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Are you going to be accepting players until you have the amount of completed characters posted on here? How many players do you happen to plan on allowing in the game? I am interested in this game. It seems that it will be a bit slower since you are busy often ZN; I am okay with that. Which books do I need to own to play your game: just Cyberpunk 2020 2nd edition, V3, others?

The character's name would be Roger Brennhim. I just created this alias and avatar picture for the game.

Draft of character:

Generated character sheet and generated lifepath - I will probably adjust a bit from this, but it gives me a start and a place for you to tell me where I may need to add or deduct from here, so I can finalize the character.

Name Roger Brennhim
Role Corporate
Sex Male
Age 28

INT 10 REF 9 / 10 TECH 7
MA 5 BODY 3 EMP 5 / 7


Armor: Medium Armor Jacket
Location Armor SP
Head 1 0
Torso 2-4 18
R. Arm 5 18
L. Arm 6 18
R. Leg 7-8 0
L. Leg 9-0 0

Save 3
BTM -1

Skill Score
Resources 7
Awareness/Notice 6
Human Perception 3
Education & Gen. Know 10
Library Search 3
Social 4
Persuasion 6
Stock Market 8
Wardrobe & Style 2
Personal Grooming 6
Pharmaceuticals 3
Seduction 3
Pick Lock 2
Accounting 2

Radiation Detector, Pain Editor, Cyberarm [Right] (Popup Gun), Tactile Boost

Araska Rapid Assault 12
Type: SHT
WA: -1
Con: N
Dmg: 4D6 (00)
Shots: 20
ROF: 10
Range: ST

Lifepath for Roger Brennhim
Origins & Personal Style
Clothes: Jumpsuits
Hairstyle: Bald (or close to it)
Affections: Mirrorshades
Ethnicity: Black American

Family Background
Rank: Combat Zone Poor.
Parents: Parents are both living.
Family Status: Family vanished. Roger is the only remaining member.
Childhood: In a decaying, once upscale neighborhood.
Siblings: (0) Roger is an only child.

Traits: Rebellious, antisocial and violent
Person Valued Most: Father
Valued Most: Money
Valued Possession: A tool
Feeling about most people: Neutral

Life Events
Age 16: Mental or Physical Incapacitation: Nervous Disorder lose 1 pt. Ref
Age 17: Friend: Old Childhood Friend
Age 18: You have angered a small, local corp.
Age 19: Mental or Physical Incapacitation: Major Psychosis; you hear voices and are violent, irrational and depressive. Lose 1 pt. Ref and 1 pt. Cool
Age 20: Happy Love Affair
Age 21: Enemy: Female ex-lover. Cause: You just didn't like each other. Feelings: You hate them. Enemy's Resources: An entire gang.
Age 22: Local booser gang likes you. You can call upon them for 1 favor/month. Equiv to Family +2.
Age 23: Friend: Like a kid sister/brother to you.
Age 24: Enemy: Male booster gang member. Cause: Foiled a plan of the other's. Feelings: They hate you. Enemy's Resources: A small corporation.
Age 25: Romance: You fight constantly.
Age 26: Fast Affairs and Hot Dates
Age 27: Enemy: Male employer. Cause: Deserted or betrayed the other. Feelings: You hate each other. Enemy's Resources: An entire government agency.
Age 28: Made powerful connection in the City Police Department