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So stunning fist...not very stunning. If i read that correctly in order to stun i needcrit and then they need to critically fail. Seems like stunning with stunning fist will rarely happen. I guess it could it could be different if stupefied is an ok condition. Any idea what it does?

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My top 5 would be
Urban Rager (barbarian) I Like the ability to pick the boost that is the most appropriate for the situation. In addition it gave a good flavor for a non tribal barb.

Vivisectionist (Alchemist)I like rogues it is by far my favorite class so any class that can get sneak attack and be roguey is a plus in my book. Sadly the flavor was difficult and very dark to play.
Now for my favorite class:
In my mind rogues in literature tend to fall into three type; Magic, Assassin, and Thug these 3 archetypes represent my favorite ways to play a rogue.

Eldritch Scoundrel (Rogue) I have always loved reading of the trickster rogue or the little bit of magic rogue plus lots of wits rogue. This allows me to play that class.

Knifemaster (Rogue) Assassins need one tool to do their job...a dagger and no archetype uses the dagger better then the knifemaster.

Thug (Rogue) Everybad guy needs an enforcer. Appropriately enough the Thug makes for real good well...thugs.

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Weirdo wrote:

Spell Description

1) Duration is "instantaneous, see text" with several of the effect options indicating that they last for 1 round/CL. Does that mean that if an option with a lingering effect is chosen (for example, the +2 AC bonus from the "Protection" variant), the spell is considered to have a duration of 1 round/level for the purposes of dispelling that effect?

2) Since SR is not noted at any point, and the Justice and Piercing effects do not indicate a saving throw, does this mean that the spell does not allow SR at all and that you can negate invisibility or nerf SR within range without allowing a save?

3) Can the Purity benefit "allowing each ally within the burst to attempt a saving throw against a single effect that allows a saving throw with a +2 sacred bonus on the roll" be used to grant an ally a second save against an effect that normally only allows one (but that does allow a save)? Or is that supposed to be used to give an extra save vs effects that give you a save each round to recover (such as poison or Hold Person)?

I have the same questions as well hope we can get an answer

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Rynjin wrote:
Eltacolibre wrote:
You cannot have regular rage. Hybrid classes cannot mix with base classes that they are a part of, its written at the beginning of the book.
Renwald wrote:
(viking archetype)


So you can have Regular Rage.

You should be able to activate both, they are different abilities after all. The Morale bonuses wouldn't stack, of course, so you'd end up burning twice the rounds to get your selection of Rage Powers and Bloodline Powers up at the same time.

You shouldn't get Rage Powers in Bloodrage though because they're different abilities (and this is likely EXACTLY why for all those people griping about how pointless it is for the name to be different if it's mechanically identical besides the Su tag).

So then does that mean after I drop both rages I would be exhausted? Since both rage fatiuge me then one would fatigue and the other would upgrade the fatuiged to exhausted. And how long would the exhausted last for?

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So what happens if I have Bloodrage and regular rage(viking archetype)? Can I use my rage powers from viking while under bloodrage? It seems as RAW currently I can not. Though it would seem that while bloodraging I could also rage gaining both bloodrage abilities and rage abilites.

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Does finesse on a weapon actually do anything? Like in the the rpg let you use dexterity instead of strength? Or is the dagger and ranged weapons really the best for the rogue?