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It is I, El Rushbo, your fountain of kobold wisdom!

It is I, America's favorite CR 1/4 challenge.....

Friends, do we have to put up with Ad Hominem attacks from foreign nationals?

Not only foreign nationals, but ones that work and live in ..... The Middle Kingdom? Is Kruelaid in the pay of the Jade Emperor? Is he part of the Celestial Bureaucracy? Will he advocate the denegration of our noble Kobold Heritage? The hidden mandarin agenda that this fifth columnist ascribes to is shocking.

Don't forget my friends that there is another unreleased video where Heathansson's avatar calls up the Bella Sara Consulate and threatens to send the entire staff to the Alpo factory. He is not the cuddly furry face he has been presenting to the public. He is a low-down lycanthrope politician and if you think the messageboard crashes are bad NOW wait until he's in office!

Friends, with the Evil Monkey Union supporting Heathansson over his much more experienced rival Sebastian, I think it is time to redouble our efforts to make sure that the cursed warwoof never gains the title of President of the OTD. Can I count on your support?

I prepared Explosive Runes today.

The Evil Monkey Union support of Heatansson's candidacy is motivated by mammilian speciest politics. It is a travesty and a slap in the face of the many kobolds who supported the Evil Monkeys over the years.

I prepared Explosive Runes today