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This maximizes my writing time and takes all the headaches out of those tricky stat block creations. Plus it enables you to free up more of your twisted ideas, heh heh.

So now, you'll be suffering a little more...


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I never normally review Paizo items, simply because of bias, however, in this case I wanted to tell people on the boards just how good I think this product is.

I can remember reading the original Vault of the Drow as a lad, and being amazed. I wanted to run adventures in the teeming city and vault, take characters through the souks and alleys of the drow, and do so right away. It was more than just an adventure, it was inspiring, a product whose use would outweigh its price a thousand fold. My battered old vault still sits before me now, to use as inspiration when it's needed.

I got the same thrill from reading City of Strangers.

Make no bones about it, this is Pathfinder grown up. The city is no place for the young to venture into, but for those of us who like our fantasy a little darker, this could be one of the most perfect settings ever. If the vertical, teeming city itself doesn’t take your breath away, the numerous districts, all of which are written in tantalising details – begging for more exploration – will. These could each become sites for numerous adventure paths in their own right.

Couple this would some incredible radical thinking and invention – I for one will never think of trolls the same again – and some great crunchy rules, encounters and suggestions, and you have a product that, like Vault of the Drow, is going to useful for years to come.

My only regret is that I’ve just started a Hot War AP as a change of pace, and now I’m thinking about wrapping that up quickly so I can unleash Kaer Maga on my players.

So, if you’re a fan of dark fantasy, and like your settings a little on the Styes side, check this product out, it is inspirational.

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