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Can a Bard start 2 Bardic performance's in 1 round?

Example: A 13th level Bard can start a Bardic performance as a swift action. So he could

Swift - Start Dirge of Doom.
Standard - Cast a spell like Slow.
Free - Stop Dirge of Doom.
Move - Start Inspire Courage.

This makes sense to me. As far as I can see you can only have 1 Bardic performance at 1 time. But it does not stop you from doing this.

I use the DM Genie to generate weather and I could use some help with it. If anyone is familiar with it what would I set the Climate, Terrain, and Weather adjustment at. From what I have read the Cinderlands is not really a desert, its more a temperate place but with lots of Volcanic activity and little rain fall making it very hot when the sun is up but freezing at night? So how hot does it get in Summer midday and at night? Same question with it being winter? I just need some base line to help me out. Same with the wind. That's all I can think of right now Thanks for the info.

The Red Shroud ability says that when he dies he can chose to disintegrate into a cloud of red mist that leave no trace of existence.

A couple questions.

1 Does that ability work if the Red Shroud is active or at anytime. I'm thinking at anytime.

2 Does it destroy his items too. I'm thinking yes it does.

Thanks for the help.