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Only concern would be his second power potentially allowing you to cycle through spells in the box until you get one you'd like (<3 Augury/Scrying). I suppose you'd at least want to make sure to shuffle the box supply after banishing...

I hope they're also being careful in following any errata found. At least patching a digital game is easy enough

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Wayne Reynolds wrote:

I can say that I've done a piece of artwork for the Wrath of the Righteous PACG. But I can't really divulge any other information regarding future Pathfinder artwork until they've been officially previewed by Paizo.

Understood. I do love your work and so far already looking like I'll be playing as Crowe unless I see someone who suits me better :P

Is there more "action" artwork containing some of the iconics in the upcoming Wrath of the Righteous PACG adventure path? My friend makes custom character sheets for my group and he likes putting art on the deck spot.

Transparent .pngs of characters seems to be a fairly hit-or-miss find as well.