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I’ve been getting back into organized play and after a year out of play, I’m still adjusting to how faction boons work. One in particular seems to be retired and I was curious about it. Eager Protégé Allowed you to create a 2nd level PC after earning 60 xp with the boon selected. I’ve earned over half of that.

Does that time and effort just poof away or am I grandfathered in?

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I keep downloading O KB files every time I try to download the files.

Orders: 21979532 and 32067346

I was able to download all the organized play scenarios

I’ve refreshed the download, cleared the cache, tried different browsers, and computers

Keep getting 9 kB files

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I keep downloading O KB files every time I try to download the files.

Orders: 21979532 and 32067346

I was able to download all the organized play scenarios

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Okay I recently won this but I don’t get the benefits.

You don’t select a faction but accrue fame for yourself?

I don’t understand. You get no access to boons beyond the buyback plan ?

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I am curious, since we are no longer going to see 1e Pathfinder scenarios, can the ‘reserve for chronicle sheets’ it’s be opened up for use? The reason I’m asking is I’d like to try out my remaining 1e plays with access to the Brewkeeper for one of my Cayden worshiping alchemists.

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Continue to be iffy to access. Over 3/4s of the time I get kicked back to the front page of the site no matter how I try to get into the forum threads.

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Still not getting scenarios even though I got the emails for them.

I can buy them to get them but I’m a VO, shouldn’t they be coming up?

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Are we going to get anymore, since it’s been 8 months since the splat books have gotten an update.

Or will we be waiting till the new edition comes out?

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Can’t down load it from my downloads..I get personalizing wait 60 seconds..then nothing.. click on trouble downloading, click here...times out. After 10 or so tries I tried getting it via the product page, can’t view the download tab on my iPad prob

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I can’t download this.

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I was kind of curious about this, particularly since the Enchanting Courtesan gets a similar ability at 3rd level:

Master Poisoner (Ex) At 3rd level, a poisoner can use Craft (alchemy) to change the type of a poison. This requires 1 hour of work with an alchemist’s lab and a Craft (alchemy) skill check with a DC equal to the poison’s DC. If successful, the poison’s type changes to contact, ingested, inhaled, or injury. If the check fails, the poison is ruined. The poisoner also receives a bonus on Craft (alchemy) skill checks when working with poison equal to 1/2 her rogue level. This ability replaces trap sense.

It's in the same level raneg,you get it around the same level with same effect and the Poisoner Rouge gets it at 3rd level

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I was rereading Armor Masters Handbook (weighing the Tower Shield feats vs Tower Shield Specialist, which this PC is) when I notice something ironic about Spell scribed Armor.

It's illegal in PFS play, which I thought was a shame given tattooed spells is legal, but according to the book it was a Society member that rediscovered the lost art!

Ironic yes? ;)

Grand Lodge

Whistling a little dirty shanty, 'Boomstick' McCraken walked into the Wounded Wisp spinning a small key chain(1) on his finger. With a grin he slid three platinum coins across the bar to the barkeep and pointed to the empty back.

"I'll be needing finger food, snacks, and mugs. This dear little key will open the cabinet I want to use to entertain. I'll take the top five rows, if you can fetch it from the market I would chip in more for a trunk of ice from the vendor." Boomstick said as he wandered over to the back and slid two tables together and sat down from at the small table beside it and pulled things out of his haversack. A nice tablecloth (2) went onto the table. Onto that went a placard.

Tell us your Drendle Dreg Woes! Free Food, courtesy of me. Free Booze, courtesy of DD's cabinet

Still whistling, he sits down and starts cleaning his guns. Starting with his blunderbuss, Delora (3), then his axe-musket 'Baby', the 'twin' pepper boxes 'Thunder' and 'Lightning' and then his small unnamed coat pistols. Cleaning and oiling each in turn and putting them away while sipping away at a delightful elven wine that was properly chilled.

Nearby was a journal, pen and ink to record the stories. Boomstick figured it was time the old fraud's sins come out. He sipped the wine and settled back to wait for others to come in and regale him with tales of late night wake ups, week long trips through hell (4)


Perception DC 15:
The familiar initials DD and the Wisp's on logo are on the small key fob, possible Drendle Dreg's own private stash here in the Wisp?

(2) The tablecloth looks to be 'procured' from the Grand Lodge itself. Or from Dreg's quarters.

(3) Named after his ex-wife, Delora Hearthguard. Known paladin or 'demon harridan' depending on who you ask.

(4) Termed as :"Quick Pickup", "Fun river trips" and such without highlighting cannibal halfling, demonic apes searing tempuratures and missed Wine Auctions where the reprobate paid to have the proxy big of a certain dwarf 'misplaced'.

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By which I mean are there anymore Enchanting Courtesans?

I just retrained my Lust Wizard/Sorcerer into a Lust Wizard/EC and got my first level going and was curious to see what suggestions other players playing with the PRC in question are doing in PFS play?

I know I broke one GM at HurriCon with my Enchantress (Lust Thassalonian) at the special. (not really but Charm Monster is sooooooo much fun...)

I'm kinda curious how folks are using the classes 'hide spells' (of enchantement/divination) and poison usage. I am actually surprised how many skills points I get now..but more curious to see if there are other tactics to play with that others might have encounters.

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"But sir.. sir.. this is hardly procedure." The librarian said as the tall winged elf half drug/half shoved the librarian him through the library archive.

"I'm not in the mood for procedure, you are the archivist in charge of Night Hags and their practices are you not?" The scarred elf asked as he half turned to face him, two hip quivers rattled and he tapped the shelves with his long bow. He was dusty, dirty and looked like he had literally just gotten in from a trip, one or two of the feathers on his wings are singed as is an eyebrow. There are several fading scars that speak of healing spells and there is an air of impatience about him.

"Why yes, of course.. I'm auxiliary sage Mystrom...."

"Auxiliary? I asked for the premier sage on the subject, Drendle that drunkard said I would have him if I only stopped yelling till his hangover faded.." the tall elf, deceptively named 'Runt' in the common tongue', started swearing in a variety of languages.

"I am .." the man said primly. "..well now, the current expert and premier librarian on staff on the subject. Mistress Weatherby is.. er.. on.. well that is to say.. no longer with us.."

"How?" The rant, mostly a discourse in Tien about certain preferences of a certain venture captain and a three legged donkey, stopped as he took in the librarian's saddened look. "The conclave?" He asked firmly, his anger diverted for a moment.

"Aye..uh.. Pathfinder Runt." The librarian said running a finger only a track in the stone wall, which Runt noticed ran from a hole in one side of the room, in a track easily a half inch wide, to a bigger hole in the other. "We were ..hostages. Pathfinder Ebonblade shot one of our captors two rooms down. Between her and her companions.. most of us survived but Mistress Weatherby.. protested to our captors about three minutes before our liberators arrived."

"With what? A siege weapon?" Runt asked before shaking his head and looked at the man more closely. "I'm sorry Mystrom.. this .. person I'm seeking is tied to this. I have encountered, at least tangentially, this one hag twice..and she knows of me now. We first encountered one another via a spellbound chalkboard in the Diamond City.. one of my companions foolishly listed our names to her...the second was just two hours ago in some occult realm. As my mentor's teacher, Mrs. Cosmopilite says.. 'Tis best to check up on who is looking in your trash'."

The librarian blinks a bit trying to make sense of things. The elf shrugged.

" Sounds better in Tien or Hobgoblin... trust me. The point is... she knows more about me..than I know of her. One time.. coincidence, two times.. not so much, so I'm preparing for the third." The librarian nodded, that at least made sense. "So, I have name.. and I have someone who knows these stacks.. I'm usually move through the Alchemists wing mostly you see. .and I want to know about this Hag. Aslynn. All I know is she was an associate of the late venture captain Thurl."

"Ah, that is a good thing to know about Hags Pathfinder.. a Name is a very good thing to have..even if it's a speaking name." The sage said as he started working with the Pathfinder to find information about his foe.

Runt has run into Aslynn twice and suspects that he will be encountering her soon, and is doing a take 20 with the sage to check knowledge (Planes) on her. :D

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We are looking to play this out soon and are wondering how long it will take to play out each of the three parts

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Given what the archetype changes/drops and the inversion of influence I can't see how to get above 3 points a day starting out in PFS play.

Home play you can house rule things but I don't see it in organized play

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From Nov 10-14th, I'll be doing training with Apple in Elk Grove, Ca. Any places to visit and try my hand in while I'm there?

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Just cause my google foo is weak and from what I see on the additional resources, harrower IS legal BUT the entry wasn't updated yes?

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