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| HP 36/36| AC 19 T 12 FF 18 | CMB -2 CMD 9| F +5 R +3 W +4| INIT +12| PER +7 Darkvision 60' SM+1| Speed 20' |Resist Fire 5|


Shirt Reroll 1/1, Dancing Lights 4/4, Flare 1/1, Prestidigitation 1/1, Produce Flame 1/1| Spells 1st 8/8 2nd 4/4


Male N Gnome Sorcerer 4 (Tattooed Sorcerer) Buffs:


S (3'2", 37#)




Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Giant.

Strength 5
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 21

About Relgar

Updating to Level 4 in progress.

HP 36 Init +12 Speed 20' Senses Darkvision 60' Perception +7
AC 15 T 12 FF 14 BAB +2 CMB -2 CMD 9
F+5 R+3 W+4

Important Boons

Beheading the Serpent (All Aspis agents and hirelings are at -1 to hit, damage, saves and skill checks)

Bluff +9,Diplomacy +10,K-Arcana +7,Perception +7,Ride +9, Spellcraft +5, UMD +9.

Notable untrained skills: Stealth +5,Handle Animal +6.

Noble Scion - scion of war. K-Nobility is a class skill. +2 bonus on K-Nobility. Use Charisma modifier instead of Dexterity modifier for Initiative checks. Additional Traits (Religion-Affinity for the Elements: Fire Spells +1 DC, Ymeri. Social - Beast Bond - +1 bonus to Ride and Handle Animal, Ride is a class skill).

Reactionary,Gifted Adept(+1 CL - Burning Hands)

Bonus Trait: (7-00): Ease of Faith (+1 Diplomacy, Diplomacy is a class skill).

Sorcerer Class Abilities

Bloodline (Draconic - Gold), Skill(Perception).

Arcana - +1 hp/die rolled (Fire)

Dragon Resistances(Ex) Resist Fire 5, +1 NA.

Varisian Tattoo (Evocation +1CL,Dancing Lights 3/day)

Bloodline Tattoo (Mage Armor) - enhanced by varisian tattoo.

Familiar Tattoo "Gregor" (Rhamphorhynchus,Mauler archetype. Grants alertness and +4 initiative), can transform back and forth from a tattoo as a move action. According to my research he is about the size of a pigeon and has a weight of 1-2 pounds in his tiny form.

FCB (Sorcerer 1-4, +4 hp)
Charisma +1 (4th level)

Hit point retraining: +2 hit points @ 2nd level (6 PP and 120 gold)

Spell Casting

Concentration +9, Evocation +10, Fire +11, Burning Hands +12.

Spells per Day 0-6, 1st-8 2nd-4.

Spells Known
0 - Detect Magic, Read Magic,Daze(W15),Light,Mage Hand 35'.
1 - Grease 35'(R16), Burning Hands(5d4+5 Fire, R17), Mage Armor (+4 AC, 4 hours), Magic Missile (3d4+3,150',CL5).
2 -

Racial Abilities
Darkvision 60', Pyromaniac (+1CL Fire spells, 1/day Dancing Lights, Flare, Prestidigitation, Produce Flame), Bond to the Land (+2 Dodge AC -Underground), Academician (+2 KS-Arcana), Weapon Familiarity.

Magical Items
Cracked Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (+1 competence bonus to Initiative)
Cracked Turquoise Sphere Ioun Stone (+1 competence bonus to Ride)
Wand of Summon Monster I (1 charge, CL3) - Chronicle #1.

Mithral Buckler +1 (0 ACP, 0% Spell Failure, 1.25#)
Cloak of Resistance +1

Scrolls: Invisibility,Infernal Healing(4),Comprehend Languages,Disguise Self,Endure Elements, Recharge Innate Magic(4), Silent Image, Obscuring Mist, Reduce Person.


-Scroll Box (2)

Spell Component Pouch
Waterskin (small sized)
Monk's Outfit
Scroll Case-Leather
MW-Tool Riding (Riding Boots)
Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath.

3519.5 gold
Weight:10.75# (Light - Current) (CC 12#)

Loadout :

Spring Loaded Wrist Sheath (R) - Wand of SMI

Scroll Case: Invisibility, Disguise Self, Silent Image, Obscuring Mist.

Scroll Box 1:Infernal Healing(4),Endure Elements, Comprehend Languages, Recharge Innate Magic (4).

Scroll Box 2: Reduce Person

11 XP, 17 Fame, 11 Prestige.