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Ah yes, Dye arrows.. or as I call them 'Ranged Infuriate'

I could infuse them with things but typically I just hit someone with one to make sure they come looking for me.

After all when a winged elf hits you from forever away with a fluorescent pink, orange or green paint arrow to the face.. you are going to want to kill him.

At least till you come running up and realize he's put away the bow, grown to 15 feet tall and has a chainsaw. : D

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When the ranged arrow/RPG grenadier leaves a message on the body of an Azer.

"Now I have a chainsaw....HOHOHO..." There have been many 'dwarf-like' beings hacked up with this lovely weapon.. Chainsaw + Growth + Lead Blades..

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"But sir.. sir.. this is hardly procedure." The librarian said as the tall winged elf half drug/half shoved the librarian him through the library archive.

"I'm not in the mood for procedure, you are the archivist in charge of Night Hags and their practices are you not?" The scarred elf asked as he half turned to face him, two hip quivers rattled and he tapped the shelves with his long bow. He was dusty, dirty and looked like he had literally just gotten in from a trip, one or two of the feathers on his wings are singed as is an eyebrow. There are several fading scars that speak of healing spells and there is an air of impatience about him.

"Why yes, of course.. I'm auxiliary sage Mystrom...."

"Auxiliary? I asked for the premier sage on the subject, Drendle that drunkard said I would have him if I only stopped yelling till his hangover faded.." the tall elf, deceptively named 'Runt' in the common tongue', started swearing in a variety of languages.

"I am .." the man said primly. "..well now, the current expert and premier librarian on staff on the subject. Mistress Weatherby is.. er.. on.. well that is to say.. no longer with us.."

"How?" The rant, mostly a discourse in Tien about certain preferences of a certain venture captain and a three legged donkey, stopped as he took in the librarian's saddened look. "The conclave?" He asked firmly, his anger diverted for a moment.

"Aye..uh.. Pathfinder Runt." The librarian said running a finger only a track in the stone wall, which Runt noticed ran from a hole in one side of the room, in a track easily a half inch wide, to a bigger hole in the other. "We were ..hostages. Pathfinder Ebonblade shot one of our captors two rooms down. Between her and her companions.. most of us survived but Mistress Weatherby.. protested to our captors about three minutes before our liberators arrived."

"With what? A siege weapon?" Runt asked before shaking his head and looked at the man more closely. "I'm sorry Mystrom.. this .. person I'm seeking is tied to this. I have encountered, at least tangentially, this one hag twice..and she knows of me now. We first encountered one another via a spellbound chalkboard in the Diamond City.. one of my companions foolishly listed our names to her...the second was just two hours ago in some occult realm. As my mentor's teacher, Mrs. Cosmopilite says.. 'Tis best to check up on who is looking in your trash'."

The librarian blinks a bit trying to make sense of things. The elf shrugged.

" Sounds better in Tien or Hobgoblin... trust me. The point is... she knows more about me..than I know of her. One time.. coincidence, two times.. not so much, so I'm preparing for the third." The librarian nodded, that at least made sense. "So, I have name.. and I have someone who knows these stacks.. I'm usually move through the Alchemists wing mostly you see. .and I want to know about this Hag. Aslynn. All I know is she was an associate of the late venture captain Thurl."

"Ah, that is a good thing to know about Hags Pathfinder.. a Name is a very good thing to have..even if it's a speaking name." The sage said as he started working with the Pathfinder to find information about his foe.

Runt has run into Aslynn twice and suspects that he will be encountering her soon, and is doing a take 20 with the sage to check knowledge (Planes) on her. :D

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Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Yeesh, glad I missed that one.

Oh yeah.. and it was a massive blood bath.. but aside from everything with feathers the rest of us did well

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Runt_ wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

I've had a tengu go from full health to original recipee extra crispy in one fireball from a 12 con...

I think I was there for that one. Was it an online game? It was a horrible last enoucnter as I recall.
Was it the full bucket of wings BBQ night? Because my tengu an axebeak and an eagle? companion all died

Yup.. I was the last one with feathers standing.. both axebeaks died.. you got nailed in the final encounter and I think the falcon was first right?

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

I've had a tengu go from full health to original recipee extra crispy in one fireball from a 12 con...

I think I was there for that one. Was it an online game? It was a horrible last enoucnter as I recall.

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Sebastian Hirsch wrote:


And there are plenty of drawbacks, not getting access to rapid shot and many shot, clustered shot.. etc. really hurts the eldritch archers .. as an archer. (I am aware that some people have confusing views regarding that one FAQ, but the issue already affects magus characters using cards or other thrown weapons. So we already have plenty of PFS legal options that run head first into that issue).

The thing is... Zen Archers, martial archers depend on flinging lots of arrows to get multiple dice of damage. The magus only needs to put intensified shocking grasp on one to get that much dice or more of damage. And he's only used one arrow as opposed to the Zen Archer's six or more. And he can do all that damage as a standard action instead of full round.
And all of that damage can be negated by a single feat with Deflect Arrows, Missile Shield, or Cut from the Air.

Just like my Grenadier Alchemist, who flings Admixtured vials of Slime Grenade/Aratokan's Flame (3d6 acid/2d6 Fire) + Explosive Missile (up to 5d6+Int, varies by bomb) + medium/large arrows. He's a single shot archer. I put a LOT on the shot.. and it can get expensive at times.

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Once upon a time..

Mike Brock had an idea to use the enhancements to the reporting tools to send out boons to the folks reported in the system. Say.. maybe a dozen a month or so. It was proposed.

It went down in horrible horrible flames because one group or another disliked it.

I think that using the reporting tool to 'award' via email could be a good idea.. assuming the mechanism could be figured out.

Won't happen.. cause haters will hate. Loudly. Constantly. Till whoever would do the choosing throw up their hands and give up.

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John Compton wrote:

If the timeworn object is used by an NPC first, the glitch-per-month feature is already done and over with; a PC need not glitch under that circumstance.

Charges expended from a found timeworn item, like for any found charge/expendable item, do not count against what is found on the Chronicle sheet. Have fun with the treasure, and look at it as a way to try out a new toy before deciding whether or not to buy it later.


I loved the Chainsaw and Gravity Clip..

The bad guys in Tapestry's Toil..(My next scenario). facing a 12 foot winged alchemist.. not so much.

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Mystic Lemur wrote:
Borel Bloodbraid wrote:

You could also buy a non-masterwork composite shortbow (+9 STR) for 2PP.

I've found that to be the best power-for-prestige investment. Usefulness may vary.

Yeah, but at -2 to hit when Dex already isn't your best stat... How many low level characters do you know with a 28 Strength? I realize that may be a typo, but I still wanted to remind everyone that if you don't have at least the amount of strength the bow is rated for, you take a -2 to hit.

I've done it on occasion. Mutagen, enlarge person and bull's strength.

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I'm about to unleash the gargoyle mayhem on someone soon.

'Gulp' .. LOTS of attacks. :D

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I don't either.. given you don't get a LOT of crit damage out of a bomb and nothing out infused alchemical weapons...

But then I've had a guy tell me that my doing 40 points of damage in a single shot with my gunslinger/alchemist is far more game breaking than the half-orc in purple roid rage paints SPLATTERING two guy in the same round for over 180.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Organized play or no, you're not adding +16 to hit with an arrow for 5 gp a shot.

While not the reason that I didn't use the logic of 'if it hits.. explosive missile detonates', I have to admit I've never had to shoot further out of combat than medium.. and between my trait, PB Shot/Precise, and the fact that I have wings and get get above most of my crew, I've never needed to do more than one shot a round.

So at 8th level, if I need more than +14 to hit, I can always pop a true shot extract. Of course if I need to do more than one shot a round..we're in trouble anyway.

I've put many, many a durable arrow in foes all over. From Bonekeep (1 & 2) and beyond. One shot at a time. I haven't seen a need for rapid/manyshot or deadly aim. Even with just a 'mundane arrow' backed by up to a 28 or so Strength (and large arrows) I hit pretty well.

So yeah.. I COULD argue about touch arrows (mainly for tanglefoot bombs and distance flyers) but I've sucked up the range penalty and still hurt the bad guys (Giant Fiendish Wasp + Arrow/Tanglefoot Bomb + 300+ ft drop.. yeah.. good times)

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Nefreet wrote:
N N 959 wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
You probably use Dye Arrows for extended Touch range, too, right?
I was confused by this statement. The dye arrow does no damage but does use Touch AC. Why are you phrasing the question in this manner?

Grenadier archetype + Explosive Missile discovery + Dye Arrow

(and, I imagine, whatever that funnel is that combines two splash weapons together)

Instead of tossing a Bomb with a 20ft increment, you shoot a Dye Arrow with a 110ft increment.

- still targets Touch AC
- same action as throwing a Bomb
- arrow does Bomb damage
- arrow can also be imbued with an Alchemical Weapon (ala Grenadier) for the cost of an extra move (or swift) action

There's an Alchemist in our area that uses this combo to great effect.

Warning: expect table variance.

I had on GM tell me that while imbuing was a move or swift action, that it was still a move action to pull the alchemical weapon that I was imbuing.

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Nefreet wrote:
You probably use Dye Arrows for extended Touch range, too, right?

Actually no. I am of the opinion you have to do damage to trigger explosive missile. (Which sucks for tanglefoot bomb arrows but.. if I'm going to go one way on damage triggers..I have to go for all versions of the bomb)

I do however use them to tick off bad guys..cause nothing irks a macho bad guy getting his face dyed bright vivid pink.

I might stress test the rules, using the Grenadier archetype to the max, but I don't go total cheese. I don't use blankfinger paste to add poison to my arrows, though TECHNICALLY I could. I don't create 'megabombs' out of Focusing flasks + hybridized Acid/Artoku's fire for hideous splash damage (3d6 acid + 6d6 fire + Int). I don't pull the 'abundant ammo' wand trick for all the alchemical arrows I use.

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Game Master wrote:
Your alchemist sounds a lot like mine... :3

If I could get another source of strength bonus I think I could make one of my local GMs cry.. He loathes Runt.

Of course, I'm at max capacity of my 2 efficient quivers and haversack, so I'm saving up for a +4 Strngth Belt and a bag of holding and wand of unseen servant.

(Casts unseen Servant in bag)
Runt: Gimme parcels T-18, and T-32
US: Yes Master..
Unloads three bales of arrows and three dozen vials of Holy Water
Runt: "What? I get a discount in Nerosyam and we need to outfit an army, I got the archers covered.."

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Game Master wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
Krell44 wrote:
Maybe an extra if I am lucky with the DC. Seems...barely worth it.

3 for the price of 1 adds up.

Especially when crafting things like Artokus's Fire.

This... is an incredibly cool item that I never knew about. Thank you, my alchemist is going to be very happy she can craft these.

Just be VERY aware that the mythic versus regular bits. It is epically awesome but the mythic stuff makes it more so. I like use it and holy water in a Hybridizatiin Funnel. 2d6 + 2d4 is scary to something's. Particularly when you're using it PLUS explosive missile PLUS a large arrow. (grenadier alchemist)

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Runt keeps several Enlarge Person infusions (preserving flasks rock) and the tricky part is the 'handoff' of arrows. You have to explain to some players (and GMs) that the arrows are a: large and b: legal for play.

Two more levels and I can get gravity bow wand as an autowin roll (I'll be @ UMD +19 then)

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I know more than one GM who hates my Grenadier because of that. :D

nothing like Mutagen (Str), Enlarge Person, Bull's Strength to make your 'middle of the road' Archery based Alchemist into a scary scary man with a +1 adaptive bow and the GM going 'He has a WHAT strength?'.

Add in the other things like a set of Large Durable Arrow set that he hands off to a bystander before starting up..and it's fun.

Not to mention its fun those few times when he gets to use his Falchion. :D

Enlarge Person is an AWESOME spell but like other said, timing is VITAL.

Just imagine arrows the size of POOL STICKS with Explosive Missile AND admixtured Fire/Holy Water..and you know why folks suddenly decide the white haired elf in back isn't to be ignored.