathfinder now!

    *Pants heavily* Ok... I think I covered it all. Did I mention this beast is 419 pages? (1 cover, 1 credit, 3 OGL, 414 of content). Mind you every second of this book is dripping with Gonzo weirdness. And there are literally more pieces of art in this book than pages. Bizarre, weird, offbeat (one might even say... gonzo...) artwork. Guys- this is a book we have been weirding out over for the last year +, I promise you won’t walk away without...

  • As a Backer for this I can attest to its greatness and Gonzoness.

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    How well do these classes and weapon work using standard rules instead of the alternate rules included in this book?

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    theheadkase wrote:
    TF2 Medics gun...except this one can suck life out of a creature and spit it back out to whomever you choose.

    This^ how I would love for this to be a thing. Among other things

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    theheadkase wrote:

    Thanks for the review SACplayin! I'm on my phone right now, but a quick reply on the chambers question: the table for the bombard blade does have a capacity column, those would be the chambers.

    I could totally do a book on just this as a new class. I had other abilities that I ultimately cut before presenting to Frank and the gang.

    I also want to do a book or line someday dedicated to converting FF characters/jobs/classes to Pathfinder.

    Thanks again for the review!

    Well we have Squall and can make a Barret esq character with the Gungineer. So you're off to a good start. Just don't forget about other great JRPG's like legend of the dragoon. I would love to make a rounds/day dragoon form centric class.