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Human Sorc 2 | HP 9/12 | 12/12/10 | F+0 R+2 W+4 | Per +7 Init +2 | Spells: 1st 5/5

About Rikka Rask

Tattooed SORCERER (Draconic-Gold) 2
Favored (Skill Pts:0 / Spells: 2)
Align: LN

STR 11; DEX 15; CON 10; INT 13; WIS 13; CHA 17

Senses Perception +7 (includes Alertness from Familiar)

AC 12, Touch 12, FF 10 (+2 DEX)
AC 16, Touch 16, FF 14 <-- Shield
CMD 13, FF 11

HP 12

Fort:+0; Reflex:+2; Will:+4

Boarspear +1 1d8 (20/x2) P
Dagger +1 1d4 (19+/x2) P/S

BAB: +1 CMB: +1



Cantrips DC:13
Detect Magic
Disrupt Undead
Mage Hand
Read Magic

1st level DC:14 5/Day
Burning Hands*#
Magic Missile#

* = Fire spells @ +1 DAM/Die
# = Evocations or Bloodline Spells @ +1 CL
Concentration +7

SORCERER (Gold Draconic):
  • Class Skill: Perception
  • Mage's Tattoo replaces Eschew Materials
  • Familiar Tattoo replaces 1st Bloodline Power - Claws
  • Bloodline Arcana: +1 DAM/Die on Fire Attacks
  • Bloodline Powers: None
  • Bloodline Spells: None
  • Bloodline Feat: None
    • Trait: Focused Mind - +2 on Concentration
    • Trait: Karl - 1/Day reroll a failed save. Gain 1 skill point/level for Craft or Profession.
    • Expanded Arcana - Grease (1st Level)
    • Expanded Arcana - Magic Missile (1st Level)


    Cold Weather Outfit
    Catching Cape Phrase: "May the King of Lanterns hide me!"

    MW Backpack
    > Waterskin
    > Bedroll
    > Winter Blanket
    > Artisan's Tools (Tattooing)
    > Snowshoes
    > Jug of (2) Gaseous Form (CL5) <- from Satyr
    > Brass Dwarven Puzzlebox (10 GP) <- Given to Raven

    > Flint & Steel
    > Whetstone
    > Spell Component Pouch
    > Snow Goggles
    > Hourglass (25 GP)
    > Gold 'Grapes' (4 GP)
    > Money [0 GP; 8 SP; 8 CP]

    Capacity Light - 43 lbs; Medium - 86 lbs; Heavy - 130 lbs (MW Backpack)
    All Gear: 37.44 lbs (Light)

    Somewhere near the village of Black Tarn in the Ironbound Isles, the venerable, crotchety, (and somewhat infamous) itinerant Seer-seiðkonur Þórodda took in a foundling girl. They were a strange pair - the old woman and the toddler. Even as Rikka grew up, Þórodda's clients could only scratch their heads at the unlikely pairing. Þórodda ceaselessly roamed the wild northlands plying her witchery and dragging Rikka along. It was a hard existence for the slip of a girl; Þórodda was irascible at the best of times. Rikka's life, on a daily basis, consisted of grueling labor, back-breaking chores, mind-strangling questions that led to occult lessons, and calculated cruelty from the seiðkonur. She was under-clothed, under-fed, and overworked. Rikka's days were filled hauling Þórodda's gear - winter or summer - in a thin woolen shift. Her life was a constant struggle against unrelenting cold and deprivation but it toughened her. She grew used to it all: Used to living and working while half-frozen. Used to working through hunger. And used to working magic and answering the old woman's incessant questions while frozen, tired, or hurt. (Focused Mind) It was a hard but valuable apprenticeship. Upon reaching her majority, Rikka left Þórodda to seek the destiny that the seer had been scrupulously preparing her for.

    Rikka took to the open road with the skills she had... an inborn talent for tattooing and Þórodda's lessons in divination. Unsure where her destiny would catch her, Rikka aimlessly criss-crossed the northlands as whim or the winds directed, plying her trade. Hearing news of the upcoming festival in Hojn - a likely opportunity to earn some coin - Rikka set her worn boots on the trail to the unfamiliar village on the coast.

    Female Human (Ulfen)
      Age: 21 (Adult)
      Size: Medium, 5'4", 130 lbs
      Type: Humanoid (Human)
      Lang: Skald, Draconic
      Move: 30 ft.

    Rikka is a slightly built Ulfen woman with a barely controlled mane of dishwater blond hair and curiously grey eyes. Her clothes are strictly utilitarian. Beneath them, if one were given the opportunity to see, she is decorated with tattoos. The most prominent is a stylized, sinuous dragon whose tail starts at one ankle. The gold-flecked wyrm winds up and around her leg, across her rear, and up her body - terminating in a snarling head and flexing claws at her chest and shoulder. Racing along her back, with tusks upraised, is a stylized line tattoo in black and white of a bristling boar. Other tattoos are liberally placed across her arms and her other leg. They are single runes or bands of linked runes - each one a word or phrase of power.

    The seer has trained, honed, and forged Rikka as a weapon, not a woman. Though she is small, the sorceress is hardy and tough - physically and mentally. She considers herself the equal of any warrior and where she might not be able to beat a man physically, she is ready to out-magic or outsmart one at every turn. Due to her strange up-bringing and foster-mother, she never learned to be tactful and diplomatic. She speaks her mind, sometimes colorfully, and a bit too candidly. Rikka is loyal to her friends, fierce in battle, and prone to bouts of grimness. She has the tenacity of a war wolf.

    It took many years for Rikka to realise that Þórodda's cruelty had a purpose - to train the sorceress to be ready to fulfill a destiny of which the old woman would never speak. Those years and Þórodda's lessons left a wound. Rikka, despite being grateful for the training and the 'home' (such as it was), nevertheless harbors a deep distrust of witches. She cannot help but question their motives - even when they seem completely benign. Add to that her foster-mother's poor social skills... and Rikka finds herself a bit of a pariah and sometimes gets into trouble in social situations.

    • Skilled
    • Bonus Feat - 1st level

    ADVANCEMENT (Feats):
    L1: 1st Spells ; Extra Arcana, Extra Arcana
    L3: Spell Focus - Evocation ; Dragon Resistances ; BL Spell: Mage Armor
    L4: 2nd Spells ; [+1 CHA]
    L5: Spell Specialization ; BL Spell: Resist Energy
    L6: 3rd Spells
    L7: Inscribe Magical Tattoo <- Craft:Tattoo @ 5 ranks ; Create Spell Tattoo 1/Day ; BL Spell: Fly ; BL Feat: Toughness
    L8: 4th Spells ; [+1 CHA]
    L9: Combat Casting ; Enhanced Varisian Tattoo; BL Spell: Fear
    L10: 5th Spells
    L11: FEAT ; Create Spell Tattoo 2/Day; BL Spell: Spell Resistance
    L12: 6th Spells ; [+1 CHA]
    L13: FEAT ; BL Spell: Form of the Dragon I ; BL Feat: Quicken Spell
    L14: 7th Spells
    L15: FEAT ; Create Spell Tattoo 3/Day ; Wings; BL Spell: Form of the Dragon II
    L16: 8th Spells ; [+1 CHA]
    L17: FEAT ; BL Spell: Form of the Dragon III
    L18: 9th Spells
    L19: FEAT ; BL Spell: Wish ; BL Feat: Improved Initiative
    L20: Power of Wyrms ; [+1 CHA]

    Specials (Quick Ref):
    +3 to Diplomacy Familiar
    Alertness You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
    Bloodline Tattoos (Ex) Bloodline spells are cast at +1 caster level.
    Draconic (Gold Dragon [Fire]) +1 damage per die for [Fire] spells.
    Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
    Familiar Tattoo (Su) A tattooed sorcerer gains a familiar as an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to her sorcerer level. Her sorcerer levels stack with any wizard or witch levels she possesses when determining the powers of her familiar—this ability does not allow her to ha
    Focused Mind +2 to Concentration checks
    Share Spells with Familiar Can cast spells with a target of "You" on the familiar with a range of touch.
    Ulfen Runic Tattoo (Evocation) Spells from chosen school gain +1 caster level.

    FAMILIAR: Lazy Sausage