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I was wondering if any of the core book have a Plant race? I remember a old article in Dragon about a plant race (The Adu-ja who had photosynthesis and pretty cool racial abilities and appearance.
http://eldarr.com/Eldarr/Racial%20Game%20Information/Aduja%20Game%20Informa tion.htm
Anything similar in the books?

inner sea bestiary had the ghorans. that's not actually a core book though.

"Ghorus Seed (6 RP): As a full-round action, a ghoran can expel its ghorus seed from an orifice in its abdomen. If planted in fertile ground and left undisturbed for 2d6 days, the seed grows into a healthy duplicate of the original ghoran, save that the duplicate may reallocate all of its skill ranks upon sprouting. Once a ghoran expels its seed, it gains 1 negative level, and it dies as soon as its duplicate sprouts. This duplicate replaces the previous ghoran character. "
Sweet. Look pretty interesting to play. Thanks for the information, will pick up the bestiary.

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