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James Case wrote:
Because it's only been about half a year since P2's release (hard to believe!), we've been focusing mostly on 1-4 adventures since those are the ones that most easily introduce people to the new system and because most Society characters just won't be at those higher levels yet. As we move into the second half of the system's debut year, you'll start to see some higher-tier adventures get added into the mix--as some people have noted, this month's quest and both of the Perennial Crown scenario's next month are 3-6s.

Thank you James. I am very understanding that it can be a "just be patient its coming" and that is reasonable. thank you for the info.

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Mark Moreland wrote:
Rhiani32 wrote:
Our lovely cast is..... missing Jeremey. I thought he was returning with Iculous?
That's an unfortunate oversight. Jeremy and Ikyulys are totally back (in a BIG WAY) for season 2.

In a... Bigulous way? lol

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I enjoyed the first season a lot.

Wish this was more than 8 episodes but I'll take it.

Hope this time around Rachel lets others get some more talk time in. I liked her character but she was jumping in too much on others. Might just be them getting used to playing with each other.

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Midnightoker wrote:

I find myself appreciating rules I used to just hate dealing with, so the fact that literally every rule was examined is basically a bonafide truth.

THIS. Its not like us GMs never had to deal with “vague, imprecise, and precise” concepts before. Now figuring it out has been done for us vs at the game table.