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It's about bloody time!!!


There is no single magical item in D&D that has as much controversy and lore behind it than the Deck of Many Things. Speaking personally, I've longed for years to have an illustrated set like this to pull out when my players decide to dance with Death and Fortune with a Deck. This is a brilliant idea for Green Ronin! The illustrations are well done, and the card stock is durable enough for something you won't be using every game session.

Nice value


I certainly don't regret my purchase of this mini. True, the amount of use it'll get in gameplay will be minimal, but it shall always be a nice "threat" when I have it lying out before a game. The pain quality wasn't bad, a few blemishes here and there, but far from the worst I'd seen. No complaints here.

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Some market research would have been nice...


This idea was a brilliant one, until they tried to make it into a collectible card game. I was completely ready to buy this until I looked at the price and smelled something fishy. Then I looked at the fact that each pack contains "randomly selected cards" and groaned in frustration. The full 110-card set would have been perfect...but I have absolutely no desire to try to "get 'em all". I want the confidence to know that what I buy is what I want. A smarter move would have been to make "kicker packs" like potion and wand packs or a magical weapon pack. This....ugh, I just don't know. I guess it's good for a person who wants to randomly stock their dungeon...

You Expect to Use This As a Miniature???


This looks like something you get those Art Exclusive offers in the mail for from "X" Press, where this can be yours for the low price of 10 easy installments of just $30 each plus shipping and handling. If I got this into my home, I don't think I could bring it to my game table; it'd go into my dragon statuette collection. Very pretty, but not what I call a "miniature", despite what you call it.