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I need to cancel my Adventure path subscriptions (both Pathfinder and Starfinder).

Hopefully my time frees up in the future, but it will be at least a year, and I can't keep paying for new AP's when I'm already a year behind. :-)

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Leonal wrote:
I really like Fantasy Grounds II with the d20_JPG ruleset modified for Pathfinder

+1 here.

My group actually started out using Fantasy Grounds around the table for record-keeping, etc. Since then, a couple people have moved away and we now use it for our gaming and to stay in touch.

Pros: 1) Multi-system support (one of the guys is a Savage Worlds nut),
2) Combat tracker and character sheet look, feel & funtionality.
3) Rolling dice (Seems like a stupid one, I know, but it does add to the feel of "I'm actually sitting at the table")

Cons: 1) No Voip - you have to skype/ ventrillo (sp?), etc.
2) While I've never had any connectivity issues, this might be because all the guys I play with own their own houses. I'm told college campuses have the most issues.
3) "Costly" - I only list this because some people complain... personally, I've blown through more just about any night at a bar then the 1 time cost of the software... and I bought the GM module and ALL the player's licenses.

It also has much to do with your gameplay style. If you are a combat-heavy group, definitely something like Maptools. The battlemap functionality if FGII is passable, but my group is very role-play heavy rather than combat heavy. The map functions get us by, but it's the feeling of roleplaying FGII has enhanced that has garnered our love of the software.

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heliopolix wrote:

I have been running LoF on FGII for over a year now, and have finally gotten around to (somewhat) re-skinning it from the default wooden table & parchment.

I decided to go with an inspiring center logo to keep my players in line!


Just felt like sharing,

Oh, now that is awesome. I just finished putting part 1 and 2 into modules to run for my players. Are you setting that up as an extension? (If so, can I get it?)

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azhrei_fje wrote:

I haven't had any problem with resolution. And I would be surprised (for a lot of reasons) if they were "lower res" than the printed ones.

I should clarify my statement. The resolution of the maps in the PDF's are great. They print well, and I have no complaints.

What I should have said is my method of pulling them out and resizing them results in a lower res map (usually a low res small map for the DM, and a larger battle-map for the players). This is a choice I make to keep the maps and other images quick loading for my players, one of which is on a low-bandwidth connection.

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Facie wrote:

I'm about to start this Path with my group using Fantasy Grounds 2 (the virtual table top software). Has anyone done that? Are there any reliable sources for the maps? I can, of course, scan my book and then adjust sizing, apply grids etc. to create on-line battle maps, but wanted to see if anyone here has already done that.


I just finished converting the second part of Legacy of Fire to FG. All I did for the maps is pull the map out of the PDF and then added the grid on the fly as it was needed. As fanguad said, they're lower resolution, but my players haven't minded. Normally I'll leave the FGII grid off, and let the players move around on the map, only turning on the FGII grid to run an actual encounter. When that happens, I just draw out the grid to overlay over the current area, as the image drift over the whole map will never line up if you leave it on.

If you need any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

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c873788 wrote:

I also use D20Pro in conjunction with Skype for a successful online gaming experience with my friends. I also balked at the price of Fantasy Grounds though must say what I've seen of it looks very polished (one of my friends recommend it). There are certainly some decent free VTT's out there such as Maptools provided you're willing to put a bit of time into learning them and possibly tinkering.

The bottom line is that there is not one right answer. I think there are multiple quality VTT's now out in the market to suit every gamer. It just comes down to personal taste and budget.

I'm one of those who DIDN'T balk at the price of Fantasy Grounds II. The price-point was less of a problem with me than it seems to be for most. Between my 4 players and myself, it came to less than $20 each. The choice basically came down to functionality and look & feel.

Fantasy Grounds II and Maptools both had the functionality, some would argue Maptools is almost TOO flexible! :-P I play a mix of 3.5 home-brew, Pathfinder, and Savage Worlds (with the occasional Warhammer FRP 1st Ed thrown in). When I was looking, these were the only two I could find that a) played all of the game systems; and b) were frequently updated/supported. Maptools was, of course, free, which was a plus in it’s direction.

Where they differed was on focus. The focus of Maptools (at least at the time) was on the map, while the focus of Fantasy Grounds was on the character sheet. Over time, they’ve both made inroads towards each other’s focus, but like everyone who makes a decision; I’ve stopped following the development of the one I didn’t go with.

As c873788 said, no 2 playgroups are the same, no one VTT will be right for every group. FGII was more "us". Another group of friends with a more battlefield-view approach to RPG gaming I specifically pointed at Maptools, because I thought it would fit their style of gaming better. Every one of the VTT companies I’ve come across offers either free or a trial version of their software. I encourage everyone to try to find what works for them.

If you’d like to see how FG works as a player, feel free to drop by the forums and ask. There’s several people (including me… same profile name there, too) who’d be willing to run you through a game.

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rom90125 wrote:

Yes, I would pay for this ruleset, as would my players. We've been eagerly awaiting the day when we can play Pathfinder via FGII.

I had a lengthier reply to this, but it seems gone now... weird.

Anyway, I was basically saying you can download the free D20_JPG ruleset and download and apply the Pathfinder extension (both available on the FG website).

What I'm hoping for is the two companies to work out licensing so modules can be created for use IN FG II

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A group of friends have been enjoying Dungeon Bash. It may fit your desires. But that tends to be more of a squad tactical combat game.

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Deyvantius wrote:

Just run the 3.5 set with some tweaks. Most of these VTT are so severely lacking you have to house-rule a lot of stuff anyway.

Actually, it's even easier than that. Run the D20_JPG ruleset with the Pathfinder extensions. (links to both can be found on the message boards.)

Deyvantius wrote:

If FG has a problem with Paizo tell them to create a mac version.

although I agree it is dumb for Paizo not to support them. Of course I don't know if Apple is paying them to not do so.

Can't be done, as the program is based in DirectX. On the other hand, there's been many reports on the board that it works in an emulator.

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Alch wrote:
Quite frankly I liked that. Complexity is always great in PC games (something the console players don't understand). Also it was mostly due to their real-time approach. I wouldn't have a problem with a turn based game. It's been a long time since we've had a good one.

Check out Knights of the Chalice

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hogarth wrote:

Cool!! Where can I find a list of Malhavoc Press adventures for sale, for instance?

Off the Store link on their website. A direct link is Here

There's the ruleset for $12, 2 supplements at $8 each and 2 adventures by Monte Cook for $3 and $2.50

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hogarth wrote:
Rienen wrote:
Actually, what others (and myself) are wanting is not for Paizo to produce products for FGII, but allow Fantasy Grounds to produce conversions of adventures, adventure paths, and source materials of their Pathfinder books for use within Fantasy Grounds that can be sold.
What other companies do this (i.e. allow Fantasy Grounds to convert their products)? Just curious.

On a licensed basis? In no particular order:

Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Savage Worlds)
Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu / Basic Roleplaying System)
Adam Winsor (Iron Heroes)
Malhavoc Press (Arcana Evolved)
Troll Lord Games (Castles & Crusades)
Iron Crown Enterprises (Rolemaster Classic)

There's also independents who've produced adventures and settings that have signed on to either convert themselves or have their material converted to FG II.

There's also several other fan-produced rulesets and extensions that allow other games to be played.

As for the adventures being produced, you can check out the Tavern Forum where the owner of FG lists the conversions currently in process (or being attempted)

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kenmckinney wrote:

Why do people use Fantasy Grounds, when Maptools is free? I just don't get it. Is Fantasy Grounds superior in some way?


For some things, yes. For others, no. Feature by feature breakdown is elsewhere on the web.

It pretty much boils down to your gaming style and what you like more.

If combat is more your thing, Maptools is totally the way to go. For that matter, if you are on a budget and actually enjoy writing macro's, Maptools is the way to go.

Fantasy Grounds has it beat in the "Look & Feel" department for me... and I still love the rolling dice. Many feel its character sheet implementation is better, as well.

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hogarth wrote:

No, what I mean is: Does Wizards of the Coast publish products for Fantasy Grounds II? If not, why would Paizo? And if so, colour me surprised!

I guess I'm still not getting why Paizo needs to get personally involved with Fantasy Grounds but Wizards of the Coast doesn't.

No, WotC/Hasbro does not. Originally they were in the process of producing their own VTT, which is currently still in Vaperware status, last I checked. (Then again, it's been a year since I checked). They were sent a Cease and Desist letter from Fantasy Grounds for their use of imagery... Really ironic, considering TSR/WotC's legal history.

Actually, what others (and myself) are wanting is not for Paizo to produce products for FGII, but allow Fantasy Grounds to produce conversions of adventures, adventure paths, and source materials of their Pathfinder books for use within Fantasy Grounds that can be sold.

I can take the PDFs I have the the Legacy of Fire and convert them for use to play on FG myself, but I'd happily pay for the simplicity of not having to.

I can code the XML and convert the Bestiary so I can open it as a book within FG II, but I don't really want to spend the several months it would take to do so (unless FG contracts me to do it for them to resell on their website, passing a bulk of the profit to Paizo, keeping some for themselves and a bit to me for my time). Hence the need for a Pathfinder license in order for FG to produce Pathfinder products.

As for the ruleset itself, I think there is enough grey area that they COULD create the Ruleset under the OGL and publish it. However, what is their incentive for taking the time to do so, when they are under license to produce Savage Worlds, Castles & Crusades, etc, etc... all of which generate them profit for spending the time to do so?

So, basically, what we're looking for is Paizo to tell FG "Yeah, you can send us the bulk of the money you make on converting and selling our IP."

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I'll add my 2 cents as well. I'm also disappointed. Enough that it will probably push me into cancelling my AP subscription at the conclusion of the current arc. Not really to be vindictive, I'll still buy the PDF's as they come out.

Most of my friends I play RPG's with have moved away now. We had started using FG II as a record-keeping tool several years ago, and it's only gotten better since then. I had been hoping to use Pathfinder as our "Engine of choice", and that was what had prompted me to purchase has much hardcopy and PDF material as I have from Paizo.

We'll probably still use Pathfinder; but seeing as I'll have to code the Ruleset myself, as well as copy over all the AP materials and construct them all, rather than simply purchase them from Paizo... well, I'm not throwing away MORE money on hardcopy.

Wow... I made a true hash of those last several sentences. That'll teach me to type tired. Oh, well, hopefully everyone gets the point I'm trying to make.

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yoda8myhead wrote:
but there may be members who have or are willing to try out Fantasy Grounds.

Such as me! Feel free to send me a personal message if you have any questions about the software.

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Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Karui Kage wrote:

What is the proper process for a GM Reward? Fill out a Chronicle sheet for the GM's character, marking the reduced things appropriately?

How about when submitting them on paizo.com? Do we add an extra slot for the GM's PC, as if they played in the scenario?

Just want to make sure I do this correctly. :)

Fill out a chronicle sheet for the PC, marking things correctly.

Add the GM's PC to the reporting for that slot.

Sounds like you've got it. :-)

So is there any way to get credit for one of my characters for the 2 games I ran at Gencon?

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Bob Hopp wrote:

Rienen, have you heard anything on this from the Paizo powers that be? How big is the module file, compared to the PDF?

Nope, never did (and forgot to ask at GenCon... was a bit preoccupied running the booth I was in and Society Games).

I'm not sure how big the file was. I'll have to check when I get home. I'll look it up and post it in the next couple days.

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M. Balmer wrote:
Is the Stick of Studliness (aka Rod of Lordy Might) going to be one of the items detailed in the book?

That was actually my first thought... followed by the original Wand of Force (AKA "AD&D's take on Light Sabers")

Gamer Concepts used to have a t-shirt "Let me show you my Rod of Lordly Might"... OK, so it's an old joke, but still sold a few.

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fray wrote:

Glad I'll be able to buy it since none of the shops 'close' to me will be doing the Free RPG day.

'close' = less than a 1.5 hr drive.

I told my gameshop about it but it looks like they didn't sign up, I'll be running my game there during the day and won't be able to get to the other stores.

I'm excited about it.

Yeah, I told my local about it 2 months ago and he never ordered... I should have kept on him.

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Huh... lived in Wales/Brookfield most of my life and hadn't encountered this one. May have to check it out! :-)

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Marc Radle 81 wrote:
The biggest problem I have is that it is a Windows only application. That is a pretty big problem. Why would this company not produce a Mac version? I understand market share and all that, but the Mac is still a very popular platform and there are millions of Mac users - why would they exclude all those potential customers?

From my experience, most of those designers on Mac's are "Ahteeests!" and would prefer to use CS3/CS4 or some more powerful tool. A few of them are rather verbose on the issue. :-P

Personally, I bought CC2, DD2 and CD2 a few years ago, and I've gotten FAR more milage out of DungeonCrafter (actually, I use DC1.41 most often, though even DC3 is easy to use). I don't know, the Tile based design is just easy to use for everything I have to do...

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dm4hire wrote:
Campaign settings would definitely be a big draw for me if they were unique and somewhat different from previous settings available.

Working with Privateer and taking up the Iron Kingdoms setting (seeing as they have left it by the wayside).

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Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Rienen wrote:

Hirst Art's Egyptian Molds:


Sorry, I meant for the second one to be the actual link.

For that matter, they make a whole line of molds here

Just have a forgiving spouse for the amount of time/area the hobby sucks up.

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hedgeknight wrote:

Roommate? Anybody? What is travel like in the city? Cab fare and bus fare rates specifically.


Unfortunately, we're full up. But I'll keep my ears open. Another group I'm aware of may have a room free up at the Embassy Suites.

If you stay at one of the hotels in the city core, I've never needed transportation. Everything is within a couple blocks walking distance.

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Hirst Art's Egyptian Molds:


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yoda8myhead wrote:
When will this be available? Say it's soon, please. :-D

Rule #1 with Worldworks... Don't EVER, EVER push them for a date. Just voice your ecouragement for "release in all possible speed."

They always deliver a product that will blow you away, sometimes the wait can be a little gnawing....

How's the Uncharted Space playmat coming, Denny? :-P

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Fiendish wrote:
I just started running Rise of the Rune Lords over Fantasy Grounds. So far its going great. I would love to be able to do Pathfinder Society over a VT. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

I just started my group on Hollow's Last Hope over Fantasy Grounds II. I did a full conversion of the module to FGII. Next up, I'm about 1/2 way through a full conversion of AP19: Howl of the Carrion King.

And since I've already been asked, no, I won't send anyone a copy of the FGII module without express, written, consent of Paizo.

That said, who would I talk to at Paizo about them (Paizo) offering a free download of the FGII module from the Paizo site of Hollow's Last Hope (as that one is a freebie download itself).

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Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Very soon, now. Just need to finalize the schedule.

Tempted to offer myself up, but it'd be the first time I've run a game at GenCon since Hogshead went bye-bye. Every year since I've just volunteered at a t-shirt booth run by an acquaintance. Still, Pathfinder is the first system that has me hyped for a release in a LONG time.

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Kvantum wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Did a quick search and found the Campaign Setting and a fillable Beta character sheet. We're doing well it seems to only have one item up for illegal download.
On the public trackers, maybe. The private ones... not so lucky. Other than Society modules, it's pretty much all availible.

Usenet also saw someone posting nearly everything available up to date about 6 months ago (Up through the 3rd part of 2nd Darkness...) I didn't partake myself, but there's (obviously) no way to know who did.

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Epervier wrote:

$66 for the witchfire Collected volume, eh? I'm not sure its worth that much. although it started as a $40 book in 2005, so $22 over retail price in three years might be acceptable for someone.

eBay usually has the Character Guide or World Guide for 60-80, and Liber Mechanika for about the same (which is the only book I DON'T feel is worth that) Luckily, I got all mine for cover price, but I would have happily paid $60 for the Character Guide & World Guide.

Unfortunately, PP has no current plans to do a reprint, so prices are just going to go one way.

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IK is the one system that was going to get me off my butt to adapt a character sheet for Fantasy Grounds II... now that I've started reading the Pathfinder Beta, I'm wondering if I need to start converting a hybrid of BOTH...

Not enough time in the day...

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Zootcat wrote:
As someone interested in the Witchfire Trilogy, I have a question regarding the sword Witchfire. It obviously must be a magic weapon, but in what way? What are its powers?

Spoiler below:

First and foremost is it's ability to drink the souls of whoever it kills and transfer a portion the life energy (in the form of XP) to the bearer.

It is also a sword of ancient design, full powers unknown. I'll edit this when I get home and put down more (in a non-copyright-infringement type of way).

If you're interested in PLAYING Witchfire, don't use the spoiler above.