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Full Name

Roet Heineous




Brawler (Snakebite Striker) 6 | HP 10/58 | AC 20 TO 15 FF 15 (CSFD+5) | F +8 R +9 W +4 | CMD 24 | Init +3 | Perc +10 DV




Chaotic Good






Common, Dwarven, Halfling


Miner, Bodyguard

Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 7

About Roet Heineous


Roet is a humble miner from the outskirts of the small village of Rollingpebbles, East side of the realm. Socially awkward, even from a very young age he was taken and pushed by his parents to work the mines to help support the family. As the man grew, his father fell sick and, having to contribute even more to feed his brothers and sisters, he started fighting on small cage-style brawls and betting - many times against himself. It wasn't abnormal for him to arrive home beaten but with a good loaf of bread.

The young human never left the Bishopric of Helm, but for times had to spent weeks in a roll mining iron on the nearby mountain caves. While this meant a good chance to interact with Dwarves and other races, it also meant his eyes became more adapted to the dark underground and he became a bit of a dimdweller himself. It was on one of such excursions of weeks that, when he came back, he found out his village had been attacked by orcs and - though the village survived - his family ended up perishing, since their house was alone on the path of the orc legion.

Without other mouths to feed and nothing to call his, Roet decided to explore the world and travel. To make money, he started offering his services as a bodyguard to local caravans on the West - on recent times, the West became target of Orc attacks, like the East had been for years. Such activity quickly helped him develop his skills and made him a highly defensive martial artist, with a unique style based in feinting while fighting with a shield-like weapon. Now a more seasoned adventurer, Roet sees himself as one of the guards escorting a captured elf...

Character Sheet:

Roet Heineous
Human brawler (snakebite striker) 6 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 23, 88)
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +10 (+12 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light)
AC 20, touch 15, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +3 Dex, +2 dodge, +1 shield)
hp 58 (6d10+18)
Fort +8, Ref +9, Will +4
Speed 30 ft.
Melee madu (leather) +9/+4 (1d6+3) or
. . madu (leather) flurry of blows +7/+7/+2 (1d6+3) or
. . mwk madu (leather) +10/+5 (1d6+3) or
. . mwk madu (leather) flurry of blows +8/+8/+3 (1d6+3) or
. . unarmed strike +9/+4 (1d8+3) or
. . unarmed strike flurry of blows +7/+7/+2 (1d8+3)
Ranged dart +9 (1d4+3) or
. . dart +9 (1d4+3) or
. . dart +9 (1d4+3)
Special Attacks brawler's flurry, brawler's strike (magic), close weapon mastery, knockout 1/day (DC 16), sneak attack +3d6
Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 7
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 24
Feats Accomplished Sneak Attacker, Combat Expertise, Crane Style[UC], Dodge, Improved Feint, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack
Traits aldori caution, bruising intellect, cunning liar (any city)
Skills Acrobatics +6, Bluff +11, Climb +4, Escape Artist +4, Intimidate +11 (+13 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light), Knowledge (dungeoneering) +6, Knowledge (local) +11, Perception +10 (+12 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light), Profession (miner) +10, Ride +4, Sense Motive +5, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +7 (+9 while benefit from concealment or full concealment due to darkness or dim light)
Languages Common, Dwarven, Halfling
SQ brawler's cunning, dimdweller, martial training, paranoid, snake feint
Other Gear mwk chain shirt, dart (8), dart, dart, madu (leather)[UC], mwk madu (leather)[UC], cloak of resistance +1, bandolier[UE], bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, masterwork backpack[APG], spider's silk rope (50 ft.)[APG], trail rations (5), waterskin, weapon cord[APG], wrist sheath, spring loaded, wrist sheath, spring loaded, 198 gp, 5 sp
Special Abilities
Brawler's Cunning (Ex) Count as Int 13 for the purpose of combat feat pre-requisites.
Brawler's Flurry +4/+4/-1 (Ex) Can make full attack & gain two-wep fighting, but only with unarmed strike, close, or monk wep.
Brawler's Strike (magic) (Ex) Unarmed strikes overcome DR as various things.
Close Weapon Mastery (Ex) Weapons of the close group deal dam as unarmed strike at -4 levels.
Combat Expertise -1/+2 Bonus to AC in exchange for an equal penalty to attack.
Crane Style Fight defensive pen reduced to -2. When in style, dodge bonus increases by 1.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Dimdweller +2 to Intimidate, Perception, and Stealth when in conceal due to darkness.
Improved Feint You can make a Bluff check to feint in combat as a move action.
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Knockout (1/day, DC 16) (Ex) Declare before attack, if hit then foe is unconscious 1d6 rds (Fort neg), resave each rd.
Martial Training (Ex) Brawler levels count as fighter/monk levels for feat/item pre-reqs and effects.
Paranoid Aid Another DC 15 for attempts to help you.
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Snake Feint (Ex) Can feint while moving.
Sneak Attack +3d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.