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A week ago I send customer service an email, but have had no response, so I'm posting it here. Text of my email below.

I just received a package for my Order 4618965.

The shipping list shows the order correctly: "Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #6".

However, the contents of the box was "Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #7."

You've shipped the wrong item.

Can you please send me the correct item that I ordered?

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #6.

Thank you.

I hope this illustration isn't supposed to be to scale or the physics are apparently not expected to be realistic in this game.

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Where is the rulebook in PDF? Where are the character sheets in PDF? Why bother to buy the game until these tools are available? I can't start up a group until we can all get a copy of the rules on our tablets nor print out sheets at a larger size so we can actually read them and write on them rather than the small cards. PLEASE release the PDFs soon!

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Any chance of having the FAQ as a PDF file for downloading and printing? That would really help those of us who want to take the FAQ with us when playing.

I think I'll pass until we're ready to play. The first Adventure PDF has undergone almost daily updates several times and I'm quit printing it out until I need a particular page so I don't have to waste so much paper.

Ok. It just confused me a bit.

I like the mini-Chronicle Sheet. Is there a plan for a full page version?

The web page for this product says "Scenario 0-0A: On the Horizon" but when I downloaded the PDF, it says "Season of the Shackles - Scenario B - On the Horizion".

If this is Scenario B, where is Scenario A???

A member of my group also suggested a fun take on it might be it's "cursed" and thus anyone skillful gains the negative while those not don't. It's "magical" and fun. Sometimes I need to not take things so seriously. More like Grimtooth's traps.

While I understand the weapon is awkward and that it's a joke and that Vic has the last word, IMHO it's stupid. Weapon proficiency should let you use any weapon better than those without training or at worst, no different. Experts would not be worse than untrained. Makes no sense. I sense a house rule looming.

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Our local gaming group (Olympia, WA) is hosting a small gaming con in October and since several of us are enjoying the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, I am thinking about sponsoring a "tournament" and could use some advice.

My current thought is to allow any group from 1-6 players sign up. They run their characters through all 8 of the current scenarios (3 from Perils of the Lost Coast, 5 from Burnt Offerings).

They record the number of character deaths, the number of failed scenarios, and the number of cards left in the Blessings deck when they succeed.

The team with the fewest failed scenarios wins. In the case of a tie (which is likely if more than one get through with no failed scenarios) then the one with the fewest character deaths wins (and again, this may result in ties), in which case the one with the most Blessing cards total from all won scenarios wins (this should definitely break any ties).

Does that sound fun? Fair?

If they want to "fail" scenarios in order to keep characters alive or build up boons, they will lose to parties who go for it and win straight through. If the party has any characters killed, they just replace the lost characters and keep going IF the rest of the group wins the scenario. Total Party Kills have to start over at scenario 1!

Does that sound reasonable? Any suggestions?




Both. I might get a full set of reprints or print out my own from PDF and glue over the original cards. Not sure yet. Nice to have both options.



I wonder what the designer's intent was? And what the official FAQ will say?

To borrow a question I also have from BGG:

"On the Scenario card for Approach to Thistletop it says that the difficulty to defeat goblins is increased by 1d4. Does that mean you roll a d4 at the beginning of the scenario (say, getting a result of 3) and then all goblins are +3, or does it mean you roll each time you encounter a goblin? I think probably the latter but it's a bit unclear.