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Good Warren G. Harding wrote:
Evil Grover Cleveland wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
Now I've read my Dick Cheney posts. Remember when we used to be able to do political humor threads on the Off-Topic boards? I feel like that wouldn't work these days...
Pff... sissy.
Hey, that's not nice!

Shut up both of yuh

Boobs McGee, USA Boobs Council wrote:
Rah Rah Blitz Boom Bah!!! Yayyyy FawtL!!!

Rah rah diddly toot, I escaped from the institute!!!

I move to be official paizo political commentator


Kirth Gersen wrote:
Emperor7 wrote:
polarization=$$$, no matter the subject
Yeah; look at Ann Coulter. She's made a very lucrative career out of it.

Hey you forgot about MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Hey Libby it's my job to do the talking for the Republicans so go back to sucking up to the republican leaders. And as for you LIBERALS your all a bunch of no good commies. I know what Obamas doing he's making us into the United Soviet States of America!!!!!!! You heard me Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah ........ stops to Catch breath........ And every single democrat is secretly lead by Satan. Tune in for tomorrows show where I'll tell you how it really is.

And did you here that Joe Biden is a secret communist and that stalin is his father?