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Is there any news on the subscription for only the expansions and promos? Cant grab the set since I'm Canadian.

I actually tried that and it says that they will include it in a subscription, and do not give me an actual price for the shipping. But I'm guessing at 6$ the expansion pack for shipping, the box will be at least 30-40$ in shipping.
I will contact the customer service to be sure that they skip that one.

Vic Wertz wrote:
The subscription listing is currently incorrect. The Base Set is indeed part of the subscription, as is the Character Add-On Deck; both ship in August.

So what is the cost for shipping for the base set for Canada? I really dont want to pay 30$ in shipping for a 60$ game. I could grab it at a store instead.

I play solo with 3 characters. Barbarian, Sorcerer and Priest and only on Brigandoom did I risked dying from the timer. Doing Act 3 right now. I have some problems on Dex based stuff but not too much.

Yeah 7 20$ deck will be about 100$ with the Paizo Discount. Pretty steep. even more when I cannot participate in the society too much due to my job that ship me 1 month out of 2 in the north.

Could be something cool to do at home though.

Is there any cards that use Gender as a bonus or malus? Like "Add +2 to the combat check if the Character is Male" type of thing? Like against Unicorns or Nymphs or the other way around?
Same for Race? Like "If the character is a Elf, subtracts 2 of the check to get this ally"?
I have yet to play the game really, so I wonder if those stats are used and if being able to choose stuff like that could lead to some imbalance.

Can we have a confirmation that this will be part of the subscription? Because the Subscription listing says
"early June Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Spires of Xin-Shalast (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Deck 6)
early September Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Raiders of the Fever Sea (Skull & Shackles Deck 2)
So August will be the add on deck?

Armor might be seen as more useful if you ever get enemies who say "If the damage dealt empty your hand, discard the remaining damage from your deck/blessing deck."
Also, we need more cool armors who do fun stuff. Like enchanted leather armor that boost your dexterity or flight armor that allow you to move at the end of a turn and that kind of stuff. Or Shields that allow you to protect other people during there turns if they are at the same location as you.

Stuff like that could be nice.

Yeah, it's weird but I kinda feel like I'm missing pieces of the game without the promos. What I think I will do is use some basic card back and print a cut out in high quality color of the promo I'm missing and use it with a sleeve. Wont be as nice, but it's the cheapest way to do things I think. Because 40$ for a Fire Sneeze? Man.
I really hope I can buy the 4-5 promos I'm missing.

Did not play the game yet. Bought the game and all expansions, printed the updated rules and the FAQ. But I think I would buy an Errata deck too, but I'm hoping that the shipping to Canada wont be too high. Will this include an errata for the base game only, or expansions and promos?

yellowdingo wrote:
Threeshades wrote:
I was thinking he doesn't want to send breeders because he doesn't want would-be colonists or offspring declaring 'I was born on Mars!'.

"I am the first real citizen of the Republic of Mars. We ask for independence!"

Its a new Babylon 5 in the happening.

LazarX wrote:
Rubius wrote:

My take is that zombies should be true neutral. They are "animals" or "golems". They do what the instinct dictate. Without feeling.

Intelligent undeads are most likely evil. But not necessarily.

The problem is that undead are life without life, they are created with an emptiness that can't be sated because they lack a vital spark. Their unending and unnatural hunger are pretty much an antheisis to the positive forces that drive living beings. And while positive energy by itself is not good, it has Good associations because of it's role in creation and the powers that are linked to it. Undead are generally evil because of their opposite placement.

Zombies left to themselves, will drift towards any living being they sense and essentially go zombie apocalypse on him if not given any direction to the contrary.

Yes, but who said life was good? Zombies and undead are not alive, yes. But you know who is alive? Demon Lords, Fallen Angels, Murderers, Psychopaths.

If a Necromancer in a town where the religion do not see bringing dead corpse as a sacrilege but as a honor,(as they can serve the town even after death) would that be evil?
Zombies building towns, defending them from animals and other dangers.
You could have White Necromancers allowing people to get in peace with the death by bringing back ghosts.

ciretose wrote:
I am not sure how you can be Chaotic and live by a code, unless I guess your code is something like "I must always bring chaos to everyone" in which case you aren't good.

Chaotic Good people are people like Indiana Jones or Spiderman. They still live by a Code, but they dont have to follow the law. A Chaotic Good Paladin would be a guy that promote thinking by yourself, instead of people thinking for you.

Individuality instead of Unity.

I also found this which is a custom Chaotic Good Paladin. din-of-freedom

Where a Lawful Good Paladin would say "This prisoner was found stealing bread, he will be put to trial and jail", the Chaotic Good Paladin would free the guy without killing the guards and give him some bread.

"Ghorus Seed (6 RP): As a full-round action, a ghoran can expel its ghorus seed from an orifice in its abdomen. If planted in fertile ground and left undisturbed for 2d6 days, the seed grows into a healthy duplicate of the original ghoran, save that the duplicate may reallocate all of its skill ranks upon sprouting. Once a ghoran expels its seed, it gains 1 negative level, and it dies as soon as its duplicate sprouts. This duplicate replaces the previous ghoran character. "
Sweet. Look pretty interesting to play. Thanks for the information, will pick up the bestiary.

I, myself, do love to play characters with flaws. Where most of my friends wanted to play "perfect" characters, I always liked to play weak or flawed characters. A character with low Charisma should not be able to give orders to his comrades like a 18 charisma. He should not look healthy if he have a Con of 6.
Bravo for your player. I have played with so many "cheaters" and "roxxor" that its nice to see others playing flaws.

I was wondering if any of the core book have a Plant race? I remember a old article in Dragon about a plant race (The Adu-ja who had photosynthesis and pretty cool racial abilities and appearance. tion.htm
Anything similar in the books?

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My take is that zombies should be true neutral. They are "animals" or "golems". They do what the instinct dictate. Without feeling.
Intelligent undeads are most likely evil. But not necessarily.

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"If you stat it, they will kill it"
I think the point of the tarrasque is that it cant be killed. It can be defeated, but it will come back for ever and ever. Its a "God" of nature I would say. It sleeps for 250 years and then wake up, destroy a few kingdom and them burrow back to a lair for an another 250 years. Its a "Natural" phenomena like a Tornado or a Tsunami.
And even if its killed, I'm pretty sure an another one would hatch soon after from the bottom of the earth and then come to earth.
You do not kill the tarrasque. You survive it.

I think that a kind of good safe guard against teleport is that since its not "accurate" you can teleport them below ground "near" the target but still in a dungeon. And then they have to go through the dungeon to reach the place they wanted to go.
Give a little spice too where they are "DUDE, Where the hell are we?!"

I would love to actually subscribe, but at 20 + 6$ for shipping its kind of stiff as a Canadian. I will probably just buy them on one by one.

I bought Kingmaker part 1 a while back and today when I looked for part 2, I found out that its out of print, and its selling for 100$ on amazon.
So I was wondering if its in the plans, to re-release old adventures in the same format that the Runelord did?