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This isn't just cool, it's ice dam cold.

This has a very machine processed look to it. Not my taste at all. F.

If I need a place to put another vote, I shall put it here! -b.

This is nice. B for me.

I can't help but feel like this is a rushed job. D.

Really well drawn and also dull. D.


I would only vote for this map if the PCs all to hits in perception, due to beer goggles. D.

Beautiful. Love it. +A.

Hahaha, I love it. It makes me laugh, but I could see it being a really great adventure. A.

Too many questions, not enough hook. D.

I can't help but feel that a mad elementalist would have a madder tomb. C.

Freakin love it. A for me.

C for me. Very middle of the road.

D for me.

D for me.

An -A for me.

A solid A for me.

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I think it got deleted, but I posted asking if here was a way to follow your work. Meaning, do you have a blog or something where you post encounters or adventures?

Is there a way for folks to follow your work? Do you have a blog or something so that folks can stay up to date on things you come out with?

I skimmed the entries before reading through my favorites, and I agree with FreakedOut - this was definitely the most fun and engaging to read. I was hooked from the intro and I really want to see what you can come up with in Round 4.