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Extremely fun but flawed fun!


This is more of review for the whole series. Hardcover would be good for that, but I can't wait that long now can I ;)

Pathfinder- Hollow Mountain is the best Pathfinder comic series written and drawed so far. While Pathfinder Special #1 is my all time favorite PF comic, some of the issues here came pretty close topping that. The party here is of ideal size. Dropping Harsk (Old Deadeye bless him) off the team was a right choice, team seems much more tight now. Every character has their own place and own, clear personality. Kyra even managed to make a pretty fun joke! And yes, comedy works well here especially with those gilligan cuts and page turner reveals. Good collaberation with artist and writer!

New "heroes", aka Seltyiel and the Masters of Evil were a fun bunch and added some fun conflict when the parties merged. Seltyiel continues to be the annoying piss-bucket he is, though he has some pretty good lines here and there (I could have had a Incubus!). Interestingly Oloch and Meligaster managed to be the ones with most persona. I reaally liked Meligaster's gargantuan ego while he actually does very little.

However, the problem of this series was in the art. And it's the continued problem of this whole comic book side. There has been in my opinion only one GREAT artist- Kevin Stokes. Sean Izaaksev is the second best so far. HE is really good with faces, and all the characters have their own personal features and smiles, grins and winks. But where the problem truly lies is the action. Stokes was great at visualizing movement of jumping thieves and whirling blades. Izaaksev really lacks in this area. Worst offends are the part where they beat the BBEG, and it's in the small corner of page barely seen. Compare that to the epic battle in Dark Waters Rising and it feels just...lazy. Also Damiel shows his cool monster form- and does absolutely nothing with it. We do not see it after he changes to it. This is although a writer's fault as well.

Hollow Mountain was great. I really enjoyed reading it and having new characters kept it fresh and working. What keeps it from being perfect is the problem with artist. I imagine the artist is going to change again as it has so far, but maybe returning back wouldn't be a bad idea? Or is Tess Fowler doing anything right now?

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Excited to see the rest!


+ Characters are not one dimensional on either side. I really like that the antagonists are profoundly good guys, but are not some paragons of virtue without blame. Same thing with friendly npcs.
+ The little twists in the story are good, especially the one at the beginning and the one near the end. These work really well in the story.
+ There's a really heart-tugging moment in the adventure that can come out of nowhere and can make the players not ready for such feel surprised. I love that.
+ Hard battles ahead!

- "Villain" of the piece while is good, he can feel bit estranged. There is one character that is more of villain with all the build up, but is not the main bad guy.
- Events are fun, but I can see that the periods of reacting to events and getting orders can be a strain on the characters not in the Lawful end of the alingment pool. Though only time will tell what the Anti-paladin of the party will think of all this.

Overall: Great, I love this. Already excited to run this in the future. The Western-aesthetic can be seen and works definitely on it's advantage.

But dogs? Yeesh, you guys are evil.

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Great continuation


I really love that this story. It's fast-paced, and the evil party is fun to follow as well. Meligaster especially. Really liking this sereis so far!

"I belive in Calcium Phosphate!"

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This really hooked me in. I liked the other series just fine, the latest one being the best so far. But this new series has me hooked immediately. Sutter's writing is superb. Comedic timing at the star worked like clock and cliffhanger was so good. Also it nicely sheds more light to Runelords, who are still one of the best things in Golarion. And art works just as good in conjuction with writing. Faces look vibrant and emote greatly. Especially...certain character at the enging.

I'm really impressed by the rising quality of this comic. I can only hope that future issues continue this trend.

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One of the best player guides.


REALLY good player guide. Seriously, for player and GM this is just awesome. All the traits are good and have character. Trunau-article is good, and I really like this town already! All the tips and whatnot look good to me.

This got me REALLY excited for the adventure path!

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One of the best stories written.


Queen of Thorns is absolutely fantastic. I loved Prince of Wolves-it was a great tale in a land that I adored. In PoW and Master of Devils, Radvoan And Varian got splitted up, and thay had to deal alone in times of crisis. Queen of Thorns puts them together, and throws in more classical characters, like Oparal and Fimbulthicket. It describes the elven forest-nation of Kyonin better than any sourcebook. It references to the complex politics of the elves in a fashion of Second Darkness (especialy Memory of Darkness) AND with all that going on, manages to tell something new about the pasts of the main couple, fulfilling the information the reader has received before.

Radovan in hell-part was my favourite. Radovan is very cool and complex character, and after the way he's been mourning for his actions in MoD, it was cruel thing to trhow him in hell. But when the story unfolded, I undesrstanded the "plot" behind Radovan's heritage-and I was in awe. After two books, Dave Gross managed to make Radovan one of the most memorable character ever. And the way the devils acted gives me lots of inspiration as a GM how to play this word-twisting fiends. For this, I thank you.
I Deeply recommend reading this book, but only after reading the first two in order. When you see the unveiling plot, and you can call back to the events in former books-the joy is overwhelming. That, if anything, is a mark of a great writer.

I thank you, Dave Gross!

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Good set


Great set, with good pictures of characters that are missing pictures such as Milksop and that mustache-dude from the Lady's rock. BUT it is missing some vital characters, susch as the norgerber clerics and Brinebrood queen, so no 5 stars.

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Got mine, it's awesome. The qaulity of the details is awesome, from the sneer of his face to the carvings in the sword! Currently, it reings over my other figures, trying to decapitate Green Goblin.

^^And I don't think it's missing any paintjob on the legs, look to the
picture above.

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She's here!


Shalelu! How long I have waited for your coming! From my dreams to my shopping cart you go!